Monday, February 1, 2016

George at Two Years, Part One

NOTE:  I saw that I had never posted this and I was, "What the?!  Why did I miss this one?!"  And then I realized, oh wait, I had twins a week later.  Yep.

George picks up talking so fast lately, we cannot keep track.  "I see you", "let's play", "outside", "it's awesome"--these are the super common ones.  But basically he's suuuper talkative, stringing together more and more sentences everyday, it's amazing.  He hears it once, and then it's just there--in his vocabulary.  Our favorite lately is if he hears you say, "Awww!" he'll say, "Oh, cute!"

George started making these horrible noises that nobody likes.  Seriously.  To type it out it'd be like, "Eh, heh, heh, heh!" put at the whiniest pitch imaginable.  The worst part is though it sounds like a whine, in George's mind it's a fun noise meant to express funness or something.  And we're just constantly like, "Yeah, uh, nobody likes that noise.  Let's use a better one."

Loves playing pool with Dad.  He'll come up to Brad and say, "Let's play pool!"  Often Brad will shoot a game and if any balls are within reach on the edge George will swipe them up and put them in one of the pockets.  We've been using it to work on teaching George left and right, like, "Good job, can you put the ball in the right pocket?"  They also have a stripes and solids game, where George chooses stripes or solids by the first ball he puts in the pocket becomes his set--solids or stripes--and Brad gets the rest, and then Brad tries to get all of his set in before George gets his in.  It's freaking funny to watch, haha, because George obviously isn't 100% on how the game works and so he's often helping Brad.  However, some games George does way too well, haha.  When George wants to play with me, since I can't actually play pool because standing is like death right now, I just pull all the balls out and put them around the edge of the pool table.  Lazy, but effective!

We tried the toddler bed--my awesome cousin gave us her two toddler beds from her twins and we set one up for George.  The first nap it was seriously no issue, he just went straight to sleep.  Nap times are never an issue it seems, he just goes straight down, no problem--awesomeness.  Bed time is different for some reason, haha.  He likes to do his best to fight it about 50% of the time, no matter how tired he is.  (Because he's a stink butt.)  This did not bode well with nighttime attempts at the toddler bed.  The first night was fine, and it was sort of really, really, really cute for him to come running into our room in the morning when he woke up, but the next night getting him to bed was just too much, especially when I'm not super equipped to help right now.  So, we just flipped the bed backwards and went back to crib mode, essentially.  He does waaay better that way.  We'll try again once we get life with three kids down, haha.

Oh, and at one point we tried to see if we could fake him into believing he was trapped in by attaching a bumper to the side where he could exit the bed.  Yeah, um, he went under it first.  Like, immediately.  So Brad tied the bottom part down... and so George just went over it.  We thought we'd at least get two days before he figured it out.  Um, yeah, no.

George is walking everywhere!  At the time!  He basically doesn't crawl at all anymore!  It's amazing!  It's not, "Oh my gosh, look at him walk three feet!" like it's been since before eighteen months, it's so fun, haha.  It's him walking from the front door clear across the driveway.  It's him running with Brad everyday as they both chant, "Run, run, run!"  It's even more amazing because that dang child specialist was right--he skipped all of the awkward walking, all of the wobbly stuff.  He walks like every other two year-old.  It's like he's been walking the entire time, we love it.  We're now just trying to

Went to a movie and didn't flip out.  Made some of those horrible noises mentioned previously, but he survived all of Inside Out!  And it was awesome.  Brad had to follow him through the theatre for part of it, but we never had to leave the theatre, so it's a win!  And if you go on a Tuesday afternoon to a kid's movie it's like eight million other parents doing exactly what you're doing, so that made it way less stressful, haha.

Is learning more and more of family member's names.  In one big round he said, "It's a mom, it's a dad, it's an Alix, it's a Brandon, it's a Wyatt, it's a mom, it's a spatula!"  There's always that, "it's a," attached rather than just, "it's," and it's pretty dang hilarious.

Wrote his first letter!  He had bathtub crayons, and he randomly wrote a letter "C" on the side of the tub and announced to us, "C!"  It was sort of epic.

Brad took his leave early because I was super-struggling, and George has just be loving it.  He's got a buddy to play with, they walk to the park every morning, play on the playground, then walk home.  With his dad here to help him actually get some energy out, he's sleeping like a boss, waking up less at night, and on a very strong and structured schedule, it's been awesome!  Granted, that schedule includes a 6:30 AM wake-up time... but you know, with a 7:00 PM bed time we don't complain, haha/  He's also gone back to napping for about two hours each day with his dad wearing him out so that's been lovely as well!  He's so happy, he's so fun, and he's just loving his dad being here all day.

Loves sitting behind the back cushions to watch his all-time favorite show, PAW Patrol, upstairs in the family room.  He'll snuggle back in his little fort and could absolutely commit to watching PAW Patrol for hours.

Want to know how much he loves PAW Patrol?  He can name all of the pups on the team not only by their face, but by their insignia which their respective jobs hold (for example, he knows the one pup, Marshall, has the fire insignia).  He's crazy obsessed.  He'll go sit on the couch and tell you, "Watch show.  Paw Patrol!"  It's pretty hilarious.  When we finally let him watch it he gets all sorts of geek-out excited, it's pretty awesome.  And if you're ever in a pickle, Paw Patrol will definitely save the day, haha!

He love, love, loves outside.  Like I said, Brad and George get out every morning, but this kid still is constantly chanting, "Outside, outside!"  Sadly, with some incredibly hot weather--it's been in the upper nineties--we can't go outside during the day much.  It's just too freaking hot.  We've tried taking George out and bravin' it for him, including having him in his kiddie pool, but even he'll turn to us and say, "All done," within ten to fifteen minutes of being out in the heat.  It's just so hot.  Oh my, and I'm large.  So large.  So many babies.

George loves Wyatt.  I think.  Pretty sure.  I mean, it's not like he sits and fawns over him, but he definitely talks about him a lot and we all find it very cute.  He names all babies now as, "It's a baby!  It's a Wyatt!"  George also will make an, "Owww!" sort of noise (kind of like a dog howling, but mixed with a coo), mimicking a noise that Wyatt will make a lot, and then he'll announce, "It's a Wyatt!" or "It's a Wyatt baby!"  He also will go up to the baby bouncer that Wyatt will often occupy when he's here (at least three days a week, which is SO AWESOME) and he'll ask, "Where baby Wyatt?"  Also super cute.  There's high hopes of George and Wyatt being super attractive buddy cousins like Stephen and Robbie Amell.  True story.

Crayons are definitely contraband now.  He's super good at hiding them and then pulling them out randomly to color on something he shouldn't.  George would probably be good at sneaking shanks through prison, I think.  But yeah, we basically must be ever-watchful of this kid--he just adores coloring things he shouldn't.  This includes the tile floors upstairs, any "color paper" he can find that's totally not "color paper", as well as plastic toys.  He has an addiction.  He'll see you coming and quickly scribble as much as he can before you take it away.  Pill.

He's become the greatest eater ever in the world.  Seriously.  Just... it's been mind blowing how much he's suddenly willing to try now.  I'm glad that we've been patient and that we've respected his ability to choose what he eats and how much because, man, the pay-off has been great this month.  I'm talking like non-standard meat and vegetables great.  It's wonderful.  I love it so much.  (Sort of keeping the mindset to just enjoy it while it lasts, haha.)