Sunday, May 17, 2015

Twin Shock #4 -- 31-Weeks Along

So, 31-weeks.  Holy mack, we're getting close.  And to be honest, these pictures are NOT my belly at its largest.  In fact, these pictures were shockingly flattering for being as large as I am (think, got-my-own-orbit).  Where the girls are positioned compared to each other in the womb will change my belly from mega-giant-torpedo to magically hey-you're-just-large.  Apparently today they decided to be kind for photos and shifted to positions that were slightly more flattering.

From 28 to 30 weeks I only gained two pounds; it's been nice to plateau in this last part considering how much weight I gained in the first half of this pregnancy!  Apparently gaining at least 24-pounds in the first 24-weeks is a good thing when you're having twins, and considering I gained, like, 29-pounds in that time frame I hope that it all just means healthy baby girls not monstrous Heather postpartum!

I actually missed my 28-week appointment due to the fact that George got REALLY sick and needed his madre.  My 28-week appointment I was supposed to get my second glucose test (just another one hour test, in a twin pregnancy my doctor likes to test you twice just in case even if you pass the first time) as well as my blood work-up to get my RhoGAM shot since I'm RH-negative.  Since both of those couldn't happen that week, they happened at 29-weeks.  I passed my glucose test again, and then got my RhoGAM shot at 30-weeks.  And you know what?  I was totally NOT a wiener with my RhoGAM shot.  In fact, I was like basically a grown-up and such.  Didn't panic or freak or need a distraction, just needed Brad as a steady support because my balance isn't 100% (largeness, you know).  I was SUPER proud of myself.  I'm pretty much all mature and adult.

30-weeks was also my third appointment at IMC for a measurement scan of the girls.  Fluid levels and all that are still perfect, girls are super healthy and thriving.  Sofia (Baby A) is kind of chubster, measuring two weeks ahead at 4-pounds, 2-ounces.  Maren (Baby B) is right on track and measured just two days over 30-weeks at 3-pounds, 8-ounces.  They're within 25% of growth of one another so that's perfection and nothing to worry about; the only time there's a worry if one's behind, and neither are so that's great news!

The funny thing we learned at our IMC appointment is that Sofia is seriously taking up ALL the space in there.  She's stretched out with her head down in the center of my pelvis and her legs going up all the way into my ribs on my left side (your right, looking at me).  Poor Maren is shoved completely against my right side, her head in my rib cage.  Poor girl has no room!  Sofia also was moving all over the place (hey, she's got the room), the ultrasound tech was shocked at how much she squirmed around in there.  Maren was shy, as always, but perhaps she's just resigned to the fact that her sister is going to take up all the space and she's just the mellow one, I suppose.  Pretty sure she understands her Grandma Christy's "Bucket of Poo" ideology, if that's the case.  And if so, I'm super proud!

The doctor that checked us at that appointment was nice but asked a lot of personal questions, including whether the girls were natural or IVF or whatever, which is sort of a super personal question, I think?  Right?  Anyone else feel that way?  But he was just curious, it wasn't a big deal.  However, if you look at the photo up-top you'll kind of see that my belly button is so popped it's like a mini volcano (and George is always try to poke it) and is actually pretty painful to the touch, and this doctor rubbed all the jelly stuff off my belly with a scratchy towel and he did it harder than I was expecting, haha.  Most people let me wipe my own belly, so that was interesting.  And also hurt a bit, haha.

Nighttime has been ridiculous lately!  Getting myself to sleep is like... pulling teeth.  Or something difficult.  Basically, it sucks.  Laying on my side makes it very obvious where the girls are (Maren's head and Sofia's feet in my ribs especially feels lovely).  Maren's so shoved to the right by the end of the day that laying on my left side has me REALLY feeling the gravity of her weight on top, so I can't breathe.  Laying on my right side is like laying on a rock because, again, poor Maren is just shoved to far that way.  I basically have to lay around in the recliner (and sleep a bit if I can) until the girls sink down a far enough so that I can finally go in and join Brad in bed.  Sad to say, this usually isn't until around two or three in the morning the past three nights.  Let's just say I'm getting really good at functioning on 6-hours or less of sleep!  I can basically guarantee that I'll sleep sounder when the girls come, even if I will be getting up every two hours.

I've been taking it very, very, very easy as of late.  My swelling in my hands and feet have gone down significantly, I don't just wake up with it anymore so that's nice!  And hey, my wedding ring fits again (but I'm too chicken to keep it on, I don't want it getting stuck, haha)!  My hips and pelvis still hurt but the real pain is in my stomach.  Having two babies in you kind of hurts a lot at times.  They flip positions fairly often and, man, I feel it.  Carrying George is easier than it has been, but I still can't do it for long periods of time, and bending over is pretty much out of the question most of the time.  Not that I really carry George at all beforehand anyway, I'm mostly talking putting him in his high chair or crib, or pulling him out of somewhere he shouldn't be, haha.

Overall, I'm in pain and I'm tired but I'm much better off than I was at the beginning.  I tear up from time-to-time from the pain or inability to sleep, but I don't feel as disconnected and afraid anymore.  I definitely don't feel sad or depressed at all, either, and that's been such a relief the past few months.  Not being sick all day, every day, for weeks on end anymore totally helps, haha!  And feeling the girls move helps so much as well.  Knowing who's who, being able to call them by their names, to see their personalities already--it helps so, so, so much.  We are in love with them already and we're excited to see them soon!