Friday, September 18, 2015

George at Two Years, Part Three

Uh, hey, George is two.  He's made that abundantly clear, haha.  He's sort of a Turd Ferguson, let's just say that.  Most days he's my wonderful, sweet George I'm so used to, but other days are spent with over-sensitive Teenager George where life is not fair and that's not what he asked for.  This George pops up most often when you tell him not to do something or otherwise correct or redirect his actions.  Teenager George is not a great listener and requires a lot of one-on-one discussions.  The beast that is Teenager George can often be calmed by making and keeping him aware of what's going on and why, such as, "You said you're tired.  I'm going to change your bum, get you a drink, and then lay you down in your bed to sleep."  When said method does not work, PAW Patrol will roll in and save the day.  Thank you, PAW Patrol, for your fearless service and bravery.

George has begun taking greater interest in his sisters, including learning their names!  He most often just calls them both, "Maren," but he's correctly naming, "Sofia," more and more.  I still think he's struggling with understanding why in the world they're still here, but his lack of interest is still working out for us as he's not hounding them or me all the time, which makes it WAY easier to function, thank goodness!

This kid is growing his two-year molars currently, which I've heard plays into the whole "hi-I'm-a-two-year-poop-head" thing, but who knows.  This kept him up until past midnight two nights, unable to sleep, and started a lovely bought of him literally screaming his head off when it was time for bed.  Let's just say I'm incredibly lucky to have the husband that I have, as Bradley was the one to work with George to understand why he was screaming every night and how we could help.  The process for bed time basically entailed Bradley repeatedly talking to a sobbing, inconsolable George about, "Why are you sad?"  George picked up on that Brad was trying to communicate and help, and eventually began to talk more than cry.  It only took a couple nights of psychotic George before Brad completely figured out the system that I first described of, "Okay, this is what's going to happen."  Bed time very quickly returned back to the pleasant moment that it had always been.

By the end of the month George really did mellow down on the crazy, though.  He began to request more "nap time" or "nah-night" where he'd just go lay down in his crib with a drink and some books for thirty minutes or so and then come out happy when he was finished.  He's progressively done less and less mini-naps and is just happy all day again instead, which is AWESOME.  That's my George!  Overall, George is growing up.  He wants to feel included, wants to feel heard, and he's sometimes a jerk when he feels that those desires aren't being met.  He's very clearly unsure of how to fully handle his emotions, but just this month he's learned so much as we've been consistent with how we handle the tantrums and fussing.  He continues to be a pain in the butt for little moments every-so-often, but the moments are fewer and he's never been a total jerk for entire days, so that's a relief!  We really have it easy on the whole, "Terrible Twos," experience and we're pretty grateful for that!

George has found a new love of climbing.  Tables, chairs, desks, even attempts to get up on the kitchen counter have occurred with this youngin'.  The first time he did it he had run upstairs ahead of me and as I went to find him, I found him on the hearth room table, totally looking for James's laptop.  Turd Ferguson.  Before we got a step stool, he'd climb up on a chair in the bathroom in front of the left sink and exclaim, "Want to brush teeth!  Turn water on!" multiple times a day.  (Now he just does it on his step.)

And man, does he love to brush his teeth.  He loves it when he does it, he doesn't dig it when I do.  But that's how it's done--I actually brush his teeth first, he does his mediocre "brushing" that's mostly eating toothpaste and sucking water out of the bristles.  Hey, as long as he enjoys it.

We have this game where George will find me in my room and say, "3, 2, 1?" and so I'll pick him up, count down from three, and toss him onto the bed, over and over again.  He loves it.  The crazier the throw, the better.  That kid really has no regard for safety (except when there's no need to worry about it, like the vacuum).  Seriously though, he loves it, and it's a good workout for me, throwing 30+ pounds of George around.

Loves counting with fingers.  He's been watching his grandmas and me do it for a while now, and he's slowly figured out how to do it with his own fingers, it's super cute.  He loves to point at your hand and exclaim how many fingers you've got up.  "Five!"  He'll also just count any appendage.  He'll pull his foot right next to his face, stare at it, and then look at me and say, "Five toes," very seriously.  I love him, pretty much.

Interested in going potty on the toilet.  It started with him telling me throughout the day, "I need to go poop," and has evolved into, "Want to use the potty."  He's definitely ready... I'm so not!  Not in a sentimental oh-I-can't-believe-he's-ready kind of way, more in a I'm-too-lazy-to-take-that-on-right-now way.  Yep, he's so ready.  We bought a child's seat adapter thingy and big boy underwear but beyond that we just randomly take him to the bathroom.  He pees every time but so far no matter how much he says, "I need to poop," he hasn't pooped on the toilet yet.  For me, I feel like we've got plenty of time.  I've never been stressed about potty training him by a specific time, but I'm glad that he's interested in it now and we'll definitely be figuring that out soon, just... not right now, hahaha.  Maybe when the girls eat less.  All I can see is crying babies at the same time George needing to go poop and just disaster.  Trust me.

I've been working with George to teach him to clean up after himself and to take direction on that.  For the most part it's been me guiding him through the process while holding my hand or on my lap, but there are those awesome moments where he does it completely on his own, it's schweet!  Just trying to get him into the habit of taking care of his things and helping out; so far it's just a fun learning moment where it's completely just him and me, and that's super nice.

Speaking of holding hands, George is great at it now!  In fact, he now will grab on and not want you to let go, which is a huge jump from the gross-don't-hold-my-hand phase of the past.  He's good at keeping a hold even when he wants to dart away because, hello, Walmart is awesome to run through.  However, if I ever do let go he will take the opportunity to dart should he feel inclined to, especially in the store!  He loves running through wherever we are that isn't at home, haha.

When we're outside (which he still loves and requests it every day, multiple times a day), and we're just walking on the sidewalk, George will often take off running on the path we take to Bluffdale Park.  We'll ask him, "Where are you going?!" and he'll holler, "Go to the park!"

Speaking of outside, now that there's two newborns getting out of the house is basically the biggest event of my life when I try and do it on my own, so sadly George wasn't getting to play outside as much as he's used to.  So we concocted an area in the walk out using a baby gate to keep him contained, sort of like a mini backyard (made totally of concrete, haha).  I put out chalk for George to use and created a makeshift water table from a mini stool and a plastic bin filled with water.  He loved drawing circles with me on the ground, and thought the white trash water table was a hoot.  Brad got the brilliant idea to write the alphabet on the wall and later we added shapes and numbers as well.  George loved going up and counting down the numbers, or pretending to write the letters that he saw.

Bed time got weird for a second.  He suddenly had these two year-old scream fests about it.  He's totally unbarred in his toddler bed, and once he figured out how to open doors he was constantly in and out.  Luckily there's two doors to his room, including the bathroom which has its lock on the bathroom side, not in his room, so we just locked both doors.  He'd go jiggle the handle, figure out it was locked, get back in bed and be angry for about 30-seconds, and then fall asleep instantly.  It was pretty fun to observe.  Now it's just bed time and if he's not ready to sleep quite yet he'll just stay in his bed, read his books, and talk before falling asleep.  In the morning I always find him in his bed, he seems cool with waiting for me like when he was in his crib.  But instead of me picking him up he gets out on his own, he just waits for me to get in there before he does, haha.

Holy cow, this kid is a parrot!  We keep making jokes about watching what we say, but seriously, we need to watch what we say, haha!  He repeats pretty much anything new or anything that sounds good to him, and it's always three times cuter when he says it.

One thing George does is he'll tell us something he wants, say, "Want to go outside," and we'll respond, "You want to go outside?" to verify we heard him right, and he'll answer, "OKAY!" like it was our idea.  It makes us laugh every time.

I know I mentioned this previously, but holy cow, George is so social now.  He loves people, he loves kids, and he loves playing with everyone.  He's such a blast, he'll ask to play certain things or do certain activities and I love it.  He'll say, "I want to play!  I want to play on the slide!" and then run downstairs to go do it.  It's the best.

George has been sleeping incredibly.  He'll go to bed at five or six and then sleep till eight.  Say what?  Yeah, it's amazing.  And he'll sleep through the entire night, he won't wake up once.  It's wonderful.  He could not have better timing!

You know, maybe it was a first time mom misconception thing, but I seriously was always so paranoid about being too loud when George was sleeping.  I'm talking I would use the upstairs bathroom I was so paranoid that the flushing toilet would wake him up.  I made Brad and I whisper quietly, even in the front room.  The door shutting to George's room sounded like a blaring horn to me when I'd do it after putting him down.  It was endless.  My biggest fear with the girls was them being too loud and waking George up throughout the night.  But seriously, George doesn't even wake up when Sofia's screaming.  He's awesome.  It definitely helps that the girls room is pretty soundproof because it's in the audio/visual room, but man, George is a boss.  He'll still wake up if we're extremely loud repeatedly, but I don't know why I spent so much time not peeing in my toilet throughout the night!

We've also had friends over multiple times after George has gone to bed and we've been hanging in the front room and we just keep our voices at a regular level and it's just fine.  It's crazy, when George started going to bed so early I really thought that we'd never be able to hang out past six again!  But he rocks!  Amber and Nathan were over the other night and we played Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. in the front room and had a few times where we got a little loud but squashed it pretty fast and George didn't budge, he's a stud.

George's nosy level has gone up significantly, haha.  He's constantly checking the counter to see what he can reach (you know, to find a "sword") and pushing an button he can find, see, or reach.  He's so obsessed with phones it's crazy, and if he can get to yours, trust me--he'll get to it.  And lock you out of your phone (sorry, Grandma Christy).  He's beyond funny how well he can get to things, but he's also beyond obnoxious how well he can get to things, hahaha!  He's too smart for his own good and especially loves to steal calculators, knifes, scissors, anything that can draw, and flashlights.  He's dangerous, that one.

This month started off pretty rough with all the two-year-old-ness, but in the end that didn't last and for the most part he's just be the George we know and love!  Still afraid of vacuums.  We'll work on that.  At some point.

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