Friday, April 15, 2016

Twins and a Two Year-Old

Oh hey, hi.  I realize now why when I was trying to find a blog from someone, anyone, who had twins and a two year-old I came up pretty much empty-handed.  I realize now why the few blogs I did find were rarely updated.  Oh hey, you have twins and a two year-old.  It's not going to happen.

I have so many backlogged monthly update posts.  They're there, they're written, I just need to add photos and post them.  So, you know, if I wasn't intent on posting with photos maybe I would've posted more often?  Or hey, hello, twins and a two year-old.  Right.

With George just over a month away from turning three I'm over here all, "Dang, homie, I need to catch up, yo," and other such thug life things (which I live).  Basically, hopefully, expect a dump truck load of posts of the past six months.  Yep.  You're welcome.

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