Tuesday, March 4, 2014

George at Nine Months

Wow, George's nine month mark sort of snuck up because there's no twenty-ninth of February this year!  But yeah, NINE MONTHS!  He's huge!  Seriously, he's long and heavy.  So, so heavy.  I was surprised when he weighed in at only twenty-one pounds ten ounces, I thought for sure he'd be heavier!  Maybe I'm just a wiener?  He's just over twenty-seven inches long but surprisingly has a completely average head size.  He's 80th percentile for weight, 88th percentile for height, and 51st percentile for head circumference.

George still thinks that Babs is the greatest invention on this earth.  He loves watching her lick her paws, drink water, eat, and even lick up her own vomit.   (True story.  He laughed like it was the funniest thing ever.)

Driving everything, seriously.  You know, like he's using a steering wheel?  Yeah, it's a thing.  George loves it.  He drives his sippy cup, his doughnut things, his little sunflower thingy on his jumper... yeah, basically most of those descriptions are vague, but you know.  He drives pretty much all things.

George has chosen his staple dance move, the Twist.  For a while Brad would beat box and George would start twisting back and forth, dancing along to the beat, SO cute.  But alas, like all things George figures out (ahem, waving for one) he does them for a week or two or even a month, and then is all, "Meh, I'm good."

Speaking of which, George can crawl!  He did it twice.  And then decided that he was done.  Yep.

However, he's still amazing at dragging himself where he needs to go.  He's still a boss at sitting up and is now very comfortable fluidly going from sitting to his stomach.  He gets up on all fours a lot and wiggles but again, he's done with crawling for now.  This is a trait apparently passed down by his father, who would figure stuff out, do it for a while, and then stop, too.  So basically, like father like son!  Which is mighty adorable.

George also discovered his tongue.  It's sort of half-way out most of the time.

He also figured out how to making whining noises.  It's sort of the worst.  We're always like, "Oh dear.  Georgie, let's not do that.  Please.  Please.  Please."

George likes drinking out of straws and cups.  He think he's big.  His first walk with a cup had him drenched, but he just keeps getting better and he's still very interested and is always begging (or yelling) to drink from our cups.  However, you better be done with that drink, straw or just cup, because he back-washes like it ain't no thang... just like his mother did.

Loves How It's Made, SpongeBob, Bubble Guppies, but most especially now Wallykazam.  In Wallykazam, the lead character Wally has this magic stick when he waves around in the air to make magic words appear (near-direct quote of the main song, right there), and now George does it with his part rubber spoon.  It's probably just a coincidence, but we like to pretend he's pretending to be Wally.

We're not sure what was wrong--ear infection, teeth that come and go repeatedly, growth spurt, whatever--but it made George super needy and it was hilarious.  You're sitting right next to him while he's playing?  As in literally, right next to him?  Not close enough.  He'd have to stop and latch onto you for a moment, or otherwise he'd need to be playing with his toys while he's on your lap.  It was so funny and also just semi-bewildering coming from this completely independent kid who would often shove you away because he wanted to play alone.  Interesting change!

George started the typical kid thing of, "Oh, you're eating that?  Then I need some, too."  He would've just had lunch maybe ten minutes ago, be playing on the floor in the living room, and my dad would sit down with his lunch and George would move over to it and ask for bites from my dad.  Nerd.

Continuing on the topic of food, George has actually gotten to a point where he'll completely eat things we give him to feed himself with.  So like the squeezable food pouches, pretzels, cereal, his juice, whatever we set on his tray he'll actually finish it (rather than feeding half to the dog).

New word, "pa-pa" for Grandpa.  Again, in typically George fashion, he did it for about a week and now won't do it for us anymore.  He also started saying "la-la".

This month George started this weird trend of just falling over randomly.  I think it was when he was learning to actively transition (without smacking his head on everything) from sitting up to his stomach.  But still, there is now an established parameter of pillows around that kid when he's upstairs next to the couch.

We all keep joking that he's going to be an engineer because he's just so incredibly interested in how things work.  He has to turn everything all around, upside-down, check it out from every angle, move every piece, see what it does.  When we go for walks in his stroller he throws himself over the side and just lays there watching the wheels go round and round.  He's weird.  We like that.

The two words most often used to describe George by other people are "solid" and "happy".  Oh, and if there had to be a third description it'd be "bright eyes".

Beyond that we've just been trying to get George outside more now that it's sort of warming up.  We're realizing more and more how excited we are for warmer weather because George really hasn't experienced really being outside.  We're psyched to sit in the grass, play in the dirt, go swimming again, bask in the sun, pick flowers.  It's weird to think of how much he hasn't really done before, so we were happy to get outside a bit this month.

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