Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heather + Brad = BFFs

Today I decided I was going to write in our blog about some memories of Heather and I whilst we were in high school.  So, the first memory that I want to talk about is the day that Heather and I became best friends.  Well, actually I’m not really sure when it all happened.   I can’t say “day” because I'm really not sure the exact date where I can look back and say, “Yeah, that's when we were best friends.”  Heather and I aren't really sure on that one; we were talking about it and couldn't decide on an exact date.

We do know that day is somewhere around when I started waiting for her outside the door of our math classroom right before class started, or when I’d wait to walk with her right after my political science class was over.   I would save her all of my red Skittles because I am allergic to the red dye number 40 and we would sneak Skittles all through math class.  Anyway, whatever that day or that time may have been, Heather and I were inseparable.   (Well, as inseparable as it was possible because, of course, we had to go home to our respective families because we were teenagers, as you know.)

Another time that comes to mind was the time that she had baked lemon bars for her FCCLA bake sale or something, I don't know what they were for.  She had this plate and all those lemon bars were eaten, so only the powdered sugar and crumbs were left.  Then a person--who will not be named in this post--decided it would be funny to flip the paper plate that had all that powdered sugar and such that she was holding into her face.   Needless to say I took said person down. Or rather I backed up Heather when she took said person down.  As random as it may sound, that was one in a moment when I really knew that I cared about her.

Good times, good times.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

George at One Year, Part One

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to continue monthly posts past the year mark.  But I sort of realized that this kid changes so freaking fast!  Seriously.  Like last month his favorite food was hot dogs and grapes, right?  Yeah, now he spits those out.  He's crazy fast as developing new tastes.  I think he just likes to express his opinion now.  Pshh, one year-olds.

Getting him to eat is like the worst game ever.  And the longest game ever.  Longer than Monopoly.  He's a great eater by definition because he'll eat anything... but you have to hit it when the mood is just right.  Which is like a ten minute window.  It's by far the longest part of our day because I'm making like eighty attempts with several different foods a day to figure out what his taste is for that day.  Like I said, for a long time he wanted grapes and hot dogs.  Then it was strictly meat for a few days.  He's weird.  It's interesting.  But man, when I hit the right food group at the right time he EATS.  He's a total dude.

I've been told the opinionated eating schedule is due to teething, which is interesting.  Like yesterday a grape was cool by today it hurts your mouth or something?  Again, pshhh, one year-olds.

The stranger-danger has been so hilarious.  It has been rough, but it has still been funny.  Any size of people larger than like four freaked him out for a while, poor kid!  I took him to my sister-in-law's baby shower and it was like, um, yeah--bad idea, Heather.  The poor kid was scared out of his mind!

It's been a lot easier as of late, but I think that's because we've figured out what freaks George out.  He's definitely not a big fan of people running up to love him.  Which is unfortunate for him, because by all appearances he's super lovable and people want a piece of that action.  If he was shady looking with a googly eye and a hump on his back I think people would give him his space and just sort of be all, "Oh how sweet is he!" but only half mean it, but he has none of that.  As such, people want to snuggle him, and he wants nothing to do with it.  He has to observe, decide he's cool with you, then he wants to hang with you.  This is definitely a trait he's inherited from me!

He dances like... all the time.  And it's hilarious because it's pretty aggressive dancing.  We joke that he dances his feelings out.  We also joke that he drinks his feelings because if he's ever angry and you just shove his sippy cup in his mouth he immediately chills out.  So yeah, we totally joke that he drinks his feelings.  Because it's totally true.

Still no walking.  In fact, George is so anti-walking he's even become anti-standing.  If you try to get him to stand up on his own he spends the whole time trying to sit down.  Also funny.

Still obsessed with the dog food and has recently added the water dish and the dog's bed to that mix.  Yum.

He's officially down to one nap which is both awesome and crazy.  When he takes an amazing nap, it's amazing.  When he takes a short nap, it's like, "Oh-holy-crap-he-took-a-short-nap-and-there's-still-X-amount-of-hours-until-bed-time!"  Luckily he's great at taking alone time when he needs a minute to chill out.  He'll get super mean and ornery and we're just like, "Dude, no one wants to be around you when you're acting like that," so we let him chill in his bedroom on his own until he let's us know he's ready to be nice again.  He's a funny kid.

George has been majorly teething (as in two or three teeth growing in at once, major diaper rash from diarrhea, and fever), so sleeping wasn't great for about a week until Brad and I figured out, "Duh, he's teething."  Give him the pain meds, parentals!

Bed time otherwise has been GREAT.  Seriously.  He's only had a few weird nights here and there (like I said, from teething) but otherwise he's back to his regularly scheduled programming.  Which is basically amazing.  He's sleeps beautifully and trust me, it is beautiful.

Overall, he still loves everything that spins and rolls and has a wheel-esque function.  He still loves his walks and basically cannot function without one each day.  (I'm not sure what's going to happen when winter rolls around.  Awkward.)  He still loves the bath and has decided that is the single place that he is cool with standing up in, even though that's the single place he's not allowed to sit up in.  (Let's just say he now understands what, "George, on your bum, please," means.)

He still tilts his head when he's observing something.  He's even begun to go as far as to lie on his side on the ground to observe a toy he's playing with.  I guess sideways is the best angle for that sort of stuff?  Maybe I should try?

Just love this boy.  So, so much.