Monday, December 15, 2014

George at One Year, Part Six

18-months--so crazy!

He's become way more snuggling-orientated.  He'll actually come to you and seek you out to sit on your lap and just watch a show or Grandpa/Dad playing a game or read a book, it's been super cute!

Counts to three, "1, 2, 3"!  Like I've mentioned, I've been counting his food, buttons on shirts, laces on a football... pretty much whatever for a while, so it has been super awesome to hear him counting back!

Still looooves his flash cards.  Loves books.  Worships Mickey Mouse.  When he sees him he just squeals, "MICKEY!"

Still loves the stairs.  He's smart and can pretty much break through an barricade we create, however he's become a really good listener and so we he knows it's a "we're not going up the stairs right now" he just goes to the barricade and gets angry, hahaha.  But he doesn't try to break through, so we'll call it a win!

He can also go down the stairs like a boss; we taught him the process of, "Leg, leg, knees," and he'll say it with you as he goes down.  Well, most of the time.  Half of our time going down is arguing with him that we're going down, not up:  "Leg, leg, knees--George, we're going down the stairs not up.  George, leg, leg, knees.  LEG, LEG, KNEES.  George Bradley, we're going down the stairs."

To encourage George to walk we've been trying to trick him into standing up as much as possible.  This has included what we call, the "Marshmallow Game" where I place his favorite marshmallow treats up on higher places that he has to stand up to get to.  I started doing it on his stroller because the stroller would start moving and he'd have to walk with it.  He just figured out to not lean on the stroller.  That boy is a pill about walking.  Nerd.

He's invented this new, terrible, what we call "raptor shriek" when he's just ticked.  Now, he can get ticked for a variety of reasons, but for the most part they're pretty lame.  Like, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just told me to sit on my bum for safety reasons," or, "Did you just pull me off the stairs, AGAIN?"  It's drama king city up in here.  We like to call him Tinkerbell--only enough room in his little body for one emotion.

He's been working on about four molars for the past month, and two finally cracked through and, oh man, he's in pain.  Weird late nights where he just can't sleep, but he'll nap for almost four hours during the day.  We've just been swinging with it, but man, it's been strange.

He still loves older boys, like ages six and up, he just thinks they're the coolest ever.

He doesn't eat much.  This is probably because of the new teeth, but it's been weird.  He's just not hungry most of the time, and then one meal a day he's basically ravenous.

He still won't preform.  Like, at all.  He seriously could care less what you want him to do; if he doesn't think you need to see it, you won't.

LOVES his cars.  Still.  Always.  We were wrapping my little brother's 24-days of Christmas package to send to him in Chile; we had purchased the majority of the stuff from the Dollar Store, and while we were there I had gotten George a pack of mini cars that I was thinking I may use as a stocking stuffer.  He was playing in the room with us when he found it and immediately brought the pack over to me to open it.  He was just like, "Dude, Mom, these are cars.  I need them."

George still haaates walking.  A lot of people seem very confident that they can make him do it, and then they try and they're like, "Oh, whoa, yeah.  He's not going to walk."  Uh, yeah, that's what we told you.  He be cray-cray.

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