Friday, February 10, 2017

Baileys Lately #4

  • On Wednesday this week, Maren took a big ol' dump and then took the initiative to take her diaper off herself.  While I was upstairs.  I just come down and ask, "Why are you naked?  And what's that smell?"  Ah, parenthood.
  • Speaking of which, every time George poops lately he'll ask, "Hmm, what's that smell?  It's poop!"  It's great.  Stinky, but so funny.
  • Pretty sure Sofia's favorite food is rice.  Last night, we were eating homemade steak burritos.  Sofie was done eating as I sat down to eat my second one.  As soon as she saw the rice she was so game for a bite.
  • I recently used some Uncle Ben's Spanish rice for lunch to make a more exciting quesadilla for the girls.  They loved it... and now think quesadillas without rice suck.  The girls' and their eating pallets.  Just like their dad.  Sheesh, fancy people.  And here I am legitimately being all, "Man, I really miss lunch room food."  So good.
  • While I was on my girl's trip to Disneyland I discovered that there's no "growing out of" the stinky feet that came from my pregnancy with the girls.  When I was pregnant with George, I acquired stinky feet syndrome.  After I gave birth, it went away.  Uh, yeah, no.  Not this time.  I had to wash my feet every night.  Like, scrub down.  I was so smelly.  Stinky Feet Girl, that's me.
  • Let's roll back to talking about rice.  I LOVE RICE SO MUCH.  I've never been huge into rice, but all of a sudden I'm like, MAKE IT RAIN.  RICE FOR ALL THE MEALS.  So good, guys.  So delicious, the texture goes with everything.  No joke.
  • Korean shows all seem to have this recurring theme of people being creepy obsessed with people.  Like, super creepily.  Stalker type.  Is it just some weird television trope or is it really that common?  It's insane.  If it's really like that there, Korea is a freaking scary place!  Don't trust nobody, yo.
  • Yes, I spent time on this bullet list to discuss my Korean shows.  You're welcome.