Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh man, whirlwind weeks.  Seriously.  Have you ever heard that babies become more booby and sleep less when they're moving through a landmark?  Um, so true.  At least in George's case.  He was so much more sensitive and a total mama's boy these past two weeks.  Sleep was also slowly degrading as those weeks went by.  Ouch.

But hey, guess what?  He was prepping for some big landmarks.  After three months of half-butted, two-step crawling, George crawls.  He just up and crawled all the way across the room Friday night.  And then, in the same swoop, he just crawled over and pulled himself up to standing on the couch.  It was so freaking awesome.

We also hit another landmark Saturday because we had to lower his crib, which is so crazy.  We went to Comic Con that day with Alix and so my mom and dad watched George while we were gone.  When they laid him down for a nap (which he, uh, never took.  The entire six hours we were gone.  No nap at all), they looked into on his video monitor and saw a big ol' baby's face.  Turns out George had crawled over and stood himself up on the opposite side of the crib to get a good look at the monitor, which we have Command Stripped to the one rail.  Hilarious!

I honestly have never seen a crib that's been lowered, now that I think about it.  It semi-looks like a prison.  But hey, George loves his little cage, so there's a win, right?  Totally.

Basically, as freaking sweet as Comic Con was (and, seriously, it was), watching George crawl all around the living room when we got home was totally sweeter  (seriously).  To watch him put all these skills--of which he's had for quite some time--finally together and so fluidly is kind of the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed.  I don't know know if it'll ever get old.

Over the past days of mobility the cutest of George has just grown (which shouldn't be possible).  Especially last night when he was crawling all over the living room; Brad was playing Spider Man:  Shattered Dimensions, I was drawing, and George was just cruising while we chatted and laughed with him over his choice activities.  Last night I was his favorite for some reason and he'd crawl over, pull himself up on my leg, and then just grin at me and then I'd laugh and he'd be fulfilled and crawl away again.  It was kind of the cutest thing ever.

After much crawling he started getting tired and climbed into Brad's lap to watch him play Spider Man for a while.  Really, it was sort of perfect.  Like the moment in Lady and the Tramp where Lady has her ball, Darling has her knitting, and Jim Dear has his paper.  Ahh, so perfect.  (Also, I super love that movie.)

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