Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Why write about Tuesday?  Well, Tuesday was just one of those days that reminded me how much I loved my upbringing, how much I loved growing up in the family and home that I did, and how much I just freaking love my family.

Tuesday morning, just as George went down for a nap, my little brother, James, popped up at the top of the stairs.  He'll be leaving for college at the end of the week, but for now he's still hanging with these homies, dawg.  (Wow, that was a sad sentence.)  "George and the girls sleeping?" he asked and I said that George had indeed done so.

"Want to play some Super Smash?"  Um, YES.

We started gaming it up.  I sucked so hard.  SO HARD.  When did I start sucking even more butt at that game?  I used to actually be decent once upon a time.  Oh, the humanity.  Drama, I know.  But yeah, it was great.  Game after game (and loss after loss for me), lots of joking and laughter.  Then Alix and Wyatt got to my parent's house and were making their way down into the basement, and suddenly it was us three siblings, playing like we had done countless times in our lives.  This time was a tad different because I had a very cute baby nephew laying on me, but there was still the joking (and me losing some more) and laughter and teasing and sibling-ing.  It was great.

My parents came in for lunch and we went upstairs to join them for some breakfast burritos.  We all lounged and watched an episode of Arrow together and that family dynamic we've had all growing up was back in swing.  Dad fast-forwarding too fast.  James putting his feet on Dad's head, who's laying on the floor in front of the couch.  Dad being a nerd and requesting twelve different runs for things like ice cream, Diet Pepsi, or the remote. Mom usually being the one stuck getting those things for Dad.  Mom being awesome and playing with my hair when I ask.  Alix and I battling over the hair love from Mom.  Everyone making stupid comments about actors and actresses and their hair.  Mom basically being able to write the episode.  Dad always guessing exactly who the bad guy is or what the twist will be.  All of this in a forty-five minute episode.  Epic.

Mom and Dad head back out to work and so we head back downstairs and, with George up and requesting, "It's a game!  It's a game!" we fire up Mario Kart on the Wii U.  Different game console from the Mario Kart we played as kids on the N64, but the same family fun.  Racing, beaning each other with turtle shells to jump ahead, and lots and lots of trash-talking.  (Alix may be the best trash-talker, but James has the best comebacks.)  Did I mention that I love my siblings?  If Ken had been there it would have been the best anarchy.  Brad did come to join us once he was home from work and that was a blast!

At one point when it was just Alix and I playing Mario Kart, Alix was having fun playing with Maren and then George on her lap while I held Wy-Guy.  It was magic.

(Sofia was snoozing during the fun.)

I love my family.  I'm glad that my little family has them in their lives.

Tuesday was a great day.

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