Monday, February 23, 2015

George at One Year, Part Seven

NOTE:  These George updates are coming SUPER late because I've been so sick with pregnancy, and looking at a computer screen has made me even more sick.  Which is basically a stupid side-effect.  But anyway, I've had all these listed with the developments of the month, but they needed to be fleshed out and so they just sort of... sat there.  For months.  Yay.  Basically, I'm finally feeling well enough to sit down and write... so be prepared for the onslaught.

First off, George loves climbing up on the couch.  Over and over and over.  He loves sitting up there, standing up there, looking out the window from there, playing with the blinds from there... basically, being up on the couch is a wonderful place to be.  Just ask him, he'll verify this fact.

One of the most interesting developments is that George snuggles even MORE.  He even fell asleep on me once this month!  He hasn't done that since he was like two months old!  But seriously, this pregnancy has left me pretty lame so I'm often left stuck on the couch during the day just talking to George as I watch him play.  It was probably this new development that made him a Couch Lover, but he'd often stop what he was doing to get up on the couch and lay with me.  Again, let's be sure to note that this is weird for this child AKA the non-snuggler-of-America.  He's been suuuuper darling about it.

Sleeping has been whack.  So, so whack.  George's Fail-Safe Sleep Plan normally goes as follows:  strip him to diaper, change said diaper, give him a bottle, lay him down with a sleepy-time video (Zelda play-through or Baby Einstein), and he sleeps like a boss.  Awesome.  Been this way for months and months, and it's worked liked a charm every time.  Yeah, no.  Mid-month this all changed.  He wasn't going to bed until SUPER late at night and we were like, "Dude, what's the problem?"  It wasn't until the end of the month that we decided to cut the video and just do music.  MAGIC.  He instantly was back to sleeping like a boss.

Teething seems to have slowed down a lot, which has been nice.  He was working on like every molar last month so it's nice that they're all in and parked so he gets a break.

Went to see the urologist--FINALLY, man, consultation appointments are always ten decades away--about George's circumcision.  We've done this ointment for months and months in hopes to separate this pieces of skin that had regrown (thus, making him not-so-circumcised), but no such luck.  Finally got in to Primary Children's urology center to see Dr. Snow (who is an amazing doctor, by the way) and he explained that George just healed too quickly after his circumcision and that there was nothing we could have done to prevent it.  (Cue Bradley calling George, "Wolverine" due to his healing abilities.)  We have a surgical appointment next month to get it fixed.

George an count to ten, it's awesome and SO CUTE.  Seriously.

Can watch Mickey Mouse for hours on end.  Seriously.  He'll climb up in his rocking chair in his room and ask for Mickey to be turned on and he'll just sit and watch for FOREVER.  I'll come in and try and hang with him, but I don't think he believes that I get this whole Mickey thing and so he sort of just tolerates me but, you know, totally ignoring me.

A fun game was invented by George this month which involved ripping the nipple out of his bottle and spilling everywhere in his crib.  Can't even tell you how many blankets we went through this month.  This new habit went hand-in-hand with the not sleeping until 11:00 PM.  We'd literally have a stockpile of back-up blankets prepared for when it happened every other night.  The worst part is that blankets are literally the worst thing to wash because two blankets basically take up the whole load.  So, pretty much doing a thousand loads of laundry a week.  This was not a fun game, I give it 1/10, and the 1 is only because George is cute.  Luckily it stopped when we figured out the switch from video to just music.

George can go up and down his mini slide!  He can also go down the slide on his own.  It's been so fun to watch.  Knowing him, he's going to stop doing it in a month, so we lap up the cuteness while we can.  Because that's totally George's thing.

Loves dipping his food, any food, really.  In fact, if it looks like it can be dipped, he would like to dip it, please.  This developed when my parents took George out for a date night to eat at Village Inn with them, and my dad made him some fry sauce for his fries and showed him how to dip.  When they told me how much he loved this, I assumed he dipped and just, you know, sucked the sauce off.  I was impressed when I found out he actually takes bites.  Good man, George, good man.

We've figured out how to nix the constipation issues!  GATORADE.  Seriously.  We found out that my fish of a son, who is constantly drinking--just like his mom and dad--was actually dehydrating himself from too much water.  Yes, this happens.  Who knew?  We were recommended Gatorade for the electrolytes and it's been night and day of a difference.  No more constipation!

As previously mentioned, I'm pregnant and therefore sick as a dog, and George has been literally the best child ever about it.  When you're a sick mom, you definitely learn a lot about the skills your kid has that help you out in a bind.  I've been grateful every day that George loves playing independently, it has seriously saved my butt because I just can't play like we used to.  Again, I'm pretty much a bum all day on the couch, and he's SO good about it.  Basically, I love him.

I've also learned more and more that George is actually a pretty good listener.  Most of the time I sort of automatically assume that he doesn't know what I'm trying to tell him, but I should give him more credit because he understands a lot more that I think he does.  One of the biggest instructions with the new couch exploration is, "George, sit on your bum," and he listens.  It semi-weird.  It makes him feel super grown up all of a sudden, going from an infant who has no idea what you're telling him to this toddler-kid that is all, "Oh, on my bum?  Okay, fine," and then sits on his butt.  Good job, George.  High-five.

Friday, February 20, 2015

George Moment #9

George was reading a Sleeping Beauty board book with my mom on the couch.  They were on the part of the book where Aurora has just pricked her finger, and is sprawled out on the floor, asleep, at Maleficent's feet.

Grandma Christy:  [Pointing at Aurora.]  Is she sleeping?  She's sleeping, huh?
George:  [Taps Aurora's sleeping form three times.]  Dead, dead, dead!
Heather:  ...or she's dead.