Tuesday, March 31, 2015

George at One Year, Part Ten

Since the weather was weirdly spring-y for a Utah March, and I've finally be feeling better, George got outside a lot this month.  And dude, he's a huge fan.  This kid loves being outside to the point of getting incredibly dramatic when someone goes outside without him.  He loves playing in the dirt, crawling in the grass, he even loves crawling on the concrete (sometimes he prefers it... because he's strange).

Nice weather and loving the outdoors has also meant lots of trips to the park.  George, of course, super digs it.  He'll just play and play on his own in the sand, and then we'll sit together and draw shapes in the sand.  (And now George loves to draw circles with his finger in whatever he can and he'll announce, "It's a circle!")  He also climbs all over the playground equipment and has even braved to venture into the shady tunnels on them--something he's always been wary of for some reason.  Hobos?  Maybe.  At the one park we frequent there's also a rock wall, which Brad will help George climb to the top of the playground, at which point George will then just turn around go down the giant slide by himself on his belly, it's pretty epic.  Otherwise he enjoys you taking him to the top and counting down, "10, 9, 8..." until one with him and then George will say, "Blast off!" and you let him go.  It's pretty darn cute.

When there are other kids at the park George becomes a major stalker.  It's even creepier because he's crawling after them with his dead leg crawl and cackling like a maniac.  Most kids love it, but one poor kid was so not interested because he was playing with his mom, who had just got off work and switched places with the nanny.  To let them have alone time, I had to keep taking George to the clear other side of the park, where he'd then just proceed to crawl right back over to them.  He's a nerd.

George has known how to cruise for a while, but it's picked up ten-fold this month.  He cruises around everything.  He was investigating the hearth room dining table's perimeter for the best position to try and reach a box of crayons; he cruised around that eight-seat giant table so many times it was crazy.  He'll walk around the kitchen island (also incredibly large) and is more and more using cruising rather than crawling.  It's been fun to watch.

Oh, and no matter the repeated attempts to teach George to just color or draw, he still loves eating crayons.  So yeah.  That's why he was working so hard for them--to eat them.  Yum.

This kid is so tall it's ridiculous, the increase in cruising has made that painfully obviously as he can reach and see anything within 6-inches of the counter's edge.  I'm having to be super diligent at pushing everything no-touchy to the center of the counter or tables.  One night Alix and I made cupcakes and they were cooling by the stove and we look over and George had just reached up, grabbed one, and was busy eating in on the floor.  It was hilarious, we couldn't believe it!

COLORS.  Holy crap, this boy loves his colors lately!  If you ask him, "What color is that?" he can name it, and man, he loves that game.  So much, in fact, that he will play it with himself.  He'll ask himself, "What color is that?" and then proceed to name the color.  It's so fun to watch and hear.  He's really legit at all the basic colors, but he doesn't love to say "brown" for some reason sometimes.  However, he sings the entire Rainbow Song of the, "Red and yellow and pink and green..." and even says "rainbow" really well now.  All of this feeds into his love of colors more and more, haha.

George also loves to sing the Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He'll look at you and say, "Hot dog, hot dog!" to let you know he wants to sing it, so we'll see the tune and the other words, while he'll sing along with the "hot dog" parts he knows.  I have no idea why kids love that show so much, but man, that Hot Dog Song has legit powers over toddlers.

One of the most fun things that has developed as he's getting older is George's ability to speak in complete sentences.  Not only is it like freaking cute, but it's also always fun to see what he decides to start saying.  He currently says a lot of, "What is that?" and then answers himself with a, "It's a..." and the object or shape that it is.  His favorite things to name when he sees them are shapes.  When we're out in the backyard he'll go to a patio chair and he'll point at the back and say, "It's a circle!" where there's a circle shape.  After eating and being released from his high chair, George will go to the front of it and point at the front of the tray where the brand logo sticker used to be and say, "It's an oval!"  And yeah, it's totally an oval!  I have some leftover shape cutouts that I've been using as tags; I gave him one and he loves to take it around the house and pop up randomly to tell you, "It's a heart!"  That one's sort of our favorite because he seriously comes out of nowhere to tell us and we can't help but to laugh when it happens, he's just so happy to let you know that it's a heart, hahaha.

This month George has seened slightly more pleased at getting everyone's attention, like when we'll all sing with him or count down from ten to "blast off" with him.  However, this is really only with people he really knows, so like grandparents and Alix and Brandon, but he's even really warmed up to Ken and Sarah and is pleased when they're cheering him on, so that's been super cute.  He's still a pretty wary kid (which I totally dig), he's not a show-boater still, but he does find more appreciation in being appreciated, basically!

This kid is still in brutal, mortal terror of loud things.  We were at my sister's house getting ready to go to the park and she went to blow-dry her bangs really fast in the bathroom.  Yeah, George heard the hairdryer and sobbed about it for literally twenty minutes.  My mom was using the mixer--at the lowest setting, mind you, which is SUPER quiet--and he was pretty traumatized about that as well.  He truly believes that it's hurting his ear, he'll rub and grab it all dramatically.  And maybe it is, who knows, haha!  But really, we're interested to see how this settles down as he gets older.

George loves to just count and count and count.  Most of all he loves to count down from ten to "blast off", as previously mentioned, but he also just loves to count as high as he can go.  He usually gets to 45 and then will get bored with the pattern, so he'll start over at one again.  He loves counting fast and then he'll just jump and skip numbers, it's pretty funny, haha.  Lately it's been he loves to skip sixteen and seventeen and go straight to eighteen.  So we'll be counting with him, where he says the number first and we echo it so he can hear the correct pronunciation, and he'll say fifteen, we echo, then he'll go, "Eighteen," and we'll correct him, "Sixteen..." and then he'll continue with, "Eighteen," again, and it's just pretty hilarious, haha.

Another thing George enjoys doing is recognizing and naming single digit numbers as well as letters.  When we're in restaurants waiting for our waiter or food, one of his favorite games is for us to pull out a menu and point to a letter and ask, "What's that letter?" and he'll tell us.  He doesn't quite get lowercase letters yet, but he knows all of his uppercase letters so it's really fun to watch!  When we're loves to be lifted up so he can name the numbers on the microwave.  He also really enjoys this giant calculator my dad got him; he'll bring it to you for you to ask him, "What number is that?" so he can answer.

In the same trend, this kid still loves flash cards.  Total brute with them, however.  Seriously, with his incessant need to bend the crap out of them those poor things probably wish they had the legs to run from him.  I found these mini photo albums at the Dollar Store and slid the flashcards into the sleeves and that's helped them to live their lives out in peace, haha.

If you ask him his name he'll say, "George!" AND WE DIE EVERY TIME.  Seriously.  Him saying, "George" is basically the cutest thing ever.  It's more like "Dorge" and it just melts us.  My best friends were the first to teach him this and I'm forever grateful of that because, MAN, IT'S CUTE!

I'm still trying to actively teach George about the twin girls that I'm carrying.  He'll say, "Hi girls," to my belly but pretty sure he still doesn't fully grasp that he has two little sisters on the way, poor kid, haha!  Brad will come up and kiss my belly to show George and he'll pick George up and help him to do it as well, but again I seriously don't think George has any clue what's up with his mom getting large!

He's become waaay more interested in his cousin, Wyatt, recently.  He'll come up and say, "That's a baby!" or "Wyatt!", so it's been pretty darn cute.  He doesn't really touch him or anything, but if we're holding Wyatt, George will come up to inspect and explain to us that Wyatt's a baby.

George loves more and more people now.  My best friend, Laura, moved back from California and so her, myself, and our best friend, Rachel, hang out each Monday and George loves them.  This is a big switch from when he was just past a year old and would have to spend the first twenty minutes when Rachel would come over warming up to her.  It's been so fun to have him get excited when they come over; I love it.

He's a hugger!  Especially when it comes to Grandma Christy.  If he sees my mom, he insists that she drops everything to hug him.  It's pretty darn cute.  Otherwise he switches around with who he thinks needs to hug him and he'll seriously insist on it, standing up at your feet until you pick him up so he can give you a hug.  It's a fun switch considering this kid has never been a hugger!

George and Brad have been playing with Brad's old action figures more this month.  Brad will often explain to George their names as they play, and the first one George grew attached to was the Marvel superhero, Moon Knight, he even began to play with him and say his name as, "Na-Nee".  Although really quickly George has refined it and by the end of the month he was, "Moo Nigh".  In the last few days George also became attached to a particular Spider-Man action figure that Brad picked up off the ground in the Dominican Republic and gave a home.  This particular Spider-Man's joints are SUPER loosey-goosey, and is also missing a hand, haha.  But man, George loves him!  George will pick him up and bring him over to me to straighten out his limbs and then will ask you to sing the Spider-Man theme song.  Brad's pretty dang proud, to say the least.

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