Wednesday, May 7, 2014

George Loves...

We're pretty sure that George is cutting his next tooth so things have been, well, challenging.  For example, he was up from 2:00 AM to 6:15 AM last night.  And he's also started randomly hating people outside of his immediate comfort zone of people (basically his parents and our parents and siblings).  He sort of could not handle the fact that my grandparents were at dinner this last Sunday.  True story.  It was pretty awkward.  He literally couldn't handle being the house with them, we had to be outside to get him to stop crying.  And then, when they came outside he started bawling again.  Let me repeat, awkward.  We all got a good laugh out of it, though!

But, if you're in his chosen inner-circle, you're in luck--because he loves you!  And the funny part is that even with this random series of events of a weirdly stranger-danger-aware George (which, I may add, totally comes from me, who hated everyone outside of my family till I was basically two) he's still extremely happy about most everything.  Until, you know, it's nap time.  And he won't take a nap.  Then all he loves is a good book (more specifically, his caterpillar book).

But, if it's not nap time George loves...

Taking baths--but not getting out of them.

Hot dogs with mustard and grapes.

Being outside.  For hours, if he could.

Being home, with his toys, his books, and his Mom and Dad.

Wallykazam and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Being sung to, especially "Pokey Bear" and "Misty Mountains" (from the Hobbit)--even better when Dad does the singing!

Crawling everywhere.  Seriously.

Knocking over block towers built by Dad.

Watching Grandpa play Legend of Zelda.

Going on stroller rides!

Having time by himself.

Testing his teeth out on everything and anything.

Brushing his teeth with his banana tooth brush from Amanda.

Claiming our tooth brushes for his own.

Shaking anything that makes noise when shaken.

You know, just sort of making noise in general.

Putting things into other things, like a toy into the toy basket, and then pulling it out again.

Chugging his drink, whatever it may be (although he's not a huge fan of milk or water).

Eating what his grandpa is eating.

Riding on his dad's shoulders.

Other kids.

Anything that lights up or blinks, including the TV remote.

Being clapped at.

Fake laughing; if you fake laugh at him he finds it super funny.

Pulling the cable box out from under the TV.

Turning on the XBOX with a controller (again, blinking lights).

And again, BOOKS!  Currently loving If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

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