Friday, May 13, 2016

Sofia and Maren at Four Months

I seriously wasn't prepared for them to be outgrowing 0-3 as well as 3-month clothes by this point, and as such I had to rush and wash massive loads of laundry of clothes that I had bought off yard sale sites and then had to quickly squeeze them into these clothes just so they could wear them at least once, haha.  I cannot count how many outfits were worn only once before they were boxed away as too small!  I was expecting smaller twins.  You know, normal twins.  Tiny, barely outgrowing newborn clothes at this point.  I did not expect them to get caught up so fast.  They rock, basically.

So Maren is kind of adorable when she's hungry, because she will just be so sad--life is over as we know it--and then as soon as she sees her bottle she perks right up, like, "Oh yay, the food's here!"  I love that girl.

Both Sofie and Mare like to pelvic-thrust-scoot (it's a thing, according to my girls) around the play mat.  They'll move SO freaking far just butt thrusting around the room, but especially on that slick play mat.  They kill me.  It's the funniest thing to watch.

Maren is doing great using both sides of her head, she no longer seems to favor her right side, which has helped as we're trying to help even out that flat spot!  Even with flipping her crib around she still favors the right side when she sleeps, but when she's up and doing tummy time, or even laying on her back, she does great using both sides of her head.  It's been a miserable process, the whole no-you-can't-lay-on-that-side-of-your-head thing.  Seriously.  Flat spots are AWFUL.  I never had this with George, and it's kind of exhausting.  Maybe it'd be less stressful if there weren't two infants goin' on over here.  But yeah, I'm ready for it no longer to be an issue, but I know that's a long way's off.

Oh my heavens, Sofia is the most smiley, social baby EVER.  She's so sweet, she's always grinning for everyone.  I love it so much.  It's pretty much adorable level one-million or something.  When my dad's rocking her she'll just smile, and sing back at him, and just, yeah.  So cute.  Sofia will do this big ol' smile and then flip her face away like she's all shy.  She of course flips her head back to make searing eye contact with you seconds later.  Yes, we're still going strong on the mega-eye-contact with that lady.

When my dad is rocking Maren, she is insistent on not looking at him.  As in, no eye-contact policy over there.  It is the most random thing, and it makes everyone laugh.  She'll watch him when he's not looking but as soon as he turns his head to see her eye-to-eye she's just like, "NOPE," and turns away.  Nerd.

Sofia is SUCH a hard worker.  She won't give up on figuring out how to hold her head up (hey, 81-percentile head, it be heavy, yo).  Sof's getting so much better at keeping it up for longer periods, but doing it on a flat surface is a struggle.  She much prefers working on her skillz while laying on either of our chests or the boppy pillow.  She's seriously such a stud, she doesn't get frustrated quickly, she works really hard on it.  PROUD MOM ALERT.

I bought, no joke, four bouncers off online yard sale sites when I knew we were having twins.  It was $15 well-spent because we've got multiples for the multiples, and it's given that opening for everybody to easily have a different favorite.  For Mare Bear, she LOVES the flower/butterfly one.  What she loves even more is when I spin the toys around the a-frame for her on said favorite bouncer.  She will literally yell at me when I stop, it's hilarious!  She's seriously asking me, "Um, did I say you could stop?"

Sofia still loves her play mat a-frame toys.  The look of pure joy she gets when you stick her near them is priceless.  That hippo just continues to hold that gal's heart.  She adores that little guy (or gal?  Not 100% on gender over here).  She's all googly eyes for him.

Maren is TERRIFIED of the vacuum.  Sofie is my only child to not find unspeakable horror in it.  When I want to vacuum, I have to make Brad take George and Maren upstairs so I can do it!  Sofie is totally cool with it.  Like, whatev's and all that.

Sofia loves the ceiling fan.  She oogles and googles for hours at it.  One time when I mistaken didn't realize that she was basically starving (because I suck) and thought she was just ornery (again, because I suck), the only way I was able to calm her (you know, until I figured out that I was starving my child) was by sticking her in a bouncer until the ceiling fan in the hearth room.  Maren, on the other hand, finds the ceiling fan super shady.  Which, if you've seen Final Destination, makes sense.

Both girls, however, LOVE my mom's copper pots that hang over the kitchen counter.  What's with babies and those things, seriously?  They just dig them and I'm not getting it.  Must be a baby thing.

Sometimes Maren will geek out so hard she'll give herself hiccups.  True story.

Both girls are so freaking obsessed with Brad it's ridiculous.  One day they literally would not sleep in the last hour until Brad got home, then just sat up and got mad at me because Brad wasn't there yet.  When he got home he had to hold both of them at the same time; they both fell asleep in his arms within ten minutes.  Daddy's girls, pshhh.

Sofie is SO CHUBBY now.  It's so wonderful.  My skinny little 6 lbs 11 oz baby is my little chubster now.  My whole family LOVES it.  We love them chubby babies and Sofia has delivered, yo.  My beautiful baby.

Maren has her chubb-ay cheeks, but she's definitely leaned out!  She's so TALL, it's crazy.  She's just gorgeous.

Sofia loves the stroller, hates the car.  Maren is the opposite--hates the stroller, loves the car.  We've been trying to train them to enjoy the stroller for Disneyland due to the fact that they'll be stuck in that thing for the majority of the day because we can't really do the "trade-off" carrying them in the baby carrier because, you know, a trade just gets you another baby.  Not going to work.  They're large.

The girls experienced their first plane ride (TO DISNEY, WOO) on their four month mark, so it totally counts in this, right?!  I think.  I'm not sure.  But yeah, Maren fussed and then fell asleep on my dad.  Sofie was with us and she fussed and fell asleep on Brad.  Yep, not bad.  Although we found out at the last second (literally minutes before take-off) that only one lap-sitter can be in three-person row, and we were just like, "Uh, thanks for the notice?"  We were very lucky to be with my family and have my parents willingly snag Mare Bear for the flight.

Just one SUPER cute moment--because I swear each of my kids only do this once or twice in their lives--but I was getting Maren's bottle ready for her to take a nap.  Sofie was already asleep, and Maren was fussing on the floor.  Just quietly expressing that she was done with this awake thing, not crying or anything.  All of a sudden she went quiet, and I didn't think much of it.  I grabbed her blanket to swaddle her and there she was, totally out on the living room floor.  SO FREAKING CUTE.

Watching Sofia and Maren play with toys is total fun because they're both just so unique from one another.  Maren spends her time figuring out how to spin the toys, whacking at them, twisting them around.  Sofia explores by softly touching things, like this toy elephant that Michelle got George originally, or her purple puppy that we got her.

When Sof is really sad, she usually wants attention (staring contest) or often she needs gas meds; she doesn't get super hyped up about food, she is pretty mellow about food time (unless, you know, I'm starving her like that one time).  When Mare's super sad, she wants attention or food.  That girl is ALL about her food.

For Halloween we dressed up as the characters from Inside Out; Maren was Sadness, Sofia was Joy.  AND IT WAS ADORABLE.  Sofie wore this "wig" I made using giant fake flower petals hot glued to a beanie.  And surprisingly, it worked pretty well!  Maren's wig was made using yarn and a beanie and it also worked nicely!  Maren had glasses that were from some baby sunglasses with the lenses popped out.  Their outfits were totally purchased from the D.I.  And they were ADORBS.

Maren eventually decided to eat her wig, so that was fun.  And really, the costumes were all for photos, not really expecting them to wear it for a long while, so they did the job nicely!  Although when we took off Maren's wig at Brad's work party, they thought she was a boy.  Um, HOW?  Have you seen that baby?  Pshh, people.  Sofie was not happy to see anyone at the party, but she was adorable anyway!

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