Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh man, whirlwind weeks.  Seriously.  Have you ever heard that babies become more booby and sleep less when they're moving through a landmark?  Um, so true.  At least in George's case.  He was so much more sensitive and a total mama's boy these past two weeks.  Sleep was also slowly degrading as those weeks went by.  Ouch.

But hey, guess what?  He was prepping for some big landmarks.  After three months of half-butted, two-step crawling, George crawls.  He just up and crawled all the way across the room Friday night.  And then, in the same swoop, he just crawled over and pulled himself up to standing on the couch.  It was so freaking awesome.

We also hit another landmark Saturday because we had to lower his crib, which is so crazy.  We went to Comic Con that day with Alix and so my mom and dad watched George while we were gone.  When they laid him down for a nap (which he, uh, never took.  The entire six hours we were gone.  No nap at all), they looked into on his video monitor and saw a big ol' baby's face.  Turns out George had crawled over and stood himself up on the opposite side of the crib to get a good look at the monitor, which we have Command Stripped to the one rail.  Hilarious!

I honestly have never seen a crib that's been lowered, now that I think about it.  It semi-looks like a prison.  But hey, George loves his little cage, so there's a win, right?  Totally.

Basically, as freaking sweet as Comic Con was (and, seriously, it was), watching George crawl all around the living room when we got home was totally sweeter  (seriously).  To watch him put all these skills--of which he's had for quite some time--finally together and so fluidly is kind of the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed.  I don't know know if it'll ever get old.

Over the past days of mobility the cutest of George has just grown (which shouldn't be possible).  Especially last night when he was crawling all over the living room; Brad was playing Spider Man:  Shattered Dimensions, I was drawing, and George was just cruising while we chatted and laughed with him over his choice activities.  Last night I was his favorite for some reason and he'd crawl over, pull himself up on my leg, and then just grin at me and then I'd laugh and he'd be fulfilled and crawl away again.  It was kind of the cutest thing ever.

After much crawling he started getting tired and climbed into Brad's lap to watch him play Spider Man for a while.  Really, it was sort of perfect.  Like the moment in Lady and the Tramp where Lady has her ball, Darling has her knitting, and Jim Dear has his paper.  Ahh, so perfect.  (Also, I super love that movie.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

George at Ten Months

Wow, ten months is like, a super big one for some reason.  It just gets more and more shocking how long (and really, how short) George has been in our life!  Almost a year, say whaaat?!

George's tenth month was a big one because it was the month he finally let those teeth he's been working on since three months old.  Three of them, to be exact.  Yes, three.  The third one popped up right on his ten month mark.  It looks like it's his vampire teeth and one other right next to them, but George has my mouth so we're not going to see them until they're all fully out, I'm pretty sure.  For now, we feel them as we put on numbing stuff--or dig crap out of his mouth--or you can see them when you're looking from below, but not from the front at all!

Now that it's been mentioned, yes, George has begun the stage of finding the tiniest little specs of whatever and sticking them in his mouth.  So far he has found a popcorn kernel, an earring, a foam Minion's foot, and a sticker, among others.  I am terrible at vacuuming.  Should probably be better.  But he's still afraid of the vacuum, so I mostly just hand-vacuum around him to the best of my ability.  It sort of works.  Let's just say I'm very blessed that this kid understands that it must be chewed before he can swallow it.

George also started shaking his head like "no".  I don't actually think he means "no" when he does it, but it's a great comedic tool when we ask something like, "Do you love Dad?" and he shakes his head "no".  ALWAYS FUNNY!  Seriously.  Every time!

LOUD.  He's so loud.  It's so funny.  He'll just screaaam and we're all, "Whaaaat?" every time, like he just told us some big secret that he couldn't keep in any longer.  The best is when he's loud at church.  For some reason, it's something my whole family takes pride in.

George loves the outdoors.  He literally wants to cry if I open the door to let Babs in or something and don't take him outside.  I try to explain that it's FREEZING but that never phases him.  He will stand any weather just to go outside.

Still obsessing over wheels.  Or things that just go round.  George loves the ceiling fan, the wheels on his little cars, the wheels on his a-frame, watching the wheels go round while he's in his stroller, and most recently just regular ol' cars.  We went to our friend London's homecoming and George was sort of nut job, so I took him outside and sat him on the grass and I'm pretty sure he could've sat there and watched cars go by for, like, ever.  Yep.

George loves lambs.  This has been going on for a while.  But seriously, he just loves them.  Well, the cute, cartoon/puppet version of a lamb, I don't think he's actually seen a real one yet.  But yeah, he loves them.  Totally geeks out when he sees them.  Apparently they're a favorite, his first favorite animal basically, right?

Still just wants to eat what everyone else is eating... even if he just ate the exact same thing.  This is especially true if my dad is eating it, for some reason.

George's new sound this month was "ra-ra-ra".

He hates having his face wiped (what kid doesn't, right?), so he figured out that if he wipes his face on his sleeve then there's nothing that needs to be wiped off!  That's my boy.  Just for the occasion, here's him with a whipped cream mustache... which he later wiped off on his sleeve.

Still dancing.  He shimmies like it ain't no thang.

LOVES STRAWS!  Seriously.  He'll drink the last part of my Mom's Coke.  When it's not even offered to him, he'll zone in on it and ask for it, and then, you know, start yelling for it.  But yeah, he'll drink anything if it's through a straw.  I once fed him tomato soup through a straw.

Teething just suuuucks.  I feel terrible for the poor kid.  He'll just randomly scream because it hurts.  It's sad.  He's still a basically wonderfully happy baby, but man when he's mad, he's mad.  Like such a buttley.  We tease him all the time.  But what's funny is that when George is being a buttley, he just wants a  moment to be alone.  So I just set him in his crib to watch a Baby Einstein and play and he'll just fall asleep or otherwise let me know that he's ready to play again or needs help going to sleep.  It's a good system so far.

HE CAN CRAWL.  But he still won't.  Oh well.

We're working on him being able to work around the room using furniture since crawling isn't much of interest to him.  He has been able to hold himself up for a while, but just recently started being able to--using the ottoman or couch for support--bend down, pick something up, and stand back up.

Can totally go from laying on his stomach to sitting up.  Like, super fast.  He's been doing this for a while now, but just this month it's just become a norm for him.  When we lay him down for a nap and then hear him laughing at his video and go in to check on him, we'll find him sitting up in his crib.  Sort of the funniest thing ever.