Topics We Love

Baileys Lately
A lovely bullet point list of the latest random happenings and moments and such with us, the Baileys.

Current Obsessions
Literally just what we--as the geeks we are--are currently obsessing over.  It's good stuff, trust us.

Family Love
Basically displaying why we love our families in a series of small posts that display quotes of their hilarity that should never be forgotten.

George Moment
Hilarious moments brought to you by that wonderful boy of ours, George Bradley Bailey.

Nerd Gush
Pretty self-explanatory, but these are posts of either one of us going on about something nerdy that we're either proud of or just want to geek out over.

On My Mind
These are the current thinkings (not a word) of Heather.  Seriously, whatever is just on her mind.  Totally random.  May not make any sense.  But you know, they're there!

Twin Shock
Chronicling the adventure that has been finding our we're having twin girls, going from conception to birth.

Why We Are In Love
Capturing the moments in our marriage that perfectly portray why we are in love.  Mostly in very, very ridiculous ways.

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