Friday, November 25, 2016

George Moment #14

Bradley and Heather are in the front room changing the girls' in preparation for bed; George in the back of the house in the girls' room.

Heather: [Changing Sofia's bum.]  Sofie is cray-zeee!
George: [Heard over the baby monitor from the girls' room.] Chicken wings?  I love chicken wings!

George was quoting the Lego Movie.  Because he's awesome.

Monday, October 17, 2016

George Moment #13

Eating In 'n' Out Burger as a family.

George:  Dad, the french fries tickle my tummy.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sofia Moment #1

[There's a repetitive, loud banging noise that seems to be coming from upstairs.]

Heather:  What the crap is Dad working on at this time of night?!
Bradley:  ...that's our daughter banging her head against the wall.

[Sofia was banging the back of her head against the stairwell wall.  Nice.]

Saturday, May 14, 2016

George at Two Years, Part Six

We took George to Brad's work party.  This was a feat, me getting everyone in costume, into the car, and driving to Salt Lake.  This is why we keep costumes simple!  And also, thank goodness we live with my parents.  Carrying two car seats and Mr. George is no joke.  We dressed up as the emotions from Inside Out.  George was Anger, and I had him in the simplest Anger costume I could conceive:  a red beanie, white shirt, red tie, and black slacks with black shoes.  BAM.  Anger costume, simplified.  You're welcome.

Brad's co-workers are great and were excited to meet Brad's family.  One of Brad's co-workers commented, "He's even cuter in person!  I mean, he's cute in the photos on Brad's desk, but he is so cute!"  A lot of comments of how he's Brad's little twin, too.  George made himself welcome and ran over to an empty cubicle and told Brad, "I'm working, Dad!"

We did a mini trick-or-treat thing at the party.  Or, well, tried.  Holding two super tiny infants and chasing down a toddler who kept giving the other kids his candy was interesting, haha.  George understood the trick-or-treat game as someone gives him candy, so George gives someone candy.  The parent's of the receiving child often read it as, "Aww, he's so NICE.  What a sweetheart!"  But really George just wasn't really getting it, hahaha.  But hey, people can think that our kid is a kindhearted and giving child.  I'm so cool with that.

George said his first prayer and it was THE CUTEST THING EVER.  He's continued to pray throughout the month, and the things he's been grateful for have included PAW Patrol, Alex's (a character on PAW Patrol) backpack (yep), Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, toy cars, Woody, among many other things.  It's hilarious to hear what he's grateful for.  And blessing the food is literally, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless the food, amen."  So yeah, we totally always ask George to bless the food, haha.

Killed his first video game monster!  Yes, it was legit!  He's been actually wanting to play Zelda himself rather than just watching, and he totally fire-rod-flamed a guy to death.  It was amazing.  PROUD PARENT MOMENT.

George flew on an airplane for the second time!  It wasn't super pleasant.  We literally had just sat down and he was already antsy.  I have learned my lesson VERY well that flying during nap time... yeah, there's no getting through that smoothly.  We were THOSE people on the plane, let's just put it that way.  It wasn't awful, he wasn't bawling or anything, but, man, was he ready to get off that plane!  Then we had to wait in the airport for quite some time because our rental car was actually off-property, so George had to loop the airport about a million times, read the same books a trillion times, and get bored of his toys I'd packed over and over again.  When we finally had the stupid car seats put together (SUCK) and in the car, George was out within seconds.  It was adorable.  We very quickly retreated to our hotel room for the night and just SLEPT, yo.

Disneyland was SO fun, but George wasn't the biggest fan.  He really hated any ride that was dark.  Ever.  Which, if you calculate that, is sort of 99.99% of rides at Disneyland and California Adventure--true story.  Heck, he even had a primal cry-out scare attack on the Heimlich ride in A Bug's Life Land... because he burps at the end of the ride.  Yep.  George is now in fear of burps.  My kid is weird.

George did NOT enjoy Buzz Lightyear.  I had been SO excited to take him on it because just before Disneyland I had been hardcore Disney-movie-training and he LOVED Toy Story and he LOVES Buzz.  So I was like, "YES, he will love that."  Yeah, uh, didn't realize that Buzz is in like two parts of the ride, maybe.  It's just really dark, really loud, with lots of glowy monsters people are shooting.  Which is basically a giant recipe for George-will-hate-this-so-hard.

Haunted Mansion?  OH YEAH.  That was a good idea on our part.  He was horrified.  The tea cups and Storyland boat ride weren't bad experiences at all.  George even un-covered his ears for those ones.  So that was fun.  We went on the Rockets in Tomorrowland and he actually enjoyed them to my surprise!  Covered his ears the entire time, but no tears, no panic attack once we got off, totally cool with it.

You want to know the one ride George was crazy in love with and could go on a million-trazillion-billion times?  Autopia.  I knew he loved cars, but I didn't know if he'd go over just how LOUD that ride is.  But oh my gosh, as soon as we got down into the loading zone I could barely contain him.  He wanted to hop into a car as soon as possible.  He was ready to dive into someone else's vehicle, no joke.  He LOVED it.  He wanted to go on it again and again.  It was the most perfect Disney moment, taking that kid on that ride as many times as possible.  Lucky for him it was always low traffic at Autopia!  I love that boy!

Our last day in California, before we flew out that night, we stopped by Manhattan Beach.  Oh my gosh, George died of happiness.  He was literally rolling around in the sand like a cat in catnip.  He was in the zone.  Him and Brad found a sand dollar, it was legit!  George was beyond sad to leave.  It was such a cool experience, for him to love his first time at the beach that much.  We'll definitely be planning a longer stay at the beach the next time we're at Disney!

The flight back home it was like flying with angel children.  The guy in front of us turned around when we landed in Salt Lake and told us, "I seriously wouldn't have known you had two kids back there if I hadn't watched you guys get settled before we took off.  Your kids are awesome."  We glowed by silently laughed because the flight there?  Not so much that experience, haha.  But George really was just WONDERFUL.  It was definitely the timing.  We played with glow sticks, played on the phone, had treats, played with toys.  It was incredibly successful.  George fell asleep right before we landed and it was adorable.

We worked through some need-for-control this month.  George began refusing to go to bed, just staying up and playing ALL night.  This included destroying his room--all the toys pulled out, emptying out his drawers, just a big ol' mess.  I'd go in and clean it up with him twice a night, at least, before he'd finally give it up.  He also started climbing his dresser, so that was fun.  I finally figured out he was doing it (seriously, he's crazy sneaky, that one) because his Marvel clock on the dresser had been moved as well as his humidifier.  I was just like, "OH JUNK."  We quickly moved that thing out of there, it was super unstable and just begging to topple over on him.  He's also begun this strange need for the light to be on.  We were afraid that he was getting nightmares or was scared of the dark but, yeah, it's none of that.  So who knows.  He's a geek.

Want to know something crazy?  George Bradley Bailey has officially, for the first time in his entire life, become disinterested in Zelda.  I KNOW.  Say what, right?  My dad may or may not be heartbroken.  It was so crazy.  Just randomly Zelda has not been a request.  And when asked if he wants to play, it's either change the subject, run away, or, "No, thank you."  Yep.  The madness!

Mario Kart.  Mario Kart is his new girlfriend.  He totally dumped Zelda for Mario.  Awkward.  But seriously, he just loves it.  Most of playing Mario Kart is him attempting for a few seconds, then asking me to play for him ("Want me to drive?"--yes, "me" is, well, me), and then taking the controller twelve seconds into driving to quit the course.  Yep.  It's a fun circle of crazy, let me tell you.

He continues a crazy-addictive-love for PJ Masks which I luuurve because that show is the best.  He's a huge fan of Cat Boy and its adorableness knows no bounds.

Full sentences like crazy.  "We should put on pants and go to the store," is probably the funniest one to come out of his mouth.  It never ceases to make us laugh, nor to point out that I mostly don't wear pants.  Oops.

Holy crud, we were all SO sick for Thanksgiving.  Seriously, one-by-one all five of us got this horrible gut bug that had us barfing our guts out.  It was terrible.  George did very well with it, he didn't barf more than a few times, which was SO lucky.  I was happy that my mini man didn't get hit hard, but what a fun way to spend the holidays, right?!

George is currently on a broad life adventure to get into every baby toy he can squeeze into (all of them so far).  This includes bouncers and whatever you call the standing-thingies-that-don't-bounce-or-walk.  Yep.  It's been hilarious!

He now has this random adoration for the broom.  As soon as he sees me sweeping, he'll be all, "Want to sweep!" and volunteer his (very poor) services.  It's pretty darn cute.

Obsessed with James's laptop... even though he has his own that we've rigged up for him using Brad's old laptop.  Yep.

George is so majorly and totally in love with my mom.  No one quite comes close as Grandma in his eyes.  He just adores that lady, seriously.  SO MUCH.  He will come charging in whatever direction to go get some Grandma love.  He crosses entire driveways to visit her in the shop.  It's an epic love, those two.  He loves sitting and just chatting with her.  She's truly the funniest woman alive, says George.

George is SUPER into the cutie oranges.  He cannot get enough of them, I'm peeling one of those babies at least every 30-minutes!  It's so fun to watch our kids pick favorite foods and then just eat the crap out of them, especially when they're, like, you know, good for them and stuff.  Because, yeah, everyone loves Pop-Tarts, but the fact that he loves cuties is the BEST.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sofia and Maren at Four Months

I seriously wasn't prepared for them to be outgrowing 0-3 as well as 3-month clothes by this point, and as such I had to rush and wash massive loads of laundry of clothes that I had bought off yard sale sites and then had to quickly squeeze them into these clothes just so they could wear them at least once, haha.  I cannot count how many outfits were worn only once before they were boxed away as too small!  I was expecting smaller twins.  You know, normal twins.  Tiny, barely outgrowing newborn clothes at this point.  I did not expect them to get caught up so fast.  They rock, basically.

So Maren is kind of adorable when she's hungry, because she will just be so sad--life is over as we know it--and then as soon as she sees her bottle she perks right up, like, "Oh yay, the food's here!"  I love that girl.

Both Sofie and Mare like to pelvic-thrust-scoot (it's a thing, according to my girls) around the play mat.  They'll move SO freaking far just butt thrusting around the room, but especially on that slick play mat.  They kill me.  It's the funniest thing to watch.

Maren is doing great using both sides of her head, she no longer seems to favor her right side, which has helped as we're trying to help even out that flat spot!  Even with flipping her crib around she still favors the right side when she sleeps, but when she's up and doing tummy time, or even laying on her back, she does great using both sides of her head.  It's been a miserable process, the whole no-you-can't-lay-on-that-side-of-your-head thing.  Seriously.  Flat spots are AWFUL.  I never had this with George, and it's kind of exhausting.  Maybe it'd be less stressful if there weren't two infants goin' on over here.  But yeah, I'm ready for it no longer to be an issue, but I know that's a long way's off.

Oh my heavens, Sofia is the most smiley, social baby EVER.  She's so sweet, she's always grinning for everyone.  I love it so much.  It's pretty much adorable level one-million or something.  When my dad's rocking her she'll just smile, and sing back at him, and just, yeah.  So cute.  Sofia will do this big ol' smile and then flip her face away like she's all shy.  She of course flips her head back to make searing eye contact with you seconds later.  Yes, we're still going strong on the mega-eye-contact with that lady.

When my dad is rocking Maren, she is insistent on not looking at him.  As in, no eye-contact policy over there.  It is the most random thing, and it makes everyone laugh.  She'll watch him when he's not looking but as soon as he turns his head to see her eye-to-eye she's just like, "NOPE," and turns away.  Nerd.

Sofia is SUCH a hard worker.  She won't give up on figuring out how to hold her head up (hey, 81-percentile head, it be heavy, yo).  Sof's getting so much better at keeping it up for longer periods, but doing it on a flat surface is a struggle.  She much prefers working on her skillz while laying on either of our chests or the boppy pillow.  She's seriously such a stud, she doesn't get frustrated quickly, she works really hard on it.  PROUD MOM ALERT.

I bought, no joke, four bouncers off online yard sale sites when I knew we were having twins.  It was $15 well-spent because we've got multiples for the multiples, and it's given that opening for everybody to easily have a different favorite.  For Mare Bear, she LOVES the flower/butterfly one.  What she loves even more is when I spin the toys around the a-frame for her on said favorite bouncer.  She will literally yell at me when I stop, it's hilarious!  She's seriously asking me, "Um, did I say you could stop?"

Sofia still loves her play mat a-frame toys.  The look of pure joy she gets when you stick her near them is priceless.  That hippo just continues to hold that gal's heart.  She adores that little guy (or gal?  Not 100% on gender over here).  She's all googly eyes for him.

Maren is TERRIFIED of the vacuum.  Sofie is my only child to not find unspeakable horror in it.  When I want to vacuum, I have to make Brad take George and Maren upstairs so I can do it!  Sofie is totally cool with it.  Like, whatev's and all that.

Sofia loves the ceiling fan.  She oogles and googles for hours at it.  One time when I mistaken didn't realize that she was basically starving (because I suck) and thought she was just ornery (again, because I suck), the only way I was able to calm her (you know, until I figured out that I was starving my child) was by sticking her in a bouncer until the ceiling fan in the hearth room.  Maren, on the other hand, finds the ceiling fan super shady.  Which, if you've seen Final Destination, makes sense.

Both girls, however, LOVE my mom's copper pots that hang over the kitchen counter.  What's with babies and those things, seriously?  They just dig them and I'm not getting it.  Must be a baby thing.

Sometimes Maren will geek out so hard she'll give herself hiccups.  True story.

Both girls are so freaking obsessed with Brad it's ridiculous.  One day they literally would not sleep in the last hour until Brad got home, then just sat up and got mad at me because Brad wasn't there yet.  When he got home he had to hold both of them at the same time; they both fell asleep in his arms within ten minutes.  Daddy's girls, pshhh.

Sofie is SO CHUBBY now.  It's so wonderful.  My skinny little 6 lbs 11 oz baby is my little chubster now.  My whole family LOVES it.  We love them chubby babies and Sofia has delivered, yo.  My beautiful baby.

Maren has her chubb-ay cheeks, but she's definitely leaned out!  She's so TALL, it's crazy.  She's just gorgeous.

Sofia loves the stroller, hates the car.  Maren is the opposite--hates the stroller, loves the car.  We've been trying to train them to enjoy the stroller for Disneyland due to the fact that they'll be stuck in that thing for the majority of the day because we can't really do the "trade-off" carrying them in the baby carrier because, you know, a trade just gets you another baby.  Not going to work.  They're large.

The girls experienced their first plane ride (TO DISNEY, WOO) on their four month mark, so it totally counts in this, right?!  I think.  I'm not sure.  But yeah, Maren fussed and then fell asleep on my dad.  Sofie was with us and she fussed and fell asleep on Brad.  Yep, not bad.  Although we found out at the last second (literally minutes before take-off) that only one lap-sitter can be in three-person row, and we were just like, "Uh, thanks for the notice?"  We were very lucky to be with my family and have my parents willingly snag Mare Bear for the flight.

Just one SUPER cute moment--because I swear each of my kids only do this once or twice in their lives--but I was getting Maren's bottle ready for her to take a nap.  Sofie was already asleep, and Maren was fussing on the floor.  Just quietly expressing that she was done with this awake thing, not crying or anything.  All of a sudden she went quiet, and I didn't think much of it.  I grabbed her blanket to swaddle her and there she was, totally out on the living room floor.  SO FREAKING CUTE.

Watching Sofia and Maren play with toys is total fun because they're both just so unique from one another.  Maren spends her time figuring out how to spin the toys, whacking at them, twisting them around.  Sofia explores by softly touching things, like this toy elephant that Michelle got George originally, or her purple puppy that we got her.

When Sof is really sad, she usually wants attention (staring contest) or often she needs gas meds; she doesn't get super hyped up about food, she is pretty mellow about food time (unless, you know, I'm starving her like that one time).  When Mare's super sad, she wants attention or food.  That girl is ALL about her food.

For Halloween we dressed up as the characters from Inside Out; Maren was Sadness, Sofia was Joy.  AND IT WAS ADORABLE.  Sofie wore this "wig" I made using giant fake flower petals hot glued to a beanie.  And surprisingly, it worked pretty well!  Maren's wig was made using yarn and a beanie and it also worked nicely!  Maren had glasses that were from some baby sunglasses with the lenses popped out.  Their outfits were totally purchased from the D.I.  And they were ADORBS.

Maren eventually decided to eat her wig, so that was fun.  And really, the costumes were all for photos, not really expecting them to wear it for a long while, so they did the job nicely!  Although when we took off Maren's wig at Brad's work party, they thought she was a boy.  Um, HOW?  Have you seen that baby?  Pshh, people.  Sofie was not happy to see anyone at the party, but she was adorable anyway!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

George at Two Years, Part Five

George's big thing is saying, "Look!" only it sounds more like, "Wook!" and it's pretty much adorable.  It goes hand in hand with him identifying what he sees.  "Look, it's a butterfly!" or "Look, it's red!"

He also identifies things by playing my part and asking the question to himself so he can answer it, haha.  George will pick up something and be all, "Hmm, what color is that?  It's red!"  Or he'll pick up something and ask himself, "What is this?  It's a car!"  It's so great.  I find it so hilarious to watch, he kills me sometimes.

Upstairs in my parent's kitchen they have a very large center island.  George and I will come upstairs for some grub or just for a change of scenery when the girls are napping at the same time.  While I'm making our food he will without fail take the the opportunity to take several laps around the counter.  Seriously, he'll just run around it.  This commonly occurs at dinnertime as well.  The best part is oftentimes when he runs he'll hold his arms slightly back like a penguin.  It's a wonder to see, hahaha.

Since this is the first Halloween that George would actually be trick-or-treating (and cough, walking, cough, cough) I have been sort of SUPER excited about it and thus began the trick-or-treating etiquette training.  I got him a bucket from the Target Dollar Spot and have him practice knocking on the doors to the hearth room and saying, "Trick or treat!" and then receiving a sucker.  It transformed into him saying, "Trick or treat!" whenever he wants some candy, it's awesome, haha.  This Halloween-loving mom is SUPER PROUD.

George was randomly staying up super late.  He wasn't ornery about it persay, he was actually quite happy to just play in his room for forever, but once he did fall asleep he'd wake up in the middle of the night super sad--this was weird for him.  He's our champ sleeper.  We went through several scenarios, including wondering if he was afraid of the dark (he would continually turn his light on and fall asleep with it on).  However, it turns out the poor kid was incredibly constipated--again.  Like, so horribly constipated, it was so sad.

As all mother's do in desperation, late in the evening with a sad toddler, I turned to Google.  Luckily I found a suggestion for a certain children's enema.  I remember one mom commenting that she still used it on her now seven year-old son, that's how effective it was.  I remember looking online for somewhere to buy it from.  It wasn't at Walmart, but I found it at Target.  It was around 9:45 PM and I booked it over to our closest Target with my mom.  We searched and searched, isle after isle, but we could not find it.  It was right before closing when, wah-la, there it was, crammed into the shelf along with the other need-to-poop items.  However, it had be squeezed into the most impossible spaced and was put in sideways so that its label was totally obscured.  I'm amazed we found it.  But man, I AM SO GLAD WE DID.  We gave it to George as soon as I got home he took this big ol' dump five minutes later.  It was the most amazing thing EVER.

And so yeah.  That's the story about our introduction to a constipated kid's BFF.  No joke, that stuff is liquid gold.  That goes in your butt.  True story that had to be included in its entirety, trust me.  George, you'll thank me for including this overzealous detailing if this story, I'm sure.

Even more than the landmark that is the cure to constipation, this month George went in for oral surgery to figure out his abscess tooth whatnot.  He went in super early in the morning; Brad took him and I stayed home with the girls.  It was nerve-wracking because not only was I not there, but we went in with the dentist not knowing what exactly needed to happen--really, not knowing how many teeth were going to need to go.

In the end, all four of his front teeth needed to go.  At first, hearing this caused me so much stress.  And then seeing those bruised holes in his mouth made me feel TERRIBLE.  But now that they've healed, it's seriously nothing.  He is so much happier with those teeth out.  It's a world of a difference, especially with the temperature of foods.  I remember him eating a french fry while it was till hot and realizing, "Holy crap, that must've hurt him so much before."  Our dentist continually remarked that he had no idea how George was functioning so well with those teeth, that he must have the highest pain tolerance in the world as it was literally four completely exposed nerves.  It was nuts.

I really thought his missing teeth would be this big, awkward thing that we would have to explain to everybody who noticed, but the Sunday after his teeth removal we were having dinner with the Bailey side, and everyone kept asking, "Not which teeth did he have removed?  I can't see them."  And honestly, it's so not noticeable.  The only time you see is when he laughs really hard, and it's cute because he's our little vampire now.  We also love it because those were his first teeth to come in, so it's like full-circle now, haha.  The dentist just said that there was nothing we could do to stop it from happening.  He had perfect oral hygiene, he just was a teeth grinder.  It happens.  One in a million (that seems to be George's life motto), but it happens.

It's been crazy to see the newly developed super crazy toddler behavior now that he's all happy-go-lucky, though.  This has included SO much climbing.  Climbing on the counters, the pinball machine, tables, desks, etc.  Climbing to get things, moving chairs and footstools to get up where he wants to be.  I cannot tell you how many times we turn around and we're hollering, "George, get down, please!"  He's escaped from his booster seat upstairs at the kitchen counter so many times, grabbing knives, scissors, you name it.  It's been an interesting experience to go from Joe Conservative to a regular ol' toddler.

Sometimes you'll hear a loud noise from somewhere in the house and you'll know it was George doing something he shouldn't have been because you'll see him fleeing from the scene.  Yep.

George now addresses my parents as "Grandpa-Grandpa", the full thing for both of them, my mom and my dad.  He'll say something referring to "Grandpa-Grandpa" and we'll have no idea which of them he's referring to.  It's quite hilarious.  I have no clue where it came from, but it definitely makes us laugh.

One thing George is so great at and it's ADORABLE is saying please.  The adorableness comes not just from a little person being cute and polite, but the pose and phrasing.  He'll exclaim, "Say pweaaase!" and clasp his hands together, hold them close to his face, and tilt his chin.  Like what a princess does when she finds something adorable--think Snow White.  IT'S SO CUTE.  I cannot even express how much we enjoy him doing that.  Everyone gets a kick out of it!

This month George became really close to his cousin who's just two months younger than him, Briella!  Brad's been taking George over there a lot more often when he gets home from work.  Now you'll often hear George asking, "Want to see the cousins?"  He LOVES Brie.

"Maren and Sofia" is one entity in his mind.  Like, there's not Maren AND Sofia, there's MarenandSofia, pretty much.  So if you ask who they are, he'll say, "MarenandSofia," as his answer for both of them, like that's the full name they go by or something.  It makes me laugh.  Poor twins!

"Want Grandpa to play the game!" or "Want to play the game with Grandpa!" are daily phrases.  As soon as he catches even a whiff of Grandpa being in the vicinity, that's what he's wanting to do, play Zelda.  My dad, of course, loves it.  George will get all snuggled up in his "chair" (a particular spot on the couch because apparently my child is Sheldon), usually with a cracker or a drink, and he'll Zelda for as long as he can squeeze it out.  I think he'd play all night if Grandpa would let him.  I think my dad has beat the game with George six times now?  Something like that?  Probably more.  My dad is luckily a master, so that definitely helps make going through the whole game quicker, but still they've done it SEVERAL times.

Another new toddler-esque behavior would be George breaking into the garage.  Yep.  He'll wander, climb all over his stroller, try and get into the Camaro.  There's basically a plethura of danger out there that he more equates with adventure and fun.  It's a fun thing.  He'll also do it at Brittany and Andy's house.  He's a crazy toddler now, officially.

Speaking of crazy toddler, you know what he loves to do now?  Find something to spill, spill it, and then proceed to play in said spill.  This is a fun hobby he's developed.  I'm sure it'll take him great places!

Beyond the random new toddler skillz, George's newest obsession this month is playing in the car and pretending to drive.  He loves Brad's car the most.  Immediately he'll climb into the driver seat and say, "Okay, let's go drive!" and start pretending to steer and shift gears.  You can tell when George has been in the car because all of the A/C and radio settings are out of whack, a CD is most likely hanging half out of the player, and the wipers are on.  But hey, it makes him happy!

Cuteness abound with all the talking this kid does.  George's new favorite things to say are, "Hi!", "How are you?" and "Tip-toe, tip-toe!"  The "Hi!" and "How are you?" are usually consecutive.  And adorbs.  He loves to say, "Hi Mom!  How are you?" when I go to grab him from his room in the morning.  It's the best.  It took me forever to figure out where, "Tip-toe," came from, but I'm almost certain it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that got him on that one.  He'll say it as he's tip-toeing randomly and it's pretty dang funny to watch.

George at Two Years, Part Four

George was so grouchy this month!  We chalked it up to being a two year-old for a while, but it was just so unlike him.  Like, seriously, he was a turd.  George is two, but he's not really a turd.  He's just a very good kid.  Well, one weekend George's lip started to look sort of swollen.  At first, it just looked like a fat lip so we assumed he had bumped it at some point, although I kept saying that I didn't think that was it because I had never actually seen him hit his mouth to the point of  fat lip, but what else could it be?

When it started getting bigger, we wondered if it was a peanut allergy.  He had randomly been fed a lot of things with peanuts on Friday and Saturday and, since I have a peanut allergy, we thought maybe he was having a reaction.  He had never had one before, but we gave him some Benedryl and hoped that was it.  Sunday night his mouth was worth than ever, and so finally I looked into his mouth at his teeth.  As soon as I lifted his lip, I could see that no only had his gums swelled over his front left tooth, but that the pressure from me lifting his lip began to push out yellow puss.  It was horrible.  We immediately went to Instacare; this was ten o'clock Sunday night.  All the doctor had to do was lift his lip (seriously, it was a two second thing) and she was just like, "Yep, it's an abscess tooth.  He's going to need this pulled.  Here's some antibiotics, get him to a pediatric dentist ASAP."

Fast forward to later that week, we were at the dentist.  Our dentist (who is freaking legit, by the way) kept asking if George was born early or otherwise had any issues at birth.  I said no, he was born at 41-weeks and healthy.  Turns out George's enamel is so cruddy the dentist assumed that it was due to premature birth or something.  Nope, that's Brad's genes for you!  George totally got his Dad's teeth.  At around George's age, Brad needed to have four teeth pulled because they came in rotting due to poor enamel.

George's condition was aggravated by the fact that he is a major teeth grinder.  Brad and I knew this.  We've never seen or heard him grinding his teeth during the day, only at night, in his sleep.  This wasn't something that concerned me because I was a horrible teeth grinder when I was a kid.  I knew that once your big teeth come in you pretty much grow out of it.  But, George's teeth grinding in conjunction with the weak enamel made for a very, very bad situation.

After finishing the antibiotics, George was eating a banana one Saturday afternoon and blood came out.  We looked in his mouth and there was a bloody bubble on his gum above the tooth to the left of his original infected front tooth.  He got another round of antibiotics and now we're hoping it'll all hold out until his surgery on October 14th.  There's a chance that the front left tooth and the tooth next to it need to be pulled, but we're honestly not sure yet.  It's scary and I was a little upset at first at the thought of my son having his teeth pulled (I mean, come on, his big teeth don't come down until he's like seven, it sucks), but he's been so freaking miserable with these things in there that I'm now just like, "Get those things out of there already!  My poor little boy!"

The good news is that George sort of loves getting medicine.  Which is good, because he gets Tylenol multiple times a day for pain, and his antibiotics are currently directed to be taken three times a day.  So yeah, lots of medicine stops.  But he loves it.  When he's hurting really bad he'll ask, "More medicine?"  It's sad because he's hurting, but it's also super cute.

George loves playing Mario Kart with Brad.  His version of playing is honking the horn on the Wii U pad while Brad plays for him, but he still loves it.  He'll say, "Want to play Mario Kart!" and hop up on the couch all ready to go.  It's sort of the cutest thing ever.

This has basically been a month of video games since he's been so sick.  He still LOVES watching my dad play Legend of Zelda.  When we're in the basement, looking out the windows in the front room we can see when people are walking up the steps to the back porch.  Whenever he sees my dad doing this he hollers, "Want to play the game with Grandpa!" and runs to the stairs.  It makes my dad pretty happy, to say the least!  George especially loves to name the things he sees on Zelda.  His favorite is, "It's a baby triangle!"  The way he says triangle is so cute.  It's more of a "squiangle".  And it's darling.  He also likes naming when he sees hearts, faeries, bombs, and bushes (which are "trees", according to him).

As I've mentioned previously, with dos infantos (Bradley, is that real Spanish?  Pretty sure I made that up!) it's super hard to get outside as much as we used to.  Still, I like to make an effort as best I can because George just loves it SO much and the weather's getting colder so getting outside when it's snowing is going to be even more difficult!  One of his favorite things right now is to play in the rocks.  "I want to play in the rocks!" or "I want to play with the trees!" are two other ways George requests to go outside other than the classic, "Want to go outside!"  He'll just go over and sit and play in the rocks by the fountain out front, or out back he'll go to the left of the pool house and play in the rocks by the four wheelers.  He just loves them, no matter where they're at.

When outside George also manages to find a way to sit and/or step in poop.  Yes, Bane's poop.  That dog poops SO MUCH.  Seriously.  One day George and I were outside and my dad came over to say hello.  I was sitting on one of the green chairs by the pool house and George was in the rocks (as usual).  George saw my dad and came running over and hopped up on the chair next to me, and my dad sat next to him.  My dad and I kept asking, "What smells like cat poop?" thinking that a cat had pooped next to the chairs or something.  Um, nope, it was totally George.  He had on his butt AND his shoe.  Yum.

Another bonus activity George has added to going outside is playing in the car!  He loves it.  It's like his way to get a mini-fix to going "buh-bye".  He's constantly saying, "I want to go buh-bye!" or "I want to go to the store!"  Poor kid, we really used to get out more!  I need to figure out a way to go "buh-bye" more often, but it really is tough with two infants added to the mix.  We try as often as we can to take George in the car somewhere once Brad gets home and George loves every moment of it.  And then is super duper sad when we are no longer buh-bye.

Another outdoor activity is going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the shop where they work across the driveway.  George will ask, "Want to see Grandma-Grandpa?" when he wants to go visit (which is often).  He's obsessed with my dad's side of the shop.  He loves the embroidery machines, especially the numbers.  He also loves my dad's supply of calculators ("catamos") and flashlights.  My mom's side has her drink as well as the numbers on the heat press, which he loves to count down with.

After Brad was home for a while, George now says every day at some point, "Want to see Dad!"  It's so cute.  And when I pick up the phone to call someone (pretty much Brad 99% of the time), George will say, "Hi Dad!" before I've even begun dialing, haha.  It's awesome.

Speaking of phones, George is still just so obsessed with phones.  Dead or alive, smart or not, he ain't prejudiced.  When he gets ahold of my phone after I've been Facebook messaging someone he'll get into the stickers and send about ten million of them to whoever I've been talking to (pretty much Brad or Alix, haha).  It's awesome, it's kind of like him sending them a message because ten cat emoticons later Alix or Brad can say, "Hi George!" and know it's him sending them, haha.

George has become so nosy it's pretty hilarious but also, you know, sort obnoxious, haha.  He's still not bad, but, man, he's finding things I've never thought of hiding because he's been so good up till now!  Not that there's anything wrong with him wanting to play with the bag of chess pieces... it's just like, "Why these?" haha, just kidding.  But really, he loves everything and anything that looks new and interesting.  He's definitely an explorer, and he really enjoys asking, "What's that?" which I love to answer.  (Well, when I know what he's asking about.)

He really loves the girls' room because there's this old rotating DVD changer that he can spin around and look at the numbers on the screen that shows what number the DVD is in the carousel and the title of that DVD.  Letters and numbers, totally win in George's mind!

George likes to call both girls, "Maren-Sofia."  He says, "Maren and Sofia!" but when asked, "Who's this?" he'll say either just, "Maren!" or "Maren-Sofia!" like it's a full name or something, it's pretty hilarious, haha.  After a lot of prodding he'll be all, "Sofia!" but then he'll going back to, "Maren-Sofia," moments later pretty much.  We're working on it, but dang it's funny, haha.

He definitely likes to be involved with the girls more.  He'll ask, "Where's Maren and Sofia?" or he'll say, "Maren-Sofia sleeping, shhh!"  He also likes to spin their bouncer or play mat toys for them when you ask him to.  I'll say, "George, will you go spin the corn for Sofia?" and he'll go and spin the corn thingy on her bouncer.  It's pretty darling.  The girls also both have shaker snuggly animal toys (yeah, clearly I have no idea how to describe them, hopefully that makes sense).  George will shake the toys for them and also have the toy kiss them on the face.  It's SO CUTE.  I didn't teach him the having-the-toy-kiss-them thing, he just must've imitated watching me do it.  But still, it's so cute.  We love it.  It's sort of gush-worthy every time it happens because we never ask him to, he just does it.  He also loves it when we have one of the girls "kiss" him.  He'll keep pulling whatever baby it is towards him for more and more kisses from them (sometimes till said baby cries, haha).  Also super duper cute.

For a long time George has loved cameras and the whole, "Say cheese!" and loves to say, "Take a picture!"  But usually when you tell him to, "Say cheese!" he'd say it but it's not like he'd, you know, smile.  Which is sort of the purpose of "say cheese", am I right?  Lately he's started doing it, only to the highest extreme of , "Say cheese!" you could think of.  Seriously, the cheesiest grins EVER.  It's awesome.  I died the first time he did it--which happened to be as he was eating Oreos, so not only is it the largest grin ever, but also the dirtiest, haha.

George is seriously the best eater.  Even with his teeth hurting him, he's still so great about eating different foods.  Wait, let me rephrase--he sucks butt if you say, "Hey, you should eat this!"  Seriously.  If it's your idea, it's probably poison, so you can suck it.  Now, if it's on his terms--as in, you lay the food out in front of him and let him choose when/if he eats what--he's a boss.  I just put down his plate and tell him, "It's turkey, edamame, and bananas!" and he'll repeat it and start eating.  I've discovered more and more foods that were previously hated he actually likes now, and it's so fun.  I mean, he enjoys vegetables!  Like cucumbers!  It's so great!  Edamame is a legume, so like a protein-vegetable, right?  Let's count it as well!  Yay, motherhood!