Monday, September 29, 2014

The Nerd Side #0

Today I have decided to talk a little bit about some of my more nerd related thoughts!  This is the Nerd Love Story, and while it has been pretty heavy on the "love story" part, it's been a little lacking on the "nerd" side of things.  Which is my job.  So I will be waxing eloquent for a few paragraphs to nerd this blog up a bit!

For those of you who do not know me I am a comic book fanatic.  I started reading them after my twelfth birthday.   The first comic I ever read was a re-print of the Amazing Fantasy #13--this was the first appearance of Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee. I LOVED this comic.   It is also the engine that helped propel me into nerdom.

For me, the last more-than-a-decade of years have been amazing with all of the comic book movies being released, starting in 2000 with X-Men and most recently this year Guardians of the Galaxy.  I have at times been impressed and at times let down HARD (cough, Daredevil).  However, there is one thing that always happens without fail:  whenever a brand new Marvel movie comes out, my phone is blown up with questions about said movie.  Basically, a lot of my friends and family have no idea what is going on with certain characters and/or story lines (because they didn't read the Marvel encyclopedia on the toilet several times, it's a great place for learnin').   Pretty much I am going to be putting out there some of the lesser know facts about the recent movies, as well as going over my own theories for where it is all going.

So, from here on out I will try to do one (or perhaps two) topics a week, just sort of questions that I'm asked or predictions that cross my kind.  For anyone that is following the blog already, if you have a topic you want me to cover just throw it down in the comments below!

Welcome to The Nerd Side.  Word.

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