Tuesday, August 19, 2014

George at One Year, Part Two

Holy cow, it's incredible how fast kids learn things.  This month was insane.  George just started picking up new things left and right and we were left saying, "Where did that come from?" over and over again.  It's been epic and just SO fun because George just seems to be picking up steam!

Basically, George just started talking.  Out of the blue.  Which is an awesome way to phrase that, because his first word (like, legit-first-word) was "blue".  Then "dog".  Then"grandpa".  Then "grandma", "all done", "yellow", "red", "purple", "banana", "yum"... there's a new word basically every day and it's SO.  COOL.  It's so amazing.  But if you, like, want him to learn a word (as in anything for George), he won't do it.  I've been working super hard on "please" and "thank you", but yeah, he won't have it.  Oh well.  He'll just pop up and do it randomly, that's just how he works.

As an example of randomly, on our third wedding anniversary George absolutely, positively randomly started climbing stairs.  And not like, "Oh, I think I'll practice climbing stairs now."  No.  He just climbed a whole flight of stairs at once.  Just thought, "Hey, I'm going to do that," and did it.  No practice beforehand.  He had crawled up two steps twice way in the past, and that's it.  This kid is so random.  He gives us no warning, just does it.

The stair thing was slightly horrible at first because it was all we did.  All day long.  Over and over and over and over again--climb two full flights of stairs.  Just repeatedly.  If I thought I got nothing done during the day before, it was nothing compared to the Week of Stairs.  Luckily we have since developed a protocol of whenever we got upstairs for lunch or to do laundry or whatever, George gets to climb the stairs to get there.  It's super nice because I don't have to carry his very heavy body around as much!

But now that I'm trying to teach him how to go down the stairs he--yes, you guessed it--will have none of that there teachin' from the likes of Mom.  One day in the future he'll just randomly do it.  He's strange.

HE EATS LIKE A BOSS AGAIN.  Oh my gosh, seriously, I took for granted how great of a eater he always was until he started being a super-non-good-eater.  Now he's a champ once again and I love it every day.  He just eats and eats and eats and it's amazing and we cheer have banquets honoring his eating habits and there are jousting tournaments and wenches and the whole nine yards... in my head.  Basically, it's just great.  It's so, so great.

However, a lovely new habit has developed.  When George is done with anything--food, bath time, whatever--he clears his area.  That may sound nice like, "Oh, how cute, he cleans up."  Yeah, more like he clears his tray by throwing all the food on the floor.  Seriously, you know he's done when he's dropping handfuls of whatever on the floor.  He's done with his bath when he starts clearing the tub of the toys, dumping them out the side.  It's an interesting phase.

George loves to go swimming.  When we swim, he thinks he's a big kid and that he can swim on his own.  He'll swim in his floatee for a while, ask to get out, then he'll swim in our arms for a while, and then he'll try to sort of push off or jump away like he's going to do it by himself all of a sudden.  Yeah, no.  Not yet, buddy.  You're sort of a baby, just an FYI.

George loves more than swimming--he just plain loves water.  So much.  He finds it everywhere, especially in the dog's water dish.  If he can figure out a way to splash in something, he will.

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