Thursday, March 13, 2014

On My Mind #8

This one time I thought it'd be a super great idea to eat a bagel with cream cheese and jam WHILE playing League of Legends.  It was a terrible, terrible idea.  I dropped the bagel on my keyboard which resulted in the K, L, I, and O keys being totally sticky to the point of being literally just stuck in the down position.  Not my brightest moment.  The bagel was delicious, however.

George cut his first tooth last Friday and is was epic.  Seeing that cut in his gums pre-any-tooth-peeking-out was semi-horrific.  I literally cried for the kid.  It looked terrible.  Pretty sure that's what we get our gums chopped open and bones shoved through them when we're little--clearly too traumatic for when we're older and can recall it.

The Cutting of the First Tooth--after teething on and off for six months, with teeth pushing super close to the surface and then regressing back in, why this happens I do not know but it's basically terrible and I digress--means that getting to sleep is rough for George.  He hurts, you can tell.  We lay him down with his bottle in his crib when he's ready for bed and he'll half eat and half gnaw the crap out of it.  No matter the remedy you find, we have learned that teething pain is only something you can numb down.  THERE IS NO CURE.  See, that was epic, wasn't it?  But seriously, there isn't.  You can alleviate, but it's still there... lurking...

In other news I'm not sure when it was that I last washed my hair.  Granted, this is normal for me, including pre-George.  Poor Brad.  He must really love me.

Becoming a stay-at-home-mom is still a process for me most days.  It's that realization of the more time you spend at home, the more crap you leave out.  Seriously.  Before, I was gone 85% of the day, six days a week.  Any messes made could be picked up in, like, thirty minutes.  Whole place would be clean.  WABAM.  Yeah, no.  I make so many messes.  I make messes to clean up messes, what's up with that jank?

And I had this weird thought process that little person equals little laundry.  Yeah, no.  Little person may have little clothes but little person also goes through three outfits a day.  But man he's sooo cute.  And it's sort of the funnest thing ever, putting on all his studly outfits.  He's so cute.  So, so, SO cute.

Really, I'm not complaining about my situation, I just feel stupid for not prepping better.  As we're looking for a home that we're going to be rooting ourselves to for upwards of ten years, I'm thinking, "Hmm, should probably get a hang on this thing."  Is writing a blog post a good way to do so?  Yes.  Yes it is.  I will tell myself that.

I was able to do a really fun logo job on the side this past month and it was pretty much freaking great.  I love taking people's sketches and making them real, it was seriously fun!  And it was for a pickle ball league for cute old people!  Which is kind of super cool.  Seriously, trust me.  It's cool.  I played pickle ball in middle school and high school gym class, if I remember right.  There are no actually pickles harmed in the game play.  No are they eaten, which is sad.  Unless it's sweet pickles, which are basically the worst things ever.  Gross, gross, gross.

Here's George and his super hilarious post-nap hair.

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