Monday, July 31, 2017

Sorry for the Fugliness!

Photobucket is a d-bag and randomly discontinued their third party image hosting for free users.

Photo links will be broken throughout the site until I fix them.  Sorry for the fugliness in the meantime!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Baileys Lately #5

Oh hey, has it already been nearly a decade since I last wrote?  Guess I better randomly post something!

  • At work, Brad got a new office with his new BFF, Jesse.  They quote memes, sing stuff from Family Guy, talk about Star Wars (a lot), craft theories about their favorite films, discuss creating a private eye business when they retire, among many other buddy-buddy things.  Basically, they spend 40-hours a week giggling together as they geek over stuff.  Jesse has even crafted an elaborate back story for him and Brad's imagined Gray Jedis.  So sweet, awwwe.
  • I've gone in to tuck George in twice now to find him with socks on his hands--one of his, one of Brad's.  Yeah, I don't know, but it sure is funny!
  • Maren is into holding hands right now.  She'll grab whoever's hand she can find, and just drag them through the house as long as they'll let her.  And, let me tell you, girl got a grip on her!
  • Sofie is such a funny ham.  If you smile at her, she'll do her best cheesy smile back.  If she's talking, and you're not listening, she'll stare you down until you do, and then start right back up into her story.  She has many, many stories.  They are wonderful.
  • Bane is currently outside our door trying to open it with his nose because the fireworks are so scary.  He makes me laugh.  (Don't worry, he's inside, safe from the scariness.)
  • Brad and I really, really, really like driving together.  We drove down to Temple Square to meet up with Brad's family (his parents and twin's family are in town), and we had fun blah-blah-ing the whole ride down.  We miss driving to work together every day, that was the best!
  • At this moment, Brad is playing Skyrim.  "I was trying to be a good guy," he explained, "But I already screwed that up!"  He killed a witch and was in the process of stealing all the stuff in her house.  Thief, murderer!
  • I need to write more.  I really like writing.  I say this a lot and it never changes.
  • I've been re-reading The Princess Diaries series and every time I read them I'm like, "I forgot how fun journaling is!  I need to be more like Mia!" and then I just keep binge reading every night until past midnight.  Yep.