Sunday, May 4, 2014

George at Eleven Months

Whhhhat.  Eleven months old?!  I can't believe it, less than a month now until he turns one, that's crazy!  But, you know, since most people keep guessing he's eighteen months, I suppose it's for the best, right?

At the beginning of the month George had decided that the most efficient means of getting around involves sitting up, throwing his body as far as it'll go, and sitting up again.  There's also this weird yoga-esque pose that he does the Downward-Facing Dog pose.  He's weird.

Then, just suddenly, CRAWLED ALL OVER THE PLACE.  He still does the yoga poses, however.

Still obsessed with all things that go round.  Swing his toy airplane above his head and you're basically a magician in his eyes.

He also thinks that you snapping for him is super funny.  And tickling him with his keys.  He's so strange.

Speaking of strange, he's also become obsessed with grabbing the front of his diaper.  Not his junk (yet), just his diaper.  But it still makes him look like a total guy who's constantly grabbing his crotch.  It's interesting.

Crotch came up this month in another big way when George's "wah-wah" thing got him in a weird position.  We were at the hospital, meeting George's future BFF Ryker (son of our buds Glen and Amanda).  George was standing up, holding onto Brad's legs when he started "wah-wah"-ing his own arm.  And then, suddenly, he was "wah-wah"-ing Brad's crotch.  Yep, that totally happened and will be a story to be repeated when George gets married, probably.

Otherwise just George just became incredibly mobile.  Has become super interested in pulling himself up on things.  Just one day he was all, "Oh,  I should do that," and now pulls himself up onto his knees to look at what's on the couch or the fireplace all the time.  He can pull himself to his feet, but he mostly just prefers his knees.

No walking yet, like legit walking.  He does walk on his knees from time to time, which is interesting.

But basically a mobile baby is just so freaking fun!  Granted, I'm very lucky to live in a 9,000 square foot home, it's actually fairly difficult for George to get into things he shouldn't yet.  But still, George being mobile is the best!

George's favorite thing in the world is still being outside.  Although he sort of hated the pokey, dead grass, but who doesn't, am I right?  He loves being outside sitting on the grass (with pants, please), in his walker, in his jumperoo, in his stroller, on Dad's shoulders (especially), basically in any form except in not-pants on pokey grass.

George became weirdly obsessed with me this month.  Like he'll NEED me and no one else BUT me.  Cute and all, but sort of inconvenient when I'm trying to finish my last class finally.

Has been able to entertain himself for even longer periods of time now that he's crawling.  Seriously, for such a long, long time, just crawling around, playing with all his toys.  It's so cool.  The best part is when he crawls over to check on me or Brad, pulling himself up on whoever's knee, and just grins until we look at him and then gets down and crawls away.  IT'S SO CUTE.  He's doing it right now!  I just love this baby!

As horribly cute this month has been, it has not been without its typical baby trials.  This included George just randomly hating going to bed for a few days.  As in, as soon as we walked into his room to put him to bed he'd burst into tears.  We had to invent this whack-job method to get him to go to sleep, which involved beginning to read a book to him in our bedroom, slowly standing up and walking to his room while continuing to read said book, and then read that book to him all the way until he's lying down in his crib, drinking a bottle, and keep doing it until his video distracts him away from his book and the fact that he's going to bed.

This month has also been a month of him not going to bed until 11:30 PM or later.  11:30 PM bedtime isn't really a big deal.  3:00 AM bed time, yes.

Two random things he now enjoys doing.  One, he likes putting his feet up on things while he plays.  Two, he likes to rub things between his hands like he's starting a fire.  Both super funny.

Also randomly started hating other people for a while, which sort of went hand-in-hand with his obsession with Mom.  Basically, it's been an emotional month for him.  Apparently.  A lot on his mind, or something.

Losing more and more interest in formula.  There are moments where he's like, "Oh my gosh, I could REALLY go for a bottle," but other than that he's not very interested anymore.  We did try the cow milk switch which was fine until he had a moment where he just really hankered for some formula, so I had to run out and buy some.  I was sort hoping that we'd be able to experience some miracle where he'd just switch like magic, but no such luck!

We had some awesome first moments this month, like first time at the aquarium and first time riding the tractor with Grandpa Anderson!

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