Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heather + Brad = BFFs

Today I decided I was going to write in our blog about some memories of Heather and I whilst we were in high school.  So, the first memory that I want to talk about is the day that Heather and I became best friends.  Well, actually I’m not really sure when it all happened.   I can’t say “day” because I'm really not sure the exact date where I can look back and say, “Yeah, that's when we were best friends.”  Heather and I aren't really sure on that one; we were talking about it and couldn't decide on an exact date.

We do know that day is somewhere around when I started waiting for her outside the door of our math classroom right before class started, or when I’d wait to walk with her right after my political science class was over.   I would save her all of my red Skittles because I am allergic to the red dye number 40 and we would sneak Skittles all through math class.  Anyway, whatever that day or that time may have been, Heather and I were inseparable.   (Well, as inseparable as it was possible because, of course, we had to go home to our respective families because we were teenagers, as you know.)

Another time that comes to mind was the time that she had baked lemon bars for her FCCLA bake sale or something, I don't know what they were for.  She had this plate and all those lemon bars were eaten, so only the powdered sugar and crumbs were left.  Then a person--who will not be named in this post--decided it would be funny to flip the paper plate that had all that powdered sugar and such that she was holding into her face.   Needless to say I took said person down. Or rather I backed up Heather when she took said person down.  As random as it may sound, that was one in a moment when I really knew that I cared about her.

Good times, good times.

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