Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baileys Lately #1

  • Last Friday, George and I were in my bedroom playing when Brad got home early unbeknownst to us.  Brad was crawling on the floor into the bedroom to surprise George with the ultimate, "PEEK-A-BOO!" when I saw him and shrieked.  Brad lets out this huge belly laugh, and then George proceeds to do two laughs just like his dads.  And man, we LAUGHED.  It was truly hilarious.
  • George has stranger-danger to the max.  He literally despises being with large groups of people.  He also randomly decided my grandma was his mortal enemy for a day.  We eventually got him to warm up to her, luckily.  She's sort of the weirdest choice George could ever make to hate considering she is literally the nicest person to walk the earth, and also sounds just like me.  So yeah.  That could mean something awkward for me.
  • George's greatest wish is to eat dog food.  That dream came true on Monday morning when I turned my head for two seconds.  He enjoyed every second that dog food was in his mouth, trust me.
  • The idea of getting "caught up" on laundry is a terrible, terrible and sick joke.  There's not possible way of accomplishing said feat and it drives me nuts.  I will die in the laundry room, probably.  Washing garments, most likely.
  • Speaking of laundry, it's super hard to do when George is awake because he always finds me (I try to hide behind the counter with the huge pile of clean clothes) and then wants to play this very, very weird game of me throwing shirts on his head.  He thinks it's the funniest game ever.  He'll come over, grab a shirt, and try to put it on his own head to signal the game start.  He can't do it on his own, and it just makes him so happy that you've got to play.  Seriously.  It's so cute.  Sort of sad because it's a really dumb game, but also very, very cute.  Laundry remains unfolded for large amounts of time, basically.
  • I just barely realized how awesomely less time consuming it is to bathe your child in the sink.  I know, super late to jump on that bandwagon.  One day I was folding laundry (of course, because my day wouldn't be the same without it) and I thought, "Hey, I'll bet George would stop making me throw a shirt on his head if he was swimming in the sink!"  And yeah, he loved it, and it is now the only way to go when bath time comes.  So much simpler.
  • We love this weather.  SO MUCH.  Seriously.  We bought bikes and are just waiting for George's bike seat and mini (and holy-nerdy-Batman) helmet to get here so we can ride our bikes every night!  Right now we just go on a two and a half mile walk every night which has been so awesome!  Also, Brad biked to church the other day.  He loved it.  Yep.  Nerd.
  • All George really wants in the world (besides dog food) is wheels.  He looks for wheels on every toy he's given.  We were sitting out on the lawn and he crawl across the driveway to the wheel on the trash can.  He's obsessed.  He got a dump truck from his Grandma Bailey and he immediately wanted it flipped over to spin the wheels.
  • Brad's getting his final raise at the end of the month and it's EPIC.  We're so psyched.  He's done so great and he's moving forward beautifully at work.  He's just awesome.  I love that man.  I'm so proud of him and all the hard work he puts in.
  • We currently reside in the basement and we've been leaving the window open each night so we don't have to ever turn on air conditioning.  A few nights a week my family's cat Shaquiqui will come and meow at our window.  Like we're going to let her in through it or something.  There's a giant set of metal bars over the window well and a screen on the window.  What's her plan, exactly?
  • Brad and I started Leverage from the beginning on Hulu Plus and it's sort of freaking awesome.  We just started season four and I'm already getting depressed that there are only five seasons.  What will we watch once we're done?!  SO SAD.  It's okay, I'll get over it.  I seriously love finishing entire television series.  It gives me a much higher sense of accomplishment that it should.

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