Monday, August 24, 2015

George at Two Years, Part Two

NOTE:  Uh, sorry this is so late in being posted!  I've had it written for forever but just got to adding pictures because, well, I suck.  But hey, my house is almost all clean!  And having three kids has sort of been way more awesome than I imagined, so there's that!  Life is great over here, and I'm picking up the writing again, which is nice, right?!  (Okay, fine, nobody cares, alright, alright.  Onto the actual post.)

Man, with these twin girls born everything about George has become so grown-up.  I seriously came home from the hospital and was immediately struck by how big my little boy was!  Seriously, it felt like he had grown a ton while I was gone.  Slightly depressing.  Also weird because it was just like I left him and he was little, and I came home from the hospital and he had become monstrously huge.

The Spider-Man Theme Song strikes again--seriously, you can put anything to that tune!  This month, in our attempts to coax an interest into George for the girlies, I put the phrase "feed the baby" to the tune and George loves it, it's pretty hilarious.  He'll see me feeding either Sofia or Maren and he'll sing, "Feed the baby, feed the baby!"  "Change the bum" also still applies.  That tune can make anything awesome.

George is just talking more and more, forming sentences out of the blue, picking up stuff really fast, it's been so fun to hear.  You can ask him what he wants for breakfast (a lot of the time that's "hot dog", haha).  When he wants more, you can ask him, "More what?" and he'll tell you, "More hot dog!"  "Please" and "thank you" are doing great, there are reminders needed sometimes but he'll do it on it his own so much it's cute to hear!

George loves to tell us that we should go outside.  He still loves being out in the yard, picking up sticks, playing in the dirt, and running around.  He'll play on his own for a long time outside, once you're out there he's basically like, "See ya, sucker!" and goes off to do his own thing.

Recently we turned on the fountain in the front yard for my brother's homecoming and the girl's blessing day and George LOVED playing in that.  Wherever there's water, this kid will find it.  We dumped out a bucket of water we had set aside for firework safety and he immediately went over and sat in the puddle to play.  When he makes his circle around from the side yard to the back where the pool house is he will always make a pit stop at the door to say, "Swimming!  Let's go swimming!"  He loves it.  Still loves bath time.  He'll basically chant, "Water!" whenever he sees it, including when he just sees you turn on the sink.

George has officially upgraded to a booster seat (kindly purchased by his Grandma Michelle), so rather than the high chair he sits at the counter with the rest of us and he loves it.  He's become a more well-rounded eater, and eats pretty much all his food groups every meal.  Vegetables still aren't his favorite, but he's been slightly more open to them.  Otherwise, he's been WAY more willing to try new foods.  He now loves chocolate, blackberries, raspberries, candy, cake, turkey, pastrami, among many, many other things that he previously didn't dig so much.  As for favorites, he still loves marshmallows more than most anything.  If you give him Lucky Charms, he'll pick those suckers right out and then ask for more, totally ignoring the cereal, haha.  It's awesome.

He still has a fear of anything with a motor that lacks wheels.  It's an interesting event, vacuuming in this house.  We have to make sure he's outside or on another floor, he hates it that much, hahaha.  Brad also attempted introducing George to the sprinklers the other day.  Uh, yeah, did not go over so well.  He basically hated it.  Kids are so weird.

He sleeps through the entire night!  Yes, my night drinker doesn't wake up once for a drink, it's awesome--and hey, sort of perfect timing with already waking up with two other babies throughout the night!  Although I truly never minded him waking up for a drink, but still it's made having twins an easier transition.  So, thank you, George!

However, George has truly become a two year-old.  Yep.  Uh-oh.  Repeating directions is what we do all day.  When he gets frustrated with it, he lets out this high-pitch, horrible noise.  It's truly enjoyable, trust me.  There's a lot more tears from him when he's unable to do or have what he's asking for, but he's slowly learning that it gets him nowhere!  We are working hard to talk to him about how he's feeling and the correct way to express it and so hopefully we can help him out.  Overall, it's pretty dang mild, it's just weird coming from George, our normally super-mellow child when it comes to receiving direction.

George is becoming so dang social, it's awesome!  My little brother, James, came home from his two-year service mission to Chile for our church this month; the last time George had seen James was when George was two-months old, so we weren't sure how he'd react to James.  To our surprise, George loves James.  The first morning James was back, George came upstairs, saw James, and exclaimed, "It's JAMES!"

George chit-chats all day long to anyone who will listen, especially to himself.  He's also started singing a lot to himself; he'll make up random songs as he's wandering through the house and it's super adorable.  He still picks up the tunes and words to songs ridiculously fast.  He heard, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" one time and had it down.  He's really good at it.  We still joke he's going to be a choir nerd like his grandma, haha.

Teeth growth was rampant this month and lead to a grumpy George some days.  George has had his last four teeth in the front all growing in at the same time, but it hasn't been until the last two on bottom have finally popped through that he's really felt the hurt.  He woke up with a fever and in pain with those suckers, but then powered through it with a freaking long nap the next day!  But we've yet to see those fabled monsters of the two-year molars.  I'm scared.

George is super obsessed with my mom.  He still loves Uncle Brandon, but I think he's legit favorite is his Grandma Christy.  He'll see her while he's eating lunch or whatever and he'll seriously start exclaiming that he's all done eating because he wants her to hold him so badly.  He loves sharing her drink and making her play Candy Crush with her.  He loves to sing with her, play outside with her, and gets a little upset when she has the nerve to use the bathroom and make him wait on the other side of the door.  He's also not happy when she heads out to the shop to work without inviting him to come along.  Basically, I think he'd choose to marry her if he could.  Or become Siamese twins, whatever works.

As for how George has transitioned to big brother, well, he still technically hasn't accepted that role, haha.  He doesn't hate on the girls, he doesn't bug them at all, in fact he basically just sort of pretends that they don't exist for the most part of the day.  He's kissed their heads and their toes once or twice, and often stops to say, "Awww, cute!" when he sees them, but that's just about it.  If you ask him if he wants to hold one of his sisters he just ignores you or very solidly tells you, "No," before walking away, haha.  It's actually been easier to transition into three kids with this sort of attitude from him because I'm not having to constantly hawk over the girls when he's around since he literally just leaves them totally alone.  He's accidentally leaned on Maren and drove a car on Sofia's head once, however, haha.  Which, both of those times the girls did not care, so it's so far smooth sailing for these new siblings!

Since George totally skipped the wobbly walking stage and just went right into walking like he's been doing it the whole time, it's been easy to jump to the next steps that he needs to catch up on.  We've been working on kicking, jumping, and walking up and down the stairs this month.  He'll also spin around in circles with you, which has been SO much fun and such an easy way to play with him and get some energy out.  He runs so fast, it's hilarious to watch.  Nothing makes him run faster than when he sees my dad's office door open, he just loves going in there and as soon as he spots an opening he's booking it across the main floor!  He loves to be chased, and even more he loves to wrestle with Brad.  He's now to the point that he'll even initiate the challenge with Brad, it's so freaking fun to watch!  It's watch I've always imagined him and his dad doing, it's the cutest thing ever!

We've begun going to the park together again, just him and I, in these last weeks before Brad goes back to work.  Recently he's begun to play pretend concerning his favorite show, PAW Patrol, and in the show when the puppies are going out to save the day they ride down a slide into their prospective vehicles before taking off.  So, when George and I were at the park the other day and I suggested we go down the slide together, once at the top George looked back at me with this beaming look on his face and said, "PAW Patrol is on a roll!" and we had fun playing that we were the PAW Patrol off to save the day, it was so fun!  I love pretend play!

And yeah, I really can't end this post without discussing George's undying love for PAW Patrol.  We were in sacrament for the girls' baby blessing and the moment Brad started Sofia's blessing George started singing the PAW Patrol theme song, it was hilarious, haha.  Alix, Sarah, and I immediately started giggling, we knew exactly what he was singing.  You can find that kid singing that song all throughout the day, chanting the names of all the pups:  "Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye!"  He'll find you and the remote and saw, "Watch a show?  PAW Patrol!"  He's obsessed.  So obsessed.  He loves that show dearly, seriously.  He could watch it for hours if I let him, and he'll sit and watch the whole thing, he's even got many episodes memorized, it makes us laugh every time.

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