Thursday, April 28, 2016

Family Love #8

[This is back from 2014.  Joking that my dad would get a stupid Pok√©mon for his first one as a trainer.]

Dad:  Give him Piddly-witch or something like that.
Heather:  ...I think he means Jigglypuff?

Family Love #7

Can you tell I'm finally getting to publishing old drafts of awesomeness when I've dug up some gold from way back in 2013 when we drove with my family to Disneyland?  As in, pre-anyone-having-babies?  Yep.

So, imagine seven adults squeezed into a seven-seater van on an eleven hour drive to Disneyland.  One adult is pregnant, another 6'4".  I am not joking when I say "squeezed into".  Again, seven adults.

In the Anderson family, this is not a recipe for arguing, hitting, or any sort of disaster.

It is the recipe for limited-space-induced hilarity to ensue.


Dad:  You guys see the mines in the side of the hill?
Heather:  Or are they for giant rabbits?  We'll never know.
Dad:  ...I think we know.


[Playing a riddle game on Alix's phone.]

Riddle:  I go in hard and dry.  I come out soft and sticky.  You can blow me.

[The answer was gum.]


And... there were more.  But I have no idea where I saved them.  Yeah.


(Basically, just know that everything is funny when you're stuck in a car for a decade.)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Twins and a Two Year-Old

Oh hey, hi.  I realize now why when I was trying to find a blog from someone, anyone, who had twins and a two year-old I came up pretty much empty-handed.  I realize now why the few blogs I did find were rarely updated.  Oh hey, you have twins and a two year-old.  It's not going to happen.

I have so many backlogged monthly update posts.  They're there, they're written, I just need to add photos and post them.  So, you know, if I wasn't intent on posting with photos maybe I would've posted more often?  Or hey, hello, twins and a two year-old.  Right.

With George just over a month away from turning three I'm over here all, "Dang, homie, I need to catch up, yo," and other such thug life things (which I live).  Basically, hopefully, expect a dump truck load of posts of the past six months.  Yep.  You're welcome.