Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On My Mind #7

So, sometimes I feed George Captain Crunch that's only the berries kind ("Just Berries", what's it called?) and he drops a slimy red one on his super cute bright blue polo shirt, so we just go shirtless for the rest of breakfast so I can soak it, and basically this kid is just really, really, really cute.  And it's twice as cute when he's shirtless, because it's so GQ in his jeans, but he's clearly got some man boobs going on.

Yeah.  Just so cute.

And also doesn't he look like he's casting an epic spell in this first picture?  You're a wizard, George!

Do you see those Popchips in the background?  My dad got them at a ridiculous discount at NPS and they are delicioso.  For seriously.  And they're supposed to be, like, healthier for you or something but I just think they're really, really good.  Except for the kettle corn flavor.  But kettle corn is gross no matter what form it takes on.  No matter what Brandon says it's still disgusting.  Don't listen to him.  There's no conceivable reason it should be his favorite, especially over caramel corn.  It's wrong, Brandon.  So wrong.

George started this new thing last week of whining like a dog who wants to go outside.  It's sort of terrible.  He whines like a puppy at everything now, just because he likes the sound.  He does it even louder when he's actually  whining, like for his juice or something.  Brad and I are all, "Whoa, bro, that's gotta stop."  (Okay, I'm the only one that thinks it's cool to say "bro" all the time, Brad just shakes his head when I do that.)  But yeah, we've got to find this kid a new noise to obsess over.

Otherwise, um, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Looks.  AMAZING.  Mostly I'm psyched that Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccoon.  That's just too awesome.  Also, just now I learned that raccoon is spelled with two Cs.  Go figure.

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