Saturday, May 14, 2016

George at Two Years, Part Six

We took George to Brad's work party.  This was a feat, me getting everyone in costume, into the car, and driving to Salt Lake.  This is why we keep costumes simple!  And also, thank goodness we live with my parents.  Carrying two car seats and Mr. George is no joke.  We dressed up as the emotions from Inside Out.  George was Anger, and I had him in the simplest Anger costume I could conceive:  a red beanie, white shirt, red tie, and black slacks with black shoes.  BAM.  Anger costume, simplified.  You're welcome.

Brad's co-workers are great and were excited to meet Brad's family.  One of Brad's co-workers commented, "He's even cuter in person!  I mean, he's cute in the photos on Brad's desk, but he is so cute!"  A lot of comments of how he's Brad's little twin, too.  George made himself welcome and ran over to an empty cubicle and told Brad, "I'm working, Dad!"

We did a mini trick-or-treat thing at the party.  Or, well, tried.  Holding two super tiny infants and chasing down a toddler who kept giving the other kids his candy was interesting, haha.  George understood the trick-or-treat game as someone gives him candy, so George gives someone candy.  The parent's of the receiving child often read it as, "Aww, he's so NICE.  What a sweetheart!"  But really George just wasn't really getting it, hahaha.  But hey, people can think that our kid is a kindhearted and giving child.  I'm so cool with that.

George said his first prayer and it was THE CUTEST THING EVER.  He's continued to pray throughout the month, and the things he's been grateful for have included PAW Patrol, Alex's (a character on PAW Patrol) backpack (yep), Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, toy cars, Woody, among many other things.  It's hilarious to hear what he's grateful for.  And blessing the food is literally, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless the food, amen."  So yeah, we totally always ask George to bless the food, haha.

Killed his first video game monster!  Yes, it was legit!  He's been actually wanting to play Zelda himself rather than just watching, and he totally fire-rod-flamed a guy to death.  It was amazing.  PROUD PARENT MOMENT.

George flew on an airplane for the second time!  It wasn't super pleasant.  We literally had just sat down and he was already antsy.  I have learned my lesson VERY well that flying during nap time... yeah, there's no getting through that smoothly.  We were THOSE people on the plane, let's just put it that way.  It wasn't awful, he wasn't bawling or anything, but, man, was he ready to get off that plane!  Then we had to wait in the airport for quite some time because our rental car was actually off-property, so George had to loop the airport about a million times, read the same books a trillion times, and get bored of his toys I'd packed over and over again.  When we finally had the stupid car seats put together (SUCK) and in the car, George was out within seconds.  It was adorable.  We very quickly retreated to our hotel room for the night and just SLEPT, yo.

Disneyland was SO fun, but George wasn't the biggest fan.  He really hated any ride that was dark.  Ever.  Which, if you calculate that, is sort of 99.99% of rides at Disneyland and California Adventure--true story.  Heck, he even had a primal cry-out scare attack on the Heimlich ride in A Bug's Life Land... because he burps at the end of the ride.  Yep.  George is now in fear of burps.  My kid is weird.

George did NOT enjoy Buzz Lightyear.  I had been SO excited to take him on it because just before Disneyland I had been hardcore Disney-movie-training and he LOVED Toy Story and he LOVES Buzz.  So I was like, "YES, he will love that."  Yeah, uh, didn't realize that Buzz is in like two parts of the ride, maybe.  It's just really dark, really loud, with lots of glowy monsters people are shooting.  Which is basically a giant recipe for George-will-hate-this-so-hard.

Haunted Mansion?  OH YEAH.  That was a good idea on our part.  He was horrified.  The tea cups and Storyland boat ride weren't bad experiences at all.  George even un-covered his ears for those ones.  So that was fun.  We went on the Rockets in Tomorrowland and he actually enjoyed them to my surprise!  Covered his ears the entire time, but no tears, no panic attack once we got off, totally cool with it.

You want to know the one ride George was crazy in love with and could go on a million-trazillion-billion times?  Autopia.  I knew he loved cars, but I didn't know if he'd go over just how LOUD that ride is.  But oh my gosh, as soon as we got down into the loading zone I could barely contain him.  He wanted to hop into a car as soon as possible.  He was ready to dive into someone else's vehicle, no joke.  He LOVED it.  He wanted to go on it again and again.  It was the most perfect Disney moment, taking that kid on that ride as many times as possible.  Lucky for him it was always low traffic at Autopia!  I love that boy!

Our last day in California, before we flew out that night, we stopped by Manhattan Beach.  Oh my gosh, George died of happiness.  He was literally rolling around in the sand like a cat in catnip.  He was in the zone.  Him and Brad found a sand dollar, it was legit!  George was beyond sad to leave.  It was such a cool experience, for him to love his first time at the beach that much.  We'll definitely be planning a longer stay at the beach the next time we're at Disney!

The flight back home it was like flying with angel children.  The guy in front of us turned around when we landed in Salt Lake and told us, "I seriously wouldn't have known you had two kids back there if I hadn't watched you guys get settled before we took off.  Your kids are awesome."  We glowed by silently laughed because the flight there?  Not so much that experience, haha.  But George really was just WONDERFUL.  It was definitely the timing.  We played with glow sticks, played on the phone, had treats, played with toys.  It was incredibly successful.  George fell asleep right before we landed and it was adorable.

We worked through some need-for-control this month.  George began refusing to go to bed, just staying up and playing ALL night.  This included destroying his room--all the toys pulled out, emptying out his drawers, just a big ol' mess.  I'd go in and clean it up with him twice a night, at least, before he'd finally give it up.  He also started climbing his dresser, so that was fun.  I finally figured out he was doing it (seriously, he's crazy sneaky, that one) because his Marvel clock on the dresser had been moved as well as his humidifier.  I was just like, "OH JUNK."  We quickly moved that thing out of there, it was super unstable and just begging to topple over on him.  He's also begun this strange need for the light to be on.  We were afraid that he was getting nightmares or was scared of the dark but, yeah, it's none of that.  So who knows.  He's a geek.

Want to know something crazy?  George Bradley Bailey has officially, for the first time in his entire life, become disinterested in Zelda.  I KNOW.  Say what, right?  My dad may or may not be heartbroken.  It was so crazy.  Just randomly Zelda has not been a request.  And when asked if he wants to play, it's either change the subject, run away, or, "No, thank you."  Yep.  The madness!

Mario Kart.  Mario Kart is his new girlfriend.  He totally dumped Zelda for Mario.  Awkward.  But seriously, he just loves it.  Most of playing Mario Kart is him attempting for a few seconds, then asking me to play for him ("Want me to drive?"--yes, "me" is, well, me), and then taking the controller twelve seconds into driving to quit the course.  Yep.  It's a fun circle of crazy, let me tell you.

He continues a crazy-addictive-love for PJ Masks which I luuurve because that show is the best.  He's a huge fan of Cat Boy and its adorableness knows no bounds.

Full sentences like crazy.  "We should put on pants and go to the store," is probably the funniest one to come out of his mouth.  It never ceases to make us laugh, nor to point out that I mostly don't wear pants.  Oops.

Holy crud, we were all SO sick for Thanksgiving.  Seriously, one-by-one all five of us got this horrible gut bug that had us barfing our guts out.  It was terrible.  George did very well with it, he didn't barf more than a few times, which was SO lucky.  I was happy that my mini man didn't get hit hard, but what a fun way to spend the holidays, right?!

George is currently on a broad life adventure to get into every baby toy he can squeeze into (all of them so far).  This includes bouncers and whatever you call the standing-thingies-that-don't-bounce-or-walk.  Yep.  It's been hilarious!

He now has this random adoration for the broom.  As soon as he sees me sweeping, he'll be all, "Want to sweep!" and volunteer his (very poor) services.  It's pretty darn cute.

Obsessed with James's laptop... even though he has his own that we've rigged up for him using Brad's old laptop.  Yep.

George is so majorly and totally in love with my mom.  No one quite comes close as Grandma in his eyes.  He just adores that lady, seriously.  SO MUCH.  He will come charging in whatever direction to go get some Grandma love.  He crosses entire driveways to visit her in the shop.  It's an epic love, those two.  He loves sitting and just chatting with her.  She's truly the funniest woman alive, says George.

George is SUPER into the cutie oranges.  He cannot get enough of them, I'm peeling one of those babies at least every 30-minutes!  It's so fun to watch our kids pick favorite foods and then just eat the crap out of them, especially when they're, like, you know, good for them and stuff.  Because, yeah, everyone loves Pop-Tarts, but the fact that he loves cuties is the BEST.

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