Thursday, May 12, 2016

George at Two Years, Part Five

George's big thing is saying, "Look!" only it sounds more like, "Wook!" and it's pretty much adorable.  It goes hand in hand with him identifying what he sees.  "Look, it's a butterfly!" or "Look, it's red!"

He also identifies things by playing my part and asking the question to himself so he can answer it, haha.  George will pick up something and be all, "Hmm, what color is that?  It's red!"  Or he'll pick up something and ask himself, "What is this?  It's a car!"  It's so great.  I find it so hilarious to watch, he kills me sometimes.

Upstairs in my parent's kitchen they have a very large center island.  George and I will come upstairs for some grub or just for a change of scenery when the girls are napping at the same time.  While I'm making our food he will without fail take the the opportunity to take several laps around the counter.  Seriously, he'll just run around it.  This commonly occurs at dinnertime as well.  The best part is oftentimes when he runs he'll hold his arms slightly back like a penguin.  It's a wonder to see, hahaha.

Since this is the first Halloween that George would actually be trick-or-treating (and cough, walking, cough, cough) I have been sort of SUPER excited about it and thus began the trick-or-treating etiquette training.  I got him a bucket from the Target Dollar Spot and have him practice knocking on the doors to the hearth room and saying, "Trick or treat!" and then receiving a sucker.  It transformed into him saying, "Trick or treat!" whenever he wants some candy, it's awesome, haha.  This Halloween-loving mom is SUPER PROUD.

George was randomly staying up super late.  He wasn't ornery about it persay, he was actually quite happy to just play in his room for forever, but once he did fall asleep he'd wake up in the middle of the night super sad--this was weird for him.  He's our champ sleeper.  We went through several scenarios, including wondering if he was afraid of the dark (he would continually turn his light on and fall asleep with it on).  However, it turns out the poor kid was incredibly constipated--again.  Like, so horribly constipated, it was so sad.

As all mother's do in desperation, late in the evening with a sad toddler, I turned to Google.  Luckily I found a suggestion for a certain children's enema.  I remember one mom commenting that she still used it on her now seven year-old son, that's how effective it was.  I remember looking online for somewhere to buy it from.  It wasn't at Walmart, but I found it at Target.  It was around 9:45 PM and I booked it over to our closest Target with my mom.  We searched and searched, isle after isle, but we could not find it.  It was right before closing when, wah-la, there it was, crammed into the shelf along with the other need-to-poop items.  However, it had be squeezed into the most impossible spaced and was put in sideways so that its label was totally obscured.  I'm amazed we found it.  But man, I AM SO GLAD WE DID.  We gave it to George as soon as I got home he took this big ol' dump five minutes later.  It was the most amazing thing EVER.

And so yeah.  That's the story about our introduction to a constipated kid's BFF.  No joke, that stuff is liquid gold.  That goes in your butt.  True story that had to be included in its entirety, trust me.  George, you'll thank me for including this overzealous detailing if this story, I'm sure.

Even more than the landmark that is the cure to constipation, this month George went in for oral surgery to figure out his abscess tooth whatnot.  He went in super early in the morning; Brad took him and I stayed home with the girls.  It was nerve-wracking because not only was I not there, but we went in with the dentist not knowing what exactly needed to happen--really, not knowing how many teeth were going to need to go.

In the end, all four of his front teeth needed to go.  At first, hearing this caused me so much stress.  And then seeing those bruised holes in his mouth made me feel TERRIBLE.  But now that they've healed, it's seriously nothing.  He is so much happier with those teeth out.  It's a world of a difference, especially with the temperature of foods.  I remember him eating a french fry while it was till hot and realizing, "Holy crap, that must've hurt him so much before."  Our dentist continually remarked that he had no idea how George was functioning so well with those teeth, that he must have the highest pain tolerance in the world as it was literally four completely exposed nerves.  It was nuts.

I really thought his missing teeth would be this big, awkward thing that we would have to explain to everybody who noticed, but the Sunday after his teeth removal we were having dinner with the Bailey side, and everyone kept asking, "Not which teeth did he have removed?  I can't see them."  And honestly, it's so not noticeable.  The only time you see is when he laughs really hard, and it's cute because he's our little vampire now.  We also love it because those were his first teeth to come in, so it's like full-circle now, haha.  The dentist just said that there was nothing we could do to stop it from happening.  He had perfect oral hygiene, he just was a teeth grinder.  It happens.  One in a million (that seems to be George's life motto), but it happens.

It's been crazy to see the newly developed super crazy toddler behavior now that he's all happy-go-lucky, though.  This has included SO much climbing.  Climbing on the counters, the pinball machine, tables, desks, etc.  Climbing to get things, moving chairs and footstools to get up where he wants to be.  I cannot tell you how many times we turn around and we're hollering, "George, get down, please!"  He's escaped from his booster seat upstairs at the kitchen counter so many times, grabbing knives, scissors, you name it.  It's been an interesting experience to go from Joe Conservative to a regular ol' toddler.

Sometimes you'll hear a loud noise from somewhere in the house and you'll know it was George doing something he shouldn't have been because you'll see him fleeing from the scene.  Yep.

George now addresses my parents as "Grandpa-Grandpa", the full thing for both of them, my mom and my dad.  He'll say something referring to "Grandpa-Grandpa" and we'll have no idea which of them he's referring to.  It's quite hilarious.  I have no clue where it came from, but it definitely makes us laugh.

One thing George is so great at and it's ADORABLE is saying please.  The adorableness comes not just from a little person being cute and polite, but the pose and phrasing.  He'll exclaim, "Say pweaaase!" and clasp his hands together, hold them close to his face, and tilt his chin.  Like what a princess does when she finds something adorable--think Snow White.  IT'S SO CUTE.  I cannot even express how much we enjoy him doing that.  Everyone gets a kick out of it!

This month George became really close to his cousin who's just two months younger than him, Briella!  Brad's been taking George over there a lot more often when he gets home from work.  Now you'll often hear George asking, "Want to see the cousins?"  He LOVES Brie.

"Maren and Sofia" is one entity in his mind.  Like, there's not Maren AND Sofia, there's MarenandSofia, pretty much.  So if you ask who they are, he'll say, "MarenandSofia," as his answer for both of them, like that's the full name they go by or something.  It makes me laugh.  Poor twins!

"Want Grandpa to play the game!" or "Want to play the game with Grandpa!" are daily phrases.  As soon as he catches even a whiff of Grandpa being in the vicinity, that's what he's wanting to do, play Zelda.  My dad, of course, loves it.  George will get all snuggled up in his "chair" (a particular spot on the couch because apparently my child is Sheldon), usually with a cracker or a drink, and he'll Zelda for as long as he can squeeze it out.  I think he'd play all night if Grandpa would let him.  I think my dad has beat the game with George six times now?  Something like that?  Probably more.  My dad is luckily a master, so that definitely helps make going through the whole game quicker, but still they've done it SEVERAL times.

Another new toddler-esque behavior would be George breaking into the garage.  Yep.  He'll wander, climb all over his stroller, try and get into the Camaro.  There's basically a plethura of danger out there that he more equates with adventure and fun.  It's a fun thing.  He'll also do it at Brittany and Andy's house.  He's a crazy toddler now, officially.

Speaking of crazy toddler, you know what he loves to do now?  Find something to spill, spill it, and then proceed to play in said spill.  This is a fun hobby he's developed.  I'm sure it'll take him great places!

Beyond the random new toddler skillz, George's newest obsession this month is playing in the car and pretending to drive.  He loves Brad's car the most.  Immediately he'll climb into the driver seat and say, "Okay, let's go drive!" and start pretending to steer and shift gears.  You can tell when George has been in the car because all of the A/C and radio settings are out of whack, a CD is most likely hanging half out of the player, and the wipers are on.  But hey, it makes him happy!

Cuteness abound with all the talking this kid does.  George's new favorite things to say are, "Hi!", "How are you?" and "Tip-toe, tip-toe!"  The "Hi!" and "How are you?" are usually consecutive.  And adorbs.  He loves to say, "Hi Mom!  How are you?" when I go to grab him from his room in the morning.  It's the best.  It took me forever to figure out where, "Tip-toe," came from, but I'm almost certain it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that got him on that one.  He'll say it as he's tip-toeing randomly and it's pretty dang funny to watch.

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