Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sofia and Maren at Two Months

Let's start with farts.  These girls, as previously mentioned, fart like dudes.  Seriously.  I leave them to hang with their dad and it's like Fart Town over there, it's pretty hilarious.  Maren's farts are definitely the loudest, however.  Sofia farts just as much, don't get me wrong, but, holy mack, Maren's are vocal!

Speaking of vocal, Sofia is still our vocal one!  Not just yelling, but she's beginning to talk with us.  We'll be chatting with her (while she makes severe eye contact) and she likes to coo and gurgle back.  Okay, and sometimes squawk, because that's just Sofia.  If someone is screaming and crying downstairs my dad will often come to the door and ask, "Who's sad?" and basically the answer is, "Who do you think?", hahaha.  Sofia still hates bows and often hates getting dressed.  Diapers she's pretty cool with unless she's already upset, then it's pretty easy to get upset about the diaper change too!

Maren continues to be our mellow gal, however she's definitely picked up her game.  When she's hungry that girl will definitely let you know as she goes into a full-blown panic like she's fairly sure she's going to perish if we don't feed her now.  The panic sort of builds up from low-volume fussing to full-out cries, it's pretty cute.  She gets a little desperate when it comes to being hungry.  She still hates diaper changes and most of the time stresses out while you change her, haha.  Poor girl!

Both girls are wide awake.  Sofia is all about finding you and getting your attention (which includes yelling at you if you're not there to stare at), while Maren is more into looking at her surroundings (and then maybe stressing about them).  They aren't awake for very long periods--an hour is pushing it--but when they're up, they're alert!  LOVE IT.

Sleep like bosses still.  There are some nights where one will stay up later due to gas, but otherwise you can just lay them down in their crib awake and they'll just fall asleep.  Often they don't even need a binky.  Maren seems to be the boss at this currently; she sleeps for longer chunks of time and doesn't get startled awake anymore.  If she's fed with a clean bum, after laying her down and tucking a fuzzy blanket around her, I can seriously turn around to grab Sofie only to come back and Maren's out like a light.  It's legit, let me tell you.  For Fia, when you put her in her crib and snuggle her in, she'll often look around the room for a while with her bright blue eyes, just sucking on her binky, before she zonks.  It's basically mega-adorable.

Other than gas, Sofia sometimes will stay awake later to demand dad time.  She can't just hang out with him, she needs his full, undivided, mega-eye-contact attention.  It's hilarious.  We're like, "Sofie, you've stared long enough.  It's bed time," and then she'll finally allow herself to rest easy knowing that she got some dad stare-age in.

In other news of their sleeping habits, Maren moves like crazy in her sleep.  We've found her flipped 90-degrees from where we left her the night before.  It's crazy the amount that chick moves!  She can also break out of a swaddle like a boss.  Mimi can basically sense a poor swaddle from a mile away and then, BAM!, she's out and free.  Keeping her swaddled the whole night is a big accomplishment!  With the nicer swaddling blankets--those huge, muslin type--she'll technically stay swaddled.  I mean, she's definitely wrapped up, but she also manages to wiggle down so much the neck of the swaddle ends up going over her head.  Yeah, who knows.  She's amazing.

Sofia stays swaddled but we'll often find her in some crazy c-shape, with her back completely arched back.  She's a contortionist.

Fifi loves her swaddle nice and tight.  I think she's also easier to swaddle because she's smaller and thus the receiving blankets fit around her better, haha.  Did I mention Maren has grown like a weed?  She's so freaking tall!  She's close to ten pounds, it's crazy!

These girls are totally unlike their brother in the fact that when they nap, they nap.  Like, three hour naps multiple times a day.  It's wonderful.  Seriously, so great.  I could not have asked for a better gift, it makes my day go back so smoothly in balancing three kids.  I'm relishing in it while it lasts!

Sofia is smiling quite often, it's adorable.  When she wakes up I'll go in and start baby talking to her and she'll just grin and it's the best.  Her entire face just lights up like crazy.  She just loves being talked to.  She's an attention hog, she can't get enough.  It brings Sofia unlimited happiness just to have someone to talk and listen to.

Maren smiles but she's more choosy about who she smiles for.  She's more into just hanging out silently together, she's not super into chit-chatting yet.  But man, when you get her attention, her smile is amazing!

Maren will sleep anywhere and on anyone, especially when you hold her up, laying against your chest, head on your shoulder.  For Sofia, if you allow her to stare at you long enough she'll happily fall asleep on you.  But overall both girls prefer to be swaddled and in their cribs and they're both really good at letting me know, "Okay, I want to sleep in my crib now."  They'll start getting just slightly fussy and won't really let anything comfort them fully.  They'll take a binky for a bit or calm down as they're being bounced, but ultimately they'll go back to being just slightly fussy and that's when I know, "Ohh, you want to go to bed."

Their bed time usually hits exactly when George goes to bed and if not it's no later than 9:00 PM.  Again, they're miracle babies.  They make this so easy for us.  I'm really waiting for the poop to hit the fan because they're so great at making things simple!

Both ladies poop, like, all the time.  It smells like rotten fish (yes, you wanted to know that detail, trust me).  It's just terrible.  But I'll take poop-all-the-time over constipation any day.

Random note, but through many wonderful gifts of diapers we've discovered that Huggies are sort of amazing.  I feel like George was always needing a clothing change because of peeing through his diapers, but since we've started some of the Huggies packages we got in size 1 the girls can go through the entire night on one diaper, two tops.  No accidents, no diaper rashes.  Huggies are legit, my friends.  SO LEGIT.

Really, these girls are just crazy different.  Maren is a full head taller, their ears are totally different, Maren has my nose, Sofia has my mom's, Maren's eyes are navy blue, Sofia's are ocean blue, Sofia has Brad's eye shape, Maren has mine, their personalities are completely different, and it goes on!  I love that they're fraternal.  I love all those differences in appearance.  They've both changed so much since birth, even since the beginning of the month they look completely different, it's crazy.  They've just been so fun so far and I can't wait to keep watching them grow.

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