Saturday, August 2, 2014

Baileys Lately #2

  • There hasn't been much writing on our part because we've been working through the ever-stressful and never-ending process that is buying a home.  Or rather, attempting to.  There's been a lot of bumps (psshh, short sales.  So complicated).  We're working through the current one of wondering whether our financing will kick through by the financing deadline.  We're approved, but USDA Rural Loans are like... slower than dirt to kick it back.  So yep.  We'll see what happens, I suppose.  But basically we wait, hope for the best, and if it doesn't come through in time here's hoping the bank will budge for an extension.  They're buttleys about giving more time, to say the least.
  • Poor George B. got a cold this past week and was up till all-hours for two nights.  Luckily I figured it out fast enough and had the random thought to try the vapo-rub-on-feet-with-socks thing that I keep seeing on Pinterest and whatnot and hey, what do you know, it totally works!  Seriously, like freaking magic!  Note to self (and all mothers):  When in doubt, vapo-and-sock it.  Seriously.  It helped that little man so much.  The very next night he was sleeping like normal.  Poor kid.
  • We went through a dry-spell of really getting out and moving because George was sick and we were tired, but not that he's feeling better we've picked it up again and are back to bike rides, walks, and now swimming!  Oh man, we love swimming.  We've gone three times this week so far.
  • Bradley decided to move to the Provo DWS office and he's been loving it.  And it's a shorter and far more pleasant commute.  We're not sure why we didn't choose the Provo office in the first place, but I think that they wanted him at the Salt Lake office?  I don't remember?  We would've absolutely have chosen the Provo office in the first place because then we wouldn't have had to move!  Pretty sure they hired him to be at the Salt Lake office.  Yeah.  I'm babbling now.  Basically, Brad's through the one-year probation, he loves his job, his bosses love him, and he's doing amazing.  And also got his sweet raise.  So we're happy!  Now if we can just get the freakin' townhome to be our new sugar baby... that'd be awesome.
  • So, um, they're re-broadcasting Sailor Moon from the beginning on Hulu Plus.  I'm sort of dying of the geeking-out-ness.  Just finished watching the whole Naru/Nephrite arc.  Just.  Awesome.  Totally cried.
  • New bullet point for the NEW Sailor Moon (also airing on Hulu Plus).  LOVE IT.  Seriously.  Just... pinch me.  Watching it in conjunction with watching the original is just about the greatest thing ever.  This is definitely the Summer of the Nerds.
  • Really, we've been watching a lot of anime this summer.  Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and a bunch of one-season animes.  It's basically the best.
  • Continuing on me basically announcing how much late-night TV show watching we do, Gravity Falls season two is out and WE'RE SO EXCITED.  If you haven't watched that show... it's just epic.  You need to watch it.  Seriously.
  • Let's round off the TV talk by stating that I'm re-watching The Killing from the beginning, and it's also epic.  The end.
  • For Salt Lake Comic Con, Bradley decided that he wanted to be Captain America, so he's been creating the shield from an old Dish satellite that we bought for $15 off of KSL, and he's sort of digging the process.  Seriously, he's loving it.  And wants to make a Captain America mask.  Then, for Halloween, he wants to construct Lucius Malfoy's staff/wand.  Which is sort of super awesome.
  • Basically we just really, really, really, really, really want that townhome.  The wait and not knowing about the financing is agonizing.  (Drama!)
  • It's pretty obvious getting the townhome is all I can think about.
  • My sister's dog had puppies and we took one.  His name is Bane.  He's super duper adorable.  He's a super good dog.  But, you know, he's a puppy.  So he also drives me nuts.  Puppy = second one year-old.  Truly.  It's okay, he's cute.  Not as cute as George, but still very cute.  We sort of like Bane.  My dad is a total sucker for him, it's funny.
  • I caught whatever George had.  It sucks.  Luckily it caught on right as the weekend began, so Brad's been here to help me as I'm sort of pathetic.  We went on a bike ride tonight and I can't even begin to explain how slow I was going.  I made it the whole two miles we always do, though!  So yeah.  There you go.
  • OH MY GOSH.  Want to hear the best news ever?  You do?!  (No, we didn't magically get the house in the course of writing this.  Sad.  Total downer.)  BUT HEY.  I am officially a bachelors degree holder/BYU almuna!  YES.  ME.  I took my final on July 21st and I totally passed and totally got an A in my final class ever.  Well, of my bachelors.  I don't want to think of school for a while, but perhaps one psychotic day I'll have a mental breakdown and sign up for my masters.  Possibly in Library Science.  But for now, I am a graduate of Brigham Young University in a Bachelors in American Studies.  (Which, seriously, was the best degree ever.  You know you chose the right degree when you loved writing your giant capstone paper.)

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