Thursday, March 26, 2015

George at One Year, Part Eight

NOTE:  Just to remind you, these George updates are coming SUPER late because I've been so tired and sick from pregnancy.  I've only just started feeling well enough to skip an afternoon nap with George, sit down, and flesh 'em out.  So yeah.  They're like, super behind.  This George update contains all his developments and quirks from January of this year.  As a side-note, my picture-taking was pretty lax in this month as well because I was basically a low-functioning blob.  So, you know, they're not the best pictures ever.  Just as another warning.  Okay, now that these things have been noted, here we go!

So, uh, yeah.  Still no walking!  He can.  George can do it.  We watch him do it and he has no idea he's doing it, but as soon as he realizes, "Oh crud, I'm walking, aren't I?" he stops those shenanigans immediately.  George's refusal to walk is both hilarious and unbelievable at the same time.  The best is still when others get confident and say, "Oh, I'll get him to walk," and then they realize that uhh, yeah, he's not letting that happen!  George has sass, I'll give him that.

In his continued attempts at avoiding developing his walking skills (at all costs), George has instead opted to invent new ways of crawling.  This includes backwards crawling, charging rhino crawling (fast speed with his head down--it's totally safe... not, haha). and--the best--sideways crawling.  His sideways crawl is just about the funniest thing ever because it's completely weird and totally unnatural, and yet he does it incredibly fast and efficiently.  It always produces a laugh in whoever sees it.  The best is my family has a cat named Blanco who totally walks sideways as well (and is cross-eyed and drools and has fangs; however, George does not do nor have those things.  Okay, maybe drooling a bit).

Lots of squealing.  George hits pitches I think dogs can only hear and, man, it's hilarious.  We'll call him Little Piggy because he'll do these stints of, "Wee-wee-wee!"  He's a geek.  He just loves that squealing.

When George is done eating, he'll immediately--and super aggressively--begin dumping his tray of any leftover food.  He does it as fast as he can, seriously.  So we're hurriedly jumping over to stop him and saying, "We say 'all done', your food stays on your tray!" in varying panicked sentences as we quickly pull his tray out from in front of him.  And then he'll super sweetly say, "All doooone."  He's lucky he's cute.

Bath time is still his favorite time.  If he could get in the bath three times a day, he totally would do it.  If we just let him play in the tub and let him decide when he's ready to get out, he'll usually be in there for at least 35-minutes, if not more.  When George is ready to get out, he'll stand up at the side of the tub and say, "All done!"  It's cute.  SO CUTE.  And way better than the "all done" fiasco at meal time.  George has also started to legitimately squat and stand back up in the tub.  I don't know why, but George is FAR more adventurous in the tub when it comes to doing things that have to do with standing and walking on his own.  Because, you know, the tub is like 100-times more dangerous when it comes to doing that junk.  But, oh well, we totally encourage it.

Can walk--still won't!  We actually made a joke that George would still be refusing to walk when my sister had her baby.  Uh, yeah, guess what?  My sister totally had her baby.  And George is totally still convinced walking is for losers.  Yep.  That happened.  However, George actually started using his walker to walk.  That was legit.  It was progression, so it was awesome and we cheered it!  He semi-walked like he had a wedgie, but it was awesome nonetheless.  It's allowed us to encourage him to use it more and he's walked big distances with it, so it's a step in the right direction!  (HA, totally a pun there.)

This kid counts all day long.  His entire toddler-Chinese-dialogue involves numbers and the single words and phrases he knows.  He'll randomly start with, "apple" and then goes on to say, "one, two, three" and goes from there.  George is constantly chatting.  To himself or to you.  It's the best.  He's fairly easy to find in this large house as you'll hear the echo of him talking himself up about who-knows-what.  He'll talk while he's playing with his cars, while he's reading his books, while he's eating, while he's in the bath... everywhere.  George is a chit-chatter.

As the resistance to walking continues, George has opted for what he sees as a far better way of travel--crawling on all fours.  Like, feet and hands on the floor, butt up in the air.  We call it the Spider Crawl because it reminds us of Spider-Man.  It's also super hilarious to watch.

George has started to request certain foods, but only the ones he knows how to say like "apples" and "bananas".  He'll see them in the banana tree or in the fridge and holler their name, like, "APPLE!"  So I'll cut him up an apple and he'll be pretty pleased with himself as he eats.

Obsessed with his ABCs, loves the song and seeing the letters.  We sing the song at least ten times a day, if not more.  Our favorite part of him singing is when he says, "Now I know..." in the final part of the song.  It's pretty freaking darling!  Kids learning to talk is seriously the best.  George makes it so fun, he just loves to learn it all.  He's so into his ABCs and numbers that he LOVES reading the back of the cereal box at breakfast (or lunch, or whenever he's decided cereal sounds good).  George will call out the letters and numbers he sees and it's just pretty dang exciting stuff for him.

This month George suddenly became super in love with Grandpa Ken.  He just fell in love with my dad.  It definitely makes my dad happy, that's for sure!  My dad will come in from the shop to cut applique in the office and George will charge right after him.  Grandpa Ken will be sitting in his desk chair and he'll scoop George up onto his lap so that they can call Grandma Christy together on the intercom.  George loves it.  He mostly just hangs up on Grandma by accident because he loves pushing the buttons on the phone so much.  But man, he loves that Grandpa!

One thing we were wondering is how George would react with his utter love for Brandon when Alix and Brandon had their little boy, Wyatt.  Wyatt ended up coming nearly three weeks early, so Brandon's been a dad basically the whole month of January, and it hasn't bothered George one bit.  He's still Brandon obsessed.  He has yet to get angry that Brandon has a new beau.  We'll see how that progresses, but so far, so good!

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