Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sofia and Maren at Three Months

WHAT.  Sofia and Maren are three months old?!  This is insanity, but I love it.  The age-old "they grow up so fast" applies here very much.  But I'm one of those crazy moms who doesn't get sad when her kids outgrow clothes at whatnot, I'm seriously just so excited to see our little girls grow so quickly and so well!

We sort of were super late on their two month appointment and as such they were almost three months when we went in.  The jumps in their charts are ridiculous.  What children go from the 14th percentile to 95th percentile?  Apparently mine.  The difference in size between these two is amazing.  Maren is huge.  As in, long.  So long.  She's almost as tall as her cousin who's six months older than her.  She cray on the growth, yo.  She makes Sofie look so petite and yet Sofia is well above average as well in the 70th percentile for everything.  My girls are insanely awesome.

Both girlies are sort of insane in their cribs.  When sleeping, Sofia snuggles in so deep that she'll be completely burrowed down into her swaddle, literally to the point that you can only see the top of her fuzzy head.  I'm constantly going into there to pull the blanket back, slightly panicked that she won't be able to breathe, haha.  Sofie also arches her back like crazy in her sleep.  I'll go in to take care of Maren and when I leave I'll check on Fi only to see her on her side, spine totally curved out.  It's nuts.

Maren spreads out as much as possible.  She's still the master of breaking out of her swaddle, and pretty much whenever I go in there she's moved herself half-way down the bed, arm splayed above her head.  She's a crazy mover!  Sometimes she'll move down so much it'll pull the back of her swaddling blanket up over her head like a hood, sometimes over her face (which, again, freaks me out).  When super exhausted, however, she sleeps much like Sof--super snuggled, burrowed down in her blankie-burrito.

Sofia is so social and happy it's wonderful and hilarious.  Sofia is happy to share the love, she loves anyone who will talk and smile with her, but she talks the most with me.  Oftentimes, I'll go into their room because Sofie's upset, bend over Sofia's crib, and she'll just gurgle and smile like she wasn't yelling in the first place (and totally sucker me into pulling her out for some chatting).  When she gets up in the morning and I go to get her, she always flashes this massive smile and makes the cutest noise she can muster and, yeah, it's just as cute as she intends it to be!  Basically, she knows how to play the field.  And it's the greatest.  She loves people, she loves attention, she loves listening to you talk and she loves softly talking back.  She's just the sweetest.

Maren is just so freaking happy and it's darling as ever.  She doesn't really do the stressball thing anymore (though we still find it hilarious), she has just blossomed (why does that word look awkward?) into this freaking adorable, happy, smiley little girl.  It kind of started with her Grandma Michelle, who she could not stop smiling at.  Now she's smiling so much, and her smiles are just big and sweet!  But there's no one she smiles for like her dad.  He'll get home from work and bend down to say hi to her while she's chilling in her bouncer and she'll just get this look like, "Holy crud, it's DAD!" and her face will go crazy smiley for him.  I LOVE IT.  She's the sweetest (sorry, these girls just embody that word, so I use it a lot).

Pretty much let's just note that we just melt when our girls are grinning at us.  They know how to make us feel good about ourselves.  And also let's make another note that they're probably going to have us so wrapped up in their cuteness that we're going to be total suckers for their shenanigans, just like we are with George.

Maren can hold her head and upper body super well, she loves sitting up!  This is good because at their (very late) 2-month appointment we found out she's got a flat spot that needs to get checked out, but for now it's made the endless tummy time much easier.  She had to get used to me constantly flipping her head on the side opposite of her flat spot, and she hated that at first, but we've slowly figured it out.  Brad and I think that we see a difference already, but we'll see what the specialist has to say!

Sofia can roll to her side on the bed thanks to the squishiness.  The bed is one of her most favorite places to chit-chat and coo at you; she loves to have you lie down next to her and just talk.  Her smiles when you're talking to her are so freaking cute.  They're just huge and light up her entire face.  My dad commented that she's beautiful when she's not smiling, but when she smiles it's like a whole other level of beauty, and it's so true.

Sofia projectile vomits; this will happen from time to time (maybe once or twice a week) as she eats too much or too fast.  It usually happens right as we're trying to get her down to sleep.  She'll eat and then want more, so we'll give her more, then she'll fuss because her belly hurts and the BLEH!  Vomit laser beam!

Maren waterfalls her puke when it all comes out at once.  Again, this happens due to over-eating and eating too fast.  She does that about as often as Sof's projectiles.  However, she does like to do tiny pukes periodically as she's awake.  She'll get up, I'll put her in jammies, and one side of her collar will be basically soaked by nap time.  She's a nerd.

Puking has diminished a lot since we propped their crib mattresses, however.  So that's been nice.  They've also been waaay less bugged by gas.  It'll still keep them up from time to time, but overall it's improved by leaps and bounds, which is a relief!

These girls are still great sleepers.  Sofia has gotten up for about 20-minutes a few nights to chit-chat, but other than that they both sleep like champs.  Maren slept for 6-hours straight one night and I seriously wondered if she was alive!  Otherwise they both sleep in 3-4 hour chunks, eat, and go right back to sleep.

Bed time is funny because it's this hour of them being super tired, but wanting to hang out with both Brad and I, so we're laying them down and then picking them back up because they slept for twelve seconds.  I call it, the "Witching Hour", haha.  It's really not bad at all, though.  I mean, some night the Witching Hour feels long but then I look at the clock and realize it's not even nine yet.  Like I said, once they're asleep they're out for the night, and the up-and-down bedtime routine never lasts past 9:30 PM so they're very nice newborns!  They just need their Mom and Dad time and we're cool with that!  They're cute, so as soon as we walk in to grab them for the fourth or fifth time and we get this big ol' grin from Sofie and Mare does this cute excited kicks they basically trick us into wanting them awake.

Sofia LOVES the bouncers and their toy arches.  Which is great because Sofia will only sit in a room so long without anyone to make awkward eye contact with.  She eventually gets to a point where she'll holler for you like, "HEY.  There's no one in here!  HELLO!"  The bouncer toys make her happy when otherwise she'd be yelling for you to get your butt back in there and stare into her eyes while she tells you a story, haha.  With the arch on the bouncer, she'll gaze at the toys and coo and smile.  It's sort of the cutest thing ever.

Maren does the funniest thing where she'll see you and just get really, really excited.  Her big blue eyes just light up, and she gets this big grin on her face and she'll start talking to you about how excited she is.  It's so funny and so freaking cute, we die every time.  Like I said, she's way more interested in being social.  She seeks out your gaze way more often and loves to talk and tell stories more.  But seriously, I've never see her face light up like when Brad gets eye-to-eye with her!

Both of the girls discovered their hands this month and, holy crud, so cute.  Sofie especially enjoys shoving her chubby fist as far into her tiny mouth as she possibly can.  This causes excessive amounts of drool.  It's an impressive but futile effort, trying to shove her whole fist in there.

Overall--yet again--just the changes in physical appearance are astounding on these ladies.  Just in these pictures you'll be able to tell which ones are taken closer to the beginning of the month, and which hit more near to the end of the month because the girls are just so much, I don't know, heartier as time goes by.  And it's super duper freaking awesome to see.  It's been so weird compared to how George was--he was always hearty in appearance.  I've appreciated how quickly the girls have bulked up, everyone is a lot less scared of holding them now!  They're both so dang charming and fun and they're seriously just blossoming.  Again, as cliche as that may sound.  But hey, truth.  Love these ladies.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

George Moment #12

Heather:  Do you know who Pooh Bear is?
George:  Pooping!