Thursday, March 26, 2015

George at One Year, Part Nine

NOTE:  This should be the last catch-up George update post and then hopefully I can keep up from now on.  (Carrying two babies in my gut may or may not be killing me.  Drama over here.)  These George updates are from February of this year.  I was finally feeling quite a bit better--though still much like a pile of poo--so pictures aren't as shoddy, huzzah!

George's love for fuzzy blankets continues strong, but he now has a narrower criteria for what blankets qualify.  If he sees a blanket that seems like it'd be a good candidate, he'll go over and test it out by rubbing it between his fingers.  If a blanket isn't fuzzy enough, he'll move on.  Otherwise, he'll work to find the corner of the blanket so he can touch that.

The love of the corner of the blanket is a totally new thing that developed this month.  Randomly one night we were putting him to bed and he was drinking his bottle with one hand and searching his blanket with the other.  When he found the corner of the blanket, he sighed happily and curled up in his blanket, the corner in hand.  He's weird.

This month marked the worst five days of sleep ever for George.  While he spent the entirety of January sleeping like a freaking boss, this month was begun with an ear infection--caused by his cold from last month that didn't bother at all--which left him with 103+ degree fevers for those five days.  It was horrible.  George, no matter how sick, has never been unable to sleep in his crib.  Usually we can cocoon him or otherwise manipulate his bedding for him to feel comfortable enough to sleep in his room.  Nope, not this time.  At 20-months old, for the first time in his life, George could only sleep if it was on someone.  There was no transferring him once he fell asleep, nada.  He had to be sleeping on one of us.  This was super inconvenient because, well, even this early in my pregnancy I'm already a big girl (cough, twins, cough, cough).  My belly is big, my boobs are even bigger--there's not really a comfortable place for George to sleep on me!

Luckily we learned very quickly that Brad's sort of a boss at getting babies to sleep on him, even while he's sleeping at the same time.  Brad spent nights up late with a baby on his belly, playing video games so I could go to bed.  And often he spent early mornings in George's room, asleep on the couch in there with his son, again, sleeping on him.  Brad was amazing.  We were only able to get him to sleep on our bed between us for about 3-hours one night.  Which I suppose is a good thing in the end!  This went on for what felt like forever, but it was really less than a week and George got back into his normal sleep routine.  But, you know, when you're only 16-weeks pregnant but your body feels like it's 80-weeks pregnant, the exhaustion builds up a lot faster than when you're in, you know, functioning health.

The ABCs became a favorite again this month.  George knows his crap, people.  I don't know how he picks it up so fast.  One day he just decides, "Yeah, I'm going to learn that," and he does it.  (Cue side comment about how we wish he'd decide that about implementing walking, haha!)  He loves the last part of the alphabet the most, starting at the letter "Q".  He even does the last, "Next won't you..." part.  He's cute.  SO CUTE.

George just loves learning stuff.  He still digs his numbers and now counts to eleven on his own--we're currently working on getting to fifteen.  He can count down from ten as well, which I don't really know where he picked that up, I never taught it to him.  Mickey Mouse is probably the one to give credit for that!  He's learning the words to more songs and sings in his Chinese to the tunes of lots of songs (even the Chucky Cheese commercial dance, 'The Chucky', awkward).  George has learned almost all of the 'Rainbow Song', and loves to shout the "bow" part when we sing "rainbow".  He's gotten even better and pronouncing his colors and my favorites are how he says, "pink" and "purple".  Shapes he's getting better and better at; "oval" is still his favorite.

We've tried everything this past month convince George that walking is, like, super legit and cool but he knows better.  We'll ask him, "Do you want to walk?" and he'll chant back, "Walk, walk, walk!" (which is what we say when we're making him walk with our help) as he crawls away at full speed.  We tried some exercises to at least get him into squatting hands-free and he was ticked.  So mad at us.  He cruises around everything, he is constantly standing and walking around stuff.  He'll often stand or walk a few steps without any aid and he doesn't realize it.  He knows how, that's the hardest part for us to get our heads around.  It doesn't hurt him, it's not like he's hand some traumatic experience.  He'll often allow me to hold his hand and he'll walk beside me, but he has to be cool with it or he'll get pretty upset that I'm asking him to do that, haha.  It's been a weird road.  Did I ever think my son wouldn't be walking at 21-months?  Um, definitely not.  I didn't even know that happened!  But the doctor said it's totally normal and that we shouldn't be concerned, so I'm trying really hard not to Mother Bear it.  BUT IT'S SO HARD.  Why you no walk, Georgie?!

He's started this interesting thing that when new people come in (like, not Brad, me, or my parents) he'll squeeze his eyes shut and smile while waving his arms.  My grandparents joke that he's trying to pretend that they're not there because he used to be so afraid of my grandma, haha.  Not sure why he does it.  Again, he's strange.

Baths have become a bit of an obsession.  If he ever sees Brad getting undressed, even if he's not actually going to get in the shower, George demands to go with him and that bath or shower be had.  If you leave the bathroom door open, he'll go in and start throwing his toys in the tub to let you know it's bath time again.  He loves it so much, seriously.  He'll play in there for such a long time.  When he's done, he stands himself up and tells you, "All done!"  It's pretty cute.

Speaking of "all done", he's gotten 400% better at saying, "All done!" rather than emptying his food tray.  It's been so nice.  Persistence and patience really are key.  You swear they're not listening and you want to freak out (even though it's stupid to freak out over), but you keep your cool and--magically--one day they pick up the skill you've been working so hard to teach them.  And seriously, SO AWESOME.

George eats really well, especially considering how horrible I am at making anything creative right now.  I'm just too sick and have SO many food aversions--STILL, at 18-weeks--that I really can only feed him a limited amount of foods.  Chicken, yogurt, cereal, fruit, vegetables.  He's worked with me really well, though.

George really is sort of the greatest kid ever.  Even on his off days, he's just SO much easier than any other kid I've met.  He loves playing on his own, which has been such a blessing because I seriously just can't play like we used to.  I have horrible guilt-complexes about it, but man, I'm so lucky to have this little boy who's just taken it so well.  When he needs a buddy, he's so easy to entertain.  We just pull out books and talk about them or we'll sing the alphabet (or any song, really), count together.  He's back to loving when we kiss him on the forehead, so we can play that game for a while if he's ever feeling restless but it's not quite nap time.  And when he's ready for his nap he's really great about signaling me.  He'll start getting a little booby and he'll say, "Na-night, na-night!"  Otherwise, I'll just ask him, "Are you ready for 'na-night'?" and he'll charge into his bedroom.  If he's playing in his room when he decides it's time for his nap he'll grab his bottle and bring it to me.  It's SO awesome.

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