Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why I Love Heather #1

This is a blog post on why my wife is better than yours.  Yes I said it, I have the best wife in the world.  I have a wife that no matter what will always want to play video games, a wife who revels in the nerdiness that is my life. 
I want to buy a $50 morph suit for my Comic Con costume and she is letting me, I want to go to the midnight showing of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and she will be right there with me!  She is such a good listener and she always knows just what to say when I am angry, upset, sad, or just being plain stupid.  In fact that is when she is the most helpful, because over all, she helps me be a better me.  Without this wonderful woman in my life I would be lost and without purpose.

Heather and I where playing a League game tonight, and they have this mod call All Random All Mid, which as the name states you get a random character and you all go down the mid lane of the game and fight it out.  Well she only has a few of the champions and all she wanted to be is this one champion that she loves because she is pretty and stuff, but out of the 5 games we played she never got her. But in each of those games I think she (the character she wanted) was on the enemy team, so each time the game would start she would breath in and when she saw she didn't get her she would do the cutest face, her determined face that next-time-she-would-get-Orianna face.  It is the same face she gets when she is working on a project or a piece of homework or a blog post that just isn't right yet.  I love that face.

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