Friday, February 16, 2018

George Moment #22

I went to George's class Valentine's Day party on Wednesday and as we were packing up to go home one of George's buddies, Austin, went in for what is apparently their customary hug before heading home. "George, hug," he opened his arms.

George turns around and proceeds to try to kiss him, and no matter how much Austin explains, "No, George, hug," George still was able to sneak in a kiss on the cheek, haha.

At home, when Bradley was home from work, we attempted to discuss with George that we can't just go off and kiss whoever we feel like, we only kiss family for now because it could make other people uncomfortable.

Following the discussion, we attempted a review session.

Bradley: Okay, so George, who do we kiss?
George: Everybody.

Yeah, I don't think he got it.

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