Saturday, June 27, 2015

George at Two Years

How is this kid of ours two?!  It's really been two years already?  But it still feels like there was never a "before George".  How could there be?  We love this boy!

Started walking!  Literally right as the specialist said he would--he said it was only going to be seven to ten days and George would be doing it--it was epic.  George still isn't using walking in full swing, crawling continues to be the primary mode of transportation, but he's using it more and more and it's amazing.  We all geek out every time it happens.

He develops language so fast we can't really keep track, but the family favorite of this month was, "Come on!" and "Let's go!"  The cute factor was high in these ones.  SO HIGH.  Seriously, we all gushed every time he blurted those out.  Especially in the morning when I'd say, "Let's go upstairs and eat some breakfast!" he'd then charge off crawling only to stop at the end of the hallway to holler at me, "Come on, let's go!" and then crawl off again.  It has seriously been such a fun phrase, haha.  Another great one was, "Where me?" where he was hide himself and want you to find him.  He also learned how to, "Psssttt!" which is a sound that's basically 500% cuteness coming from his mouth.  He's been just fun with all the phrases his picks up, it's been fun to have whole conversations in real sentences with him.

OH MY.  And I almost forgot, but, "Good morning!"  George says it when he wakes up in the morning and it's just so sweet.  I love it to death.  Both Brad and I just melt.  It doesn't matter how early it is, how tired we are, as soon as you walk in and that kid says, "Good morning!" we're smiling big and saying it back.  We're suckers.

George survived "Happy Birthday"!  I actually started singing the song with him in the few weeks before his birthday to prep him to not be afraid, it made me laugh.  It very quickly was a song that he loved to request, so when it came time for his first birthday celebration on the Bailey side he did great!  He still plugged his ears (because he's George), but there were no tears!  Although we did learn that if we ever ended with a "woo-hoo" that was super upsetting for some reason.  But hey, still progress!  He survived both birthday songs like a champ, we were very proud... in a weird way.

Loves coloring.  SO MUCH.  When he colors he gets super intense and just scribbles like there's no tomorrow, like he must get this artistic inspiration out--basically, we love to joke about it because it's so intense and so cute.  Just so cute.  We had a lot of fun being innovative with coloring by taping down large pieces of paper to the tile downstairs and letting him go crazy.  We also started wrapping paper around a small table to encourage him to stand while he's coloring, and he's had a blast with both!  An easy way to entertain him while I'm making dinner is to lay out a bunch of newspaper, hand him a crayon, and let him go nuts!

Some of the funniest moments are just talking to George.  I looked over at him and asking, "Are you pooping?" and he turns to look at me and replies, very seriously, "'s the poop."

If you want to hear cute, George loves working with my dad.  Grandpa will come in to weed vinyl and George will ask, "Up, please?" to sit on his grandpa's lap while he works.  When you're weeding vinyl, the letters are all backwards because you're viewing it from the back side, but George still loves to figure out the letters and talk to Grandpa about which ones he sees.  It literally heartwarming to watch--it seriously makes me so happy to see them buddy up!  And needless to say, it makes my dad pretty dang glowingly happy as well!

George rediscovered a fond love of watermelon this month!  He ate it off the rind, too, and that was super adorable to watch (we needed repeated lessons not to eat the green part within that experience, haha).  He literally ate five pieces on his own!  It was boss!

Newly discovered was a love of chocolate for George.  He has never been into chocolate in it's varying forms, but randomly this month he asked for a bite of something that I was eating (I crave chocolate crap like no other, big preggo over here) and he fell in love.  Since then, he's quick to recognize and request a taste, haha.  We got chocolate cake one day when we went out to lunch to Applebees and now, "Cake!" it also on the request list.  This new-found love for chocolate combined with an existing love of marshmallows and so when Brad introduced him to s'mores flavored Pop-Tarts he naturally found that super delicious, haha.  I ended up making him a s'mores cake for his birthday for that reason!

SWIMMING!  Still loves it, and we're still going as often as we can!  George actually began using a toddler life jacket that my parents got him.  I seriously did not think he'd like, but holy cow, I was wrong!  He took off.  It was nuts.  He was completely fine it and even swimming completely on his own in it, no help from Brad.  It was so cool to watch!  At one point George tried to swim like he can in his life jacket while in his tube floater and he ended up tipping upside down.  It was shocking, but Brad got to him lightning fast and George couldn't care less, it was awesome, haha!

After watching Brad working with tools to tighten the screws on the crib, George has become very much in love with tools!  Wrench, screwdriver, hammer... he loves it all.  It was actually was an awesome development because a month earlier I had purchased George a toy tool bench for his birthday, so I felt pretty awesome when he opened it and was immediately in love, haha.  Score one for Mom!

"Yep, he's two."  That's sort of become a motto lately as George has begun doing very "two"-like things, such as feel the need to empty out all of the crayons or markers from their boxes.  He's also super nosy with what you're doing in the kitchen and feels that he must be involved at random moments.  He's also randomly decided that he NEEDS whoever's in the bathroom.  They shouldn't be in there.  Yep, he's two.

We've been working to get him out more because I've been feeling semi-decent.  This has included trips to the pet store as well as the kid section of the library.  George wasn't super interested at the pet store, but he did really enjoy the fish!  The way he says "fish" it always hilarious, it sounds like "a-she", we love it.  The library was an awesome trip; George picked out six books and then had a great time playing with all of their learning toys, we had a good time!

His favorite foods are still pizza (crust, to be specific) and french fries.  He's huge on fruit, like strawberries, mangoes, and bananas, but man--he sees a brown bag, he's immediately hollering, "FRENCH FRIES."  One time Sarah had a bag from her breakfast and George saw it and rushed over, assuming it was french fries.  He was super disappointed when it was a bagel, haha.

George grew more teeth.  It lead to a few nights of crappy sleep, but overall wasn't too bad!  He has four growing at once, two on top, two on bottom, attempting to fill in the last gaps, haha.  It's been slow-going, but they're working they're way in FINALLY.

The big fail outing was attempting to take him to Jungle Jims.  I had this big picture of having his second birthday there and decided we should try it out first.  Yeah, uh, no go.  He wasn't feeling it from the moment we walked in, then I had this brilliant idea to put him on the roller coaster and just... yeah.  Not my brightest idea.  It did not end well.  Basically in the fifteen minutes we were there George cried for 75% of it.  It was both funny and sad, haha.  Poor kid.  No Jungle Jims this year!  We just kept it simple again and just had a little celebration, including the, "Pizza!" George had been verbally requesting the few days leading up to his birthday, haha.  Cannot believe this boy is two!  We'll ask, "George, how old are you?" and he'll say, "Two!" and then usually make you sing the birthday song.  We love him.

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