Wednesday, June 3, 2015

George at One Year, Part Eleven

*NOTE:  This post is super late (as in, past-the-two-year-mark late) in the posting because we requested that George be checked out just to make sure that his decision not to walk was just that--his decision, not his body's!  And guess what?  It's totally him.  He can walk.  He can stand.  He chose not to.  Because he can.  He's a stink who apparently likes to freak his mother out sometimes.  A very, very, very smart stink.  Basically, all will be explained in his two-year update (when did that happen, right?!).  For now, here's George at 23-months.

Oh hey, holy crud, George is one month from two.  Um, yeah.  We're going to have a two year-old soon!  Who thinks walking is stupid.  This is one stubborn young man.  Did his two-year appointment early just to be sure that nothing was actually physically wrong.  This included actually going to the hospital and having him scanned.  Yeah, um, nope.  He's super incredibly healthy.  There's no physical reason to be seen.  Next month a specialist will observe him and they'll do an ear and eye check-up, but we sort don't expect anything from that.  This kid is just different!

People have actually been really good about not being awkward or rude about George not wanting to walk.  In fact, most people have shrugged it off like it was no big deal, which has made this SO much easier.  There are still some family members who like to try and make him walk, but they're just met with George's determination to NOT do so, so it all works out how he wants it to, haha.  But seriously, we've tried to force him.  Bribe him.  Trick him.  It all ends with him figuring out what we're doing and saying, "No."  So there you go, the George has spoken.

George, however, has randomly decided that he's cool walking to his Aunt Alix... and no one else yet.  But hey, he's allowing himself to willingly walk, so that's something!  Usually it's just by him finally not thinking about it and just doing it without noticing, but with Alix he has willingly walked to her a few times now.  It's cute, she appreciates it especially because she was, "All Done" for forever and he has only said her name two or three times to her face.  So that's nice of him to give her something!

George has been choosing to implement standing a lot more.  Not all-the-time or anything, but definitely way more than he did before, so that has been awesome.  Yet again, it's most common for him to stand on his own when he's not paying attention.  This includes one of his favorite games that we made up, "ka-boom", where he stands up and stretches his arms in the air and then says, "Ka-boom!" and slaps down on a pillow.  He super digs it!  We dig it because it gets him standing all the time.  And it's super cute, we'll give him that.  We can also sometimes trick him into using a distraction, like a favorite show or, like, his grandma or something.  95% of the time he has it figured out before we've fully tricked him.  He's just too smart.

Okay, beyond the ever-baffling no-walking dilemma, George has started being super polite and saying, "Oh, sorry," and, "Thank you!" all the time along with, "Up, please!" when he wants you to pick him up or help him into his high chair.  "Oh, sorry," is the funniest because he is constantly apologizing for things he doesn't need to be apologizing for.  For example, hitting his own head.  It usually happens that he bumps his head, says, "Uh-oh..." and then, "Oh, sorry!"  It's cute.  We love it.  "Please," is hilarious because he sort of puts a Sylvester the Cat accent on it at times and it's awesome.  "Thank you," is something I've been working on with him for a while and he just picked it up full force this month and it's so fun and so sweet to hear him use it.  He'll say, "Thank you, Dad," when Brad helps him out and I love it so much!

The best word he's picked up is "marshmallow".  Again, with a Sylvester flair--IT'S SO CUTE.  And, considering they're totally his favorite treat we hear it pretty often and we all still totally die at the cute factor.  It's one of our common look-at-how-cute-he-is party tricks we do at family gatherings.  Everybody loves to make him say, "marshmallow".

Holy crap!  Want to know the cutest thing ever George started doing this month?!  He can sing the Spiderman Theme Song!  And it's sort of the greatest thing ever!  He's super in love with his many Spiderman action figures, and we'll spend a great majority of our day playing with those and singing the theme song.  Basically, his dad is SUPER proud.  When we're not singing it, George goes around humming it to himself.  He's just really inept at picking up tunes as well as lyrics to the songs we sing.  He's also memorized "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" memorized this month, which my mom just randomly started singing to him.

Speaking of my mom, she's a big favorite this month.  He cannot get enough of her.  George is constantly going to her and requesting, "Up, please!" whether she's sitting at the counter or standing up, he wants to be apart of it.  He also loves having a drink of her drink, so this may be part of his love of her--mooching.  He also loves play Candy Crush with her and doing, well, everything with her:  reading, drawing, watching a show... you name it, Grandma is the one to do it with.

George got his second and third ear infection of the year this month--first the right, then the left.  It was awful, as usual.  Ear infections drive me crazy.  SO CRAZY.  Sick babies are hard, especially when you're pregnant and sort of handicapped to be Mom at your full level.  Poor kid had to deal with a lot of television and marshmallows as his recovery.  I am forever grateful for Brad's wonderful job that allows him to be home by four everyday, it's such a lifesaver in these situations because sometimes a boy just needs his dad to sleep on, especially considering his mom is, like, suuuuper lumpy at the moment!

George continues to love to recognize and name all the numbers, shapes, colors, and letters.  He's continually wanting to build his vocabulary and loves to tell you what he sees around him.  "It's a flower!  It's a truck!  It's a bird!"  He also started naming the parts of the face and head, he especially loves, "It's a nose!" and, "It's hair!"  When he says, "It's hair," it's usually accompanied with him staring at his reflection and rubbing his hands through his hair.  If he doesn't fully know the word of something but he wants to name it anyway, he'll come up with some nonsense word and wait to see if you correct him or not, haha, it's great!  "It's a [random word]!" and I'll say, "It's a pillow, huh?" to which he replies, "It's a pillow!" and then will keep coming back and naming that object because he's excited he knows the word now.

"Buh-bye" and "see you" have continually added meaning to them with this kid.  If George wants to go outside or downstairs he'll ask, "Buh-bye?" and I'll ask, "Do you want to go outside?" and he'll say yes.  It's really fun.  He's also constantly shouting, "Come on!" trying to get you to follow him where he's wanting to go if you don't translate, "buh-bye" correctly.  We LOVE it.  It's always hilarious.

George has reallly gotten into coloring.  For the longest time all my attempts at coloring with him have been a repeated lesson of, "We color with crayons, we do not eat them.  We use crayons to draw.  We keep crayons out of our mouths," and so on until eventually I'm like, okay, we're done, and we try again the next day.  Randomly he realized, hey, crayons may taste good but coloring is where it's at!  And he's been an avid drawer/colorer/whatever since then.  I laid out a bunch of newspaper and let him color that for a while.  Then, I decided to tape a very large piece of white paper to the floor and let him color the crap of that, which he LOVES.  He is constantly inviting people to, "Come on!" so he can color for them on his giant paper.  He'll sit and spin in a circle and just draw, draw, draw sometimes.  It's been SO FUN.

George loves naming people and pictures of people, and it often coming up to Brad and saying, "It's a Dad!" and to me, "It's a Mom!"  We super dig it.  He enjoys naming pictures of "Aunt Alix" and "Uncle James" in the hallway upstairs in my parent's house.  His favorite pictures are a giant collage I have using family pictures of us three, where he states, "It's a Dad!  It's a Mom!  It's a baby!" for the three of us, haha.  If you ask him his name he will tell you, "George," and that's another cute word we love to hear him say.

This month we've really gone outside as much as possible!  My dad and Brad sprayed and cleaned the playground equipment from all these crazy, windy storms and so George and I have taken full advantage of them.  George is so happy to be outside.  He loves playing in the sand in the backyard; we got a cheap bucket and shovel and he's been playing with that with his dump truck that he got for Christmas.  It's been such a blast!  He loves the playhouse back there and really like the playground as well.  We've had a ton of fun in this nice, warm weather!

The warm weather has also meant that the pool got turned on--literally one of George's favorite places to be.  Before the pool was turned on, when we'd be playing outside it wasn't uncommon for George to crawl at full-speed (across an incredibly large yard) to the pool house to get the door and tell us, "Pool, pool!"  This kid was ready to get swimming again!  We swam several times month, multiple times with my family and George has had a blast.  He still adores that pool!

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