Thursday, May 12, 2016

George at Two Years, Part Four

George was so grouchy this month!  We chalked it up to being a two year-old for a while, but it was just so unlike him.  Like, seriously, he was a turd.  George is two, but he's not really a turd.  He's just a very good kid.  Well, one weekend George's lip started to look sort of swollen.  At first, it just looked like a fat lip so we assumed he had bumped it at some point, although I kept saying that I didn't think that was it because I had never actually seen him hit his mouth to the point of  fat lip, but what else could it be?

When it started getting bigger, we wondered if it was a peanut allergy.  He had randomly been fed a lot of things with peanuts on Friday and Saturday and, since I have a peanut allergy, we thought maybe he was having a reaction.  He had never had one before, but we gave him some Benedryl and hoped that was it.  Sunday night his mouth was worth than ever, and so finally I looked into his mouth at his teeth.  As soon as I lifted his lip, I could see that no only had his gums swelled over his front left tooth, but that the pressure from me lifting his lip began to push out yellow puss.  It was horrible.  We immediately went to Instacare; this was ten o'clock Sunday night.  All the doctor had to do was lift his lip (seriously, it was a two second thing) and she was just like, "Yep, it's an abscess tooth.  He's going to need this pulled.  Here's some antibiotics, get him to a pediatric dentist ASAP."

Fast forward to later that week, we were at the dentist.  Our dentist (who is freaking legit, by the way) kept asking if George was born early or otherwise had any issues at birth.  I said no, he was born at 41-weeks and healthy.  Turns out George's enamel is so cruddy the dentist assumed that it was due to premature birth or something.  Nope, that's Brad's genes for you!  George totally got his Dad's teeth.  At around George's age, Brad needed to have four teeth pulled because they came in rotting due to poor enamel.

George's condition was aggravated by the fact that he is a major teeth grinder.  Brad and I knew this.  We've never seen or heard him grinding his teeth during the day, only at night, in his sleep.  This wasn't something that concerned me because I was a horrible teeth grinder when I was a kid.  I knew that once your big teeth come in you pretty much grow out of it.  But, George's teeth grinding in conjunction with the weak enamel made for a very, very bad situation.

After finishing the antibiotics, George was eating a banana one Saturday afternoon and blood came out.  We looked in his mouth and there was a bloody bubble on his gum above the tooth to the left of his original infected front tooth.  He got another round of antibiotics and now we're hoping it'll all hold out until his surgery on October 14th.  There's a chance that the front left tooth and the tooth next to it need to be pulled, but we're honestly not sure yet.  It's scary and I was a little upset at first at the thought of my son having his teeth pulled (I mean, come on, his big teeth don't come down until he's like seven, it sucks), but he's been so freaking miserable with these things in there that I'm now just like, "Get those things out of there already!  My poor little boy!"

The good news is that George sort of loves getting medicine.  Which is good, because he gets Tylenol multiple times a day for pain, and his antibiotics are currently directed to be taken three times a day.  So yeah, lots of medicine stops.  But he loves it.  When he's hurting really bad he'll ask, "More medicine?"  It's sad because he's hurting, but it's also super cute.

George loves playing Mario Kart with Brad.  His version of playing is honking the horn on the Wii U pad while Brad plays for him, but he still loves it.  He'll say, "Want to play Mario Kart!" and hop up on the couch all ready to go.  It's sort of the cutest thing ever.

This has basically been a month of video games since he's been so sick.  He still LOVES watching my dad play Legend of Zelda.  When we're in the basement, looking out the windows in the front room we can see when people are walking up the steps to the back porch.  Whenever he sees my dad doing this he hollers, "Want to play the game with Grandpa!" and runs to the stairs.  It makes my dad pretty happy, to say the least!  George especially loves to name the things he sees on Zelda.  His favorite is, "It's a baby triangle!"  The way he says triangle is so cute.  It's more of a "squiangle".  And it's darling.  He also likes naming when he sees hearts, faeries, bombs, and bushes (which are "trees", according to him).

As I've mentioned previously, with dos infantos (Bradley, is that real Spanish?  Pretty sure I made that up!) it's super hard to get outside as much as we used to.  Still, I like to make an effort as best I can because George just loves it SO much and the weather's getting colder so getting outside when it's snowing is going to be even more difficult!  One of his favorite things right now is to play in the rocks.  "I want to play in the rocks!" or "I want to play with the trees!" are two other ways George requests to go outside other than the classic, "Want to go outside!"  He'll just go over and sit and play in the rocks by the fountain out front, or out back he'll go to the left of the pool house and play in the rocks by the four wheelers.  He just loves them, no matter where they're at.

When outside George also manages to find a way to sit and/or step in poop.  Yes, Bane's poop.  That dog poops SO MUCH.  Seriously.  One day George and I were outside and my dad came over to say hello.  I was sitting on one of the green chairs by the pool house and George was in the rocks (as usual).  George saw my dad and came running over and hopped up on the chair next to me, and my dad sat next to him.  My dad and I kept asking, "What smells like cat poop?" thinking that a cat had pooped next to the chairs or something.  Um, nope, it was totally George.  He had on his butt AND his shoe.  Yum.

Another bonus activity George has added to going outside is playing in the car!  He loves it.  It's like his way to get a mini-fix to going "buh-bye".  He's constantly saying, "I want to go buh-bye!" or "I want to go to the store!"  Poor kid, we really used to get out more!  I need to figure out a way to go "buh-bye" more often, but it really is tough with two infants added to the mix.  We try as often as we can to take George in the car somewhere once Brad gets home and George loves every moment of it.  And then is super duper sad when we are no longer buh-bye.

Another outdoor activity is going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the shop where they work across the driveway.  George will ask, "Want to see Grandma-Grandpa?" when he wants to go visit (which is often).  He's obsessed with my dad's side of the shop.  He loves the embroidery machines, especially the numbers.  He also loves my dad's supply of calculators ("catamos") and flashlights.  My mom's side has her drink as well as the numbers on the heat press, which he loves to count down with.

After Brad was home for a while, George now says every day at some point, "Want to see Dad!"  It's so cute.  And when I pick up the phone to call someone (pretty much Brad 99% of the time), George will say, "Hi Dad!" before I've even begun dialing, haha.  It's awesome.

Speaking of phones, George is still just so obsessed with phones.  Dead or alive, smart or not, he ain't prejudiced.  When he gets ahold of my phone after I've been Facebook messaging someone he'll get into the stickers and send about ten million of them to whoever I've been talking to (pretty much Brad or Alix, haha).  It's awesome, it's kind of like him sending them a message because ten cat emoticons later Alix or Brad can say, "Hi George!" and know it's him sending them, haha.

George has become so nosy it's pretty hilarious but also, you know, sort obnoxious, haha.  He's still not bad, but, man, he's finding things I've never thought of hiding because he's been so good up till now!  Not that there's anything wrong with him wanting to play with the bag of chess pieces... it's just like, "Why these?" haha, just kidding.  But really, he loves everything and anything that looks new and interesting.  He's definitely an explorer, and he really enjoys asking, "What's that?" which I love to answer.  (Well, when I know what he's asking about.)

He really loves the girls' room because there's this old rotating DVD changer that he can spin around and look at the numbers on the screen that shows what number the DVD is in the carousel and the title of that DVD.  Letters and numbers, totally win in George's mind!

George likes to call both girls, "Maren-Sofia."  He says, "Maren and Sofia!" but when asked, "Who's this?" he'll say either just, "Maren!" or "Maren-Sofia!" like it's a full name or something, it's pretty hilarious, haha.  After a lot of prodding he'll be all, "Sofia!" but then he'll going back to, "Maren-Sofia," moments later pretty much.  We're working on it, but dang it's funny, haha.

He definitely likes to be involved with the girls more.  He'll ask, "Where's Maren and Sofia?" or he'll say, "Maren-Sofia sleeping, shhh!"  He also likes to spin their bouncer or play mat toys for them when you ask him to.  I'll say, "George, will you go spin the corn for Sofia?" and he'll go and spin the corn thingy on her bouncer.  It's pretty darling.  The girls also both have shaker snuggly animal toys (yeah, clearly I have no idea how to describe them, hopefully that makes sense).  George will shake the toys for them and also have the toy kiss them on the face.  It's SO CUTE.  I didn't teach him the having-the-toy-kiss-them thing, he just must've imitated watching me do it.  But still, it's so cute.  We love it.  It's sort of gush-worthy every time it happens because we never ask him to, he just does it.  He also loves it when we have one of the girls "kiss" him.  He'll keep pulling whatever baby it is towards him for more and more kisses from them (sometimes till said baby cries, haha).  Also super duper cute.

For a long time George has loved cameras and the whole, "Say cheese!" and loves to say, "Take a picture!"  But usually when you tell him to, "Say cheese!" he'd say it but it's not like he'd, you know, smile.  Which is sort of the purpose of "say cheese", am I right?  Lately he's started doing it, only to the highest extreme of , "Say cheese!" you could think of.  Seriously, the cheesiest grins EVER.  It's awesome.  I died the first time he did it--which happened to be as he was eating Oreos, so not only is it the largest grin ever, but also the dirtiest, haha.

George is seriously the best eater.  Even with his teeth hurting him, he's still so great about eating different foods.  Wait, let me rephrase--he sucks butt if you say, "Hey, you should eat this!"  Seriously.  If it's your idea, it's probably poison, so you can suck it.  Now, if it's on his terms--as in, you lay the food out in front of him and let him choose when/if he eats what--he's a boss.  I just put down his plate and tell him, "It's turkey, edamame, and bananas!" and he'll repeat it and start eating.  I've discovered more and more foods that were previously hated he actually likes now, and it's so fun.  I mean, he enjoys vegetables!  Like cucumbers!  It's so great!  Edamame is a legume, so like a protein-vegetable, right?  Let's count it as well!  Yay, motherhood!

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