Thursday, August 27, 2015

George Moment #11

This morning was just all sorts of awesome.  I got up before George to feed the girls, who then went right back to sleep.  At that time George had woken up and I went to open his door to let him out; we used to have the exit from his toddler bed blocked off with two storage boxes full of baby clothes, but recently I decided to take them away because I feel like George is adequately comfortable with his new "big boy bed".  So now, instead of having to go and pull him out of bed he can get out himself and will play in his room for a while before he's ready to start the day.

This morning, when I opened the door, George hadn't even left his bed yet, he was still reading the two books we like to leave in there.  "Good morning!" he said.

Because the girls were asleep, George and I immediately had some bonding time.  He eventually requested that I play the game where I count to three and then toss him onto our bed.  We played that a few times--me stopping once or twice to stick a binky back into a baby's mouth--until we were both lay down on the bed, him counting my fingers with me.  I started telling him the story of Sleeping Beauty (Disney version, the classic is pretty dang creepy) and when I got to the end I told him about the prince kissing Aurora awake and George came over and kissed me "awake", annnd it may have been the cutest thing ever.  My Prince George!

After that I asked George if he wanted to brush his teeth with me, so we headed into the bathroom and I got him started before I started brushing my own teeth.  George hates the start where I need to actually brush his teeth for him, but then I give him his toothbrush and let him run it under the water and then suck it out of the bristles--which, I don't know if that sounds weird, but, dude, that's totally something that I did all the time when I was a kid, and thus I'm weirdly proud!

Once George was done "brushing" his teeth, he asked to play on my computer so I plopped him down on the chair and let him pound on the keyboard and click away with the mouse while I finished getting ready.  I was painting on an awesome cat eye when I realized that George was SUPER quiet.  Which, as a parent, you know that either the kid's favorite show is on or they're probably doing something that they shouldn't be.  I glance out the bathroom door and, lo and behold, George had climbed up onto my desk and was busily drawing in his leg with a pen.  I literally started laughing and walked over and started taking pictures--because I'm a good example like that.  I finally pulled him off the desk and explained that A) we don't use pens on our bodies and B) we don't climb on the desk.  And I guess C) no more desk for George.

But yeah, even though it was a total no-no, it was also pretty hilarious.  Luckily it came off really easily with just a baby wipe, I was wondering if I was going to have to go to extremes or just let him walk around looking like a spaz.  (Not that George would've cared at all.)

Oh, and in other adventurous news today... George figured out how to open doors.  Yep.  That'll be interesting.  So far he doesn't utilize the skill like he could, so let's hope he stays in the dark on the usefulness of it for getting into things.

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